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Added: 10-27-2012
Votes: 19
This game is a simulator of Rubik's Cube represented in 3D. Solutions to the Rubik's Cube differs from prototypes that there is not only dismantling mode and puzzle assembly, but also assembly demonstration and help. In represented game there’s graphic management and animation stand top-level. Initially management can seem unusual, but five minutes later, you will cope with it with ease. This game is a good exercise for your brain.
Views: 22 904
Popularity: 5 565
Get Parking Star and other apk games totally free.
Added: 10-27-2012
Votes: 49
Parking Star — simple arcade with a difficult task: to park your car. And not to hook on the neighbors, passing cars, pedestrians and various objects of the map. We should operate one of several cars. If you aren't sure of your parking skills, it is necessary to choose a very first, small car. Professionals can take a van and show class. But it won't be so easy to do it! If you choose the wrong angle of rotation of wheels, or keep a pedal for an instant longer than necessary or what is worse, mix pedals —there will be a collision and the level will be failed.
Views: 53 359
Popularity: 13 032
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Added: 10-27-2012
Votes: 51
Clickety Dog - in this interesting and fascinating arcade, you should train your dog to various orders to participate in competitions. If you taught the dog, then go on competitions and show the best result.

Views: 29 248
Popularity: 8 123
Enjoy Toon Warz and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 10-21-2012
Votes: 116
Toon Warz – a quite good classical shooter with 3D - graphics. Kill enemies, using for this purpose the most various weapon. You are waited for by tremendous graphics and difficult interesting gameplay. Prove to yourself and to people around that you are an excellent shooter, passing one by one single missions or destroying enemies in multiuser. It is not primitive step-by-step fights! Everything is here and now!
Views: 70 520
Popularity: 15 206
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Added: 10-19-2012
Votes: 174
All that is necessary for us to survive, it to run not to stop and to manage to jump in time, to crawl and to turn on the resolved city streets. Throughout your travel, you will direct the survived runner through the ruined city full of destructions, planes stuck in the buildings, broken cars and fire around. Certainly, the most part of this landscape repeats for a long time, but there is a big variety at any level. Management in the game is quite simple and very convenient — you incline the device for maneuver of a running person to the right or to the left, carry out in the corresponding directions for jumping or slipping on a floor. Thus you have to collect as much sticky tape on the road as possible, as it functions as virtual currency in the game.
Views: 142 172
Popularity: 22 440
Play Android game Championship Rally 2012 without any payments!
Added: 10-11-2012
Votes: 181
Championship Rally 2012 - the newest version of one of the best international rally races comes back in a revolutionary form! Take the wheel and test a real ecstasy of speed. Keep stronger, it will be a bewitching race!
Views: 179 076
Popularity: 31 371
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Freestyle Dirt bike free!
Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 233
Freestyle Dirt bike is a 3D Motor freestyle for Android! Ride your bike, make stunts and get points. You will be offered 12 bikes and 5 tracks of various complexity in the game. About 20 stunts and three camera views will be offered to you.
Views: 268 384
Popularity: 53 419
Enjoy Android game Winds of Steel and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 10-03-2012
Votes: 103
Air combat simulator Winds of Steel. The plot recreates the battles of World War II. The action of the game takes place in Asia, or over the Pacific Ocean (depending on the wishes of the player). You can either be one of the pilots who bombed the legendary Pearl Harbor, or to take side of the allied forces and attack Tokyo. The player has a possibility to control and even command 12 famous warriors and use the most various military vehicles. The characteristic feature of this particular simulation is improved control. Easy and intuitive control over accelerometer is supplemented by stunning qualitative 3D graphics. The playing area is divided into a number of different campaigns having specific design of the air space within the same level.
Views: 88 806
Popularity: 20 633
Try Darts one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 10-03-2012
Votes: 67
Darts is quite realistic simulator of the game of darts, where you need to score points, getting to the selected target, and the closer to the center you hit, the greater is the score. You can play this game alone, as well as with your friends.

Views: 76 004
Popularity: 27 369 offers Android game Championship Karting 2012 for free download.
Added: 10-02-2012
Votes: 59
Championship Karting 2012. Get behind the wheel of the kart. Become a champion and get a cup. You are to take part in championships and small competitions driving your race cart. Various tracks with verified levels of complexity will not let you get bored behind the wheel. Earn some money; upgrade your kart to rank first in the tournament. Play the free ride or in competition mode, where you have to drive through the tracks one by one, defeating opponents and exploring new, more exciting tracks.
Views: 74 044
Popularity: 18 001
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