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Added: 26.01.2013
Votes: 76
DROID Combat. Control your droid and take part in cruel battles together with your friends. A huge number of weapons, missiles and high dynamics of the game will not let you get bored.
Views: 94257 | Popularity: 11412
Get Elite CommandAR Last Hope and other apk games totally free.
Added: 24.01.2013
Votes: 46
Elite CommandAR: Last Hope is the new milestone in the development of mobile first-person games. Alien race has almost completely destroyed mankind, and the commander of a special unit made his last attempt to rescue humanity. Thanks to alien technologies a unique suit and a gun for a warrior was created. This is the warrior who is the last hope of the mankind, and you are that warrior. Go to the rear of the enemy forces and destroy their main reactor. But be careful, as various enemy combat units will meet you and some of them will be specially difficult and dangerous. But the huge weapons arsenal will diversify the game. The control is made with the help of gyroscope. The game is intended for the use of a gun as it has convenient control buttons and it will be somewhat difficult to play without it.

Views: 51501 | Popularity: 3030
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Added: 23.01.2013
Votes: 63
Making a start from a movie plot, everything begins on one of the small Ireland islands, which newcomers chose for their invasion. But they didn't consider one local feature - love of locals to alcohol and its immunity. So a task at your heroes is doubled, on one hand they need to drink, and the more alcohol they have in blood the more safely they will feel, and on the other hand in such condition it is necessary to beat off attack of newcomers.
Views: 43067 | Popularity: 6123
Enjoy Stargate Command and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 22.01.2013
Votes: 75
Stargate Command. The game will be interesting for the fans of Stargate serial in the first place, but it will also interest other less sophisticated players. Stargates help you travel to other worlds and open up new vistas before you. As a mighty Teal’c you are to fight with alien race longing to conquer all the peoples of the galaxy. The enemies have different characteristics, so the battle tactics will be changed. Waves of enemies can force through the Gates any moment and you are to be ready to any outcome.
Views: 151504 | Popularity: 12748
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Added: 22.01.2013
Votes: 39
Brave coloured guys have to go to the streets and meet the zombie apocalypse in Epic Evil Twins and try to overcome the crowds of the walking dead! Choose your hero and companion and go to the streets, where starved zombies are wandering ready to tear to pieces anyone who dares to go out to meet them. But our heroes came, armed to the teeth and ready to fight back the entire army of ghouls. Fight your way through hordes of zombies, earn points and money, improve weapons and unlock new levels.
Views: 30484 | Popularity: 3545
Play Android game Swords without any payments!
Added: 22.01.2013
Votes: 65
Swords. Set off to an ancient castle where you will fight with skeletons, monsters and dragons, collect gold and buy mixtures and weapons. Stop the ancient evil living within the walls of the castle.
Views: 27698 | Popularity: 6032
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Wizschool - Ancient Magic Book free!
Added: 21.01.2013
Votes: 27
Together with the heroine of the game Wizschool - Ancient Magic Book you will get to a Wizschool, where you will not only master the art of creating magic potions, but reveal the mysteries of the Academy. The gameplay will take place in 16 various locations, representing different places of the Wizschool. You will have a great number of various elements for creating potions. The story line and game design beautify the gameplay, but in fact, the game is in a “three-in-a-row” style with some innovations. You will have to solve simple puzzles and collect ingredients for potions matching them in a line of three or more pieces. The gameplay allows you to compete with other virtual players in the same field. In this case you are to score a certain number of points quicker than your rivals. To diversify the game the developers provided a possibility of a character's upgrading and buying additional items and bonuses.
Views: 23384 | Popularity: 2721
Enjoy Android game Armorslays and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 19.01.2013
Votes: 40
Armorslays is an interesting and absorbing shooter on Android. Control a battle robot and shoot and destroy hordes of attacking enemies. Equip your robot with various weapons; improve the old weapons and buy the new one to crash the enemy of any complexity. The special appeal in the game is taking battles on the ground, afloat and in the air.
Views: 30444 | Popularity: 6121
Try Hunters Episode One one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 18.01.2013
Votes: 57
By the end of the 21st century the population of the Earth has reached more than 500 billion and such a problem as a lack of space occurred. During 20 years people tried to settle down at least on the nearest planet Mars. The year 2981; by the end of the third millennium the humanity filled the Galaxy. Governments no longer have the power and do not run the planets; they are bought by large corporations. As before, people are interested only in money; it means everything for them. Groups of mercenaries who perform dangerous and illegal jobs and which are covered with the corporations began to appear. They are called Hunters. In Hunters: Episode One you are to develop your own group of hunters. You will get a number of contracts and you will have 24 real time hours to finish the job. For the money earned you will be able to buy more powerful weapons, uniforms and other equipment for the team.
Views: 72929 | Popularity: 5255
Mob.org offers Android game Age of zombies for free download.
Added: 17.01.2013
A crazy scientist decided to destroy humanity sending zombies, his ugly creatures, to kill people.
You hero has to come to the rescue. The essence of the game is simple: do in all the deadmen on a map using the weapons scattered there (submachine guns, grenades, saws, etc.). Dangerous bosses like a revived dinosaur are waiting for you at the end.
Views: 154307 | Popularity: 30694
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