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Added: 10-11-2012
Votes: 125
Championship Rally 2012 - the newest version of one of the best international rally races comes back in a revolutionary form! Take the wheel and test a real ecstasy of speed. Keep stronger, it will be a bewitching race!
Views: 150699
Popularity: 25475
Get Freestyle Dirt bike and other apk games totally free.
Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 160
Freestyle Dirt bike is a 3D Motor freestyle for Android! Ride your bike, make stunts and get points. You will be offered 12 bikes and 5 tracks of various complexity in the game. About 20 stunts and three camera views will be offered to you.
Views: 217596
Popularity: 42156
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Added: 10-03-2012
Votes: 72
Air combat simulator Winds of Steel. The plot recreates the battles of World War II. The action of the game takes place in Asia, or over the Pacific Ocean (depending on the wishes of the player). You can either be one of the pilots who bombed the legendary Pearl Harbor, or to take side of the allied forces and attack Tokyo. The player has a possibility to control and even command 12 famous warriors and use the most various military vehicles. The characteristic feature of this particular simulation is improved control. Easy and intuitive control over accelerometer is supplemented by stunning qualitative 3D graphics. The playing area is divided into a number of different campaigns having specific design of the air space within the same level.
Views: 76606
Popularity: 17666
Enjoy Darts and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 10-03-2012
Votes: 39
Darts is quite realistic simulator of the game of darts, where you need to score points, getting to the selected target, and the closer to the center you hit, the greater is the score. You can play this game alone, as well as with your friends.

Views: 61223
Popularity: 23415
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Added: 10-02-2012
Votes: 51
Championship Karting 2012. Get behind the wheel of the kart. Become a champion and get a cup. You are to take part in championships and small competitions driving your race cart. Various tracks with verified levels of complexity will not let you get bored behind the wheel. Earn some money; upgrade your kart to rank first in the tournament. Play the free ride or in competition mode, where you have to drive through the tracks one by one, defeating opponents and exploring new, more exciting tracks.
Views: 64919
Popularity: 15914
Play Android game Cryptic Kingdoms without any payments!
Added: 10-01-2012
Votes: 26
Cryptic Kingdoms HD is a mysterious kingdom. In this fascinating quest you will have to solve many puzzles. The story tells about a fairy kingdom, which was held by three forces: strength, spirit and honor. These fragments have been lost and the kingdom fell into decline. You need to find three important postulates and revive the former glory of the state. In addition, you have to find the king Telvonus and return the throne to him.
Views: 32847
Popularity: 5266
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Poo Chuckin' Monkey free!
Added: 09-24-2012
Votes: 19
Poo Chuckin' Monkey - in the game you are to play as a bad monkey, which has escaped from her cage and maliciously crashes everything inside of the ZOO.
Views: 21075
Popularity: 3045
Enjoy Android game Red Bull X-Fighters 2012 and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 09-23-2012
Votes: 275
Red Bull X-Fighters 2012 is a motor freestyle simulator. You will have to pull jaw-dropping tricks riding your sport motorbikes. The game has several modes. Tournament gives you an opportunity to visit six various locations. Meanwhile you will have to fight for leadership in a championship with skillful rivals. In this mode it is necessary to gain special points, which provide access to new levels, tricks, riders and motorcycles. In Freestyle mode the racer will visit such cities as Dubai, Madrid, Istanbul, Munich and others. The user is to show his best qualities at the tracks of the cities. Arcade mode means the collection of the great number of points. In Collector mode you are to collect green chips on the track, which are needed to get precious points. Control is realized quite interestingly in Red Bull X-Fighters 2012. You choose the direction with accelerometer; the speed is regulated with slider-skull, and the stunts are made with the help of gestures.
Views: 255835
Popularity: 44711
Try Monster Defense 3D Expansion one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 09-21-2012
Votes: 31
Monster Defense 3D: Expansion is a Tower Defense in a fairy-cartoon style. The unusual thing in it is that the installation of "towers" is not a simple pointing of a finger, but a command to a witch, which should reach the designated place, and cast a spell to create the necessary protective point. In all other respects everything is just the same as in the classic versions of this kind of games; you earn points and stop the waves of creatures attacking! Oh, and do not forget about your hero, he needs to be constantly upgraded! The game has 4 types of defending creatures from various elements, who have their own characteristics. Take into account their abilities and characteristics especially when planning the defense of your world from all sorts of monsters and invaders.

Views: 33726
Popularity: 5884 offers Android game Bocce Ball for free download.
Added: 09-21-2012
Votes: 16
Classic and vivid HD arcade game. The game consists of rounds having battles to 10 points each. Your opponent or you throw ahead a big white ball, which you will use as a center of the target. Then your opponent throws blue balls, and you throw red ones. The person whose ball or balls will be closer to the center is the winner. The quantity of balls that appeared to be closer then the opponent’s balls is added to the score. You can not only try to bring you balls closer, but also repel the balls of the opponent as far as possible. You may compete with Android or with your friends.
Views: 28059
Popularity: 3799
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