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Added: 12-12-2012
Votes: 194
CONTRACT KILLER ZOMBIES 2 continued the story of a rather good zombie shooter. The new part of the game is a third person shooter with gorgeous graphics and good gameplay. You will play as Evelin, a young girl, who fights with zombies and eventually finds out the truth about what happened in the secret research center and turned people into zombies. The thousands of enemies have unique appearances, unique design and unique abilities. The game also has a lot of frightening pictures like severed limbs, blood, heads flying to bits and other things. Graphics, animation, detailed design of models and special effects are beautifully and qualitatively made. You will have to perform a variety of missions, such as people rescue, area clean-up, supplies gathering and so on. The game also has a Survival mode, in which you will have to fight with countless zombies. There are also fights with bosses in the game; you will have to use you tactics to defeat them. To fight effectively during the game you will have many weapons, such as bats, knives, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and grenade launchers. Your heroine can carry several kinds of weapons and ammunition simultaneously. During the gameplay you will detect what kind of weapon is the most effective against a certain kind of zombie. Unfortunately, you can get the most of weapons only for real money.
Views: 378573
Popularity: 25947
Get Orgarhythm THD and other apk games totally free.
Added: 12-11-2012
Votes: 33
Orgarhythm THD. Feel the rhythm. The game has moved to us right from PS Vita. Being distinguished by its originality the game will show you the new conception of gameplay in rhythmic genre. This world was subjected to fury of dark gods and only the God of Light, the main hero, is able to restrain the evil. His magic dances will merge with unique music rhythm, combining the notes of mixed genres. 3D graphics is well-developed and will present you vivid locations.
Views: 34346
Popularity: 673
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Added: 12-11-2012
Votes: 107
Metal Gear: Outer Heaven is a remake of a legendary Action stealth-shooter Metal Gear MSX on Android platform. Stealth-shooter genre differs from usual shooters with the fact that you have to remain invisible and not detected the most part of the game; moreover you have to kill the enemy without noise and trace. You are Solid Snake, a soldier sent to Outer Heaven fortress to find and destroy Metal Gear, a bipedal walking tank capable of launching nuclear missiles.
Views: 179148
Popularity: 16103
Enjoy Crystal Hunter and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 12-10-2012
Votes: 62
Incredible 3D graphics and marvelous plot, which will totally absorb you. Incredible graphics mesmerizes just from the first seconds. The genre of the game is a dynamic action RPG. The gameplay is quite simple: shoot your enemies, dodge their shots, collect bonuses and improve weapons. Skills and level of the hero will increase with each level, making available new skills, types of weapons and their combinations. Unlike traditional role-playing games you will find neither swords nor shields and dull dungeons here: everything is left in the past! You have tones of firearm to choose from; it will make the gameplay more dynamic and absorbing. Protect your crystal at any cost! Make quests and get prizes, such as rare artifacts and weapon upgrades. The game has several levels of complexity that make the gameplay more diversified.
Views: 88547
Popularity: 15176
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Added: 12-07-2012
Votes: 53
Everland: unleash the magic is an epic RPG. The medieval world is under the power of darkness and only the legendary hero can defeat all enemies and rescue the civilians. Your character has powerful magic spells, able to give light and destroy the darkness. You get new skills, perfect your abilities and get new experience when upgrading your hero. Let the darkness step back, and the lands of Everland gain the former glory.

Views: 124777
Popularity: 7160
Play Android game ZENONIA 5 without any payments!
Added: 12-06-2012
Votes: 108
ZENONIA 5 is an excellent Action RPG! There was a great war, having the aim to restore peace and harmony for humanity; but greed and selfishness broke people's hearts over the years. The rich elite became exploiting the poor and a great kingdom of darkness began. Besides, monsters and demons inundated the world and tormented ordinary people. In the game you will have an opportunity to select one of characters: Berserker, Mechanic, Mage and Paladin. Every character is good enough in his own way and has his unique skills, thanks to which he can cope with evil spirits, and become the only hope for salvation of the exhausted people. In the game you will fight with the most various monsters, gain experience, earn money, and reveal mysteries. You have to upgrade your character and his weapons. Pay more attention to the game's peculiarities, weapon characteristics and a variety of game objects in particular. In addition to exciting gameplay you will also have the opportunity to participate in battles against real opponents in ZENONIA 5. The game graphic is perfectly executed.
Views: 111411
Popularity: 20719
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Dragon Slayer free!
Added: 12-05-2012
Votes: 171
Dragon Slayer. Fight with Dragons. Take part in historic battle with legendary monsters. It is not an easy task to defeat a Dragon. Only those the strongest, are able to withstand the ancient monster. The graphical part of the game is good enough and presents you a detailed image. But do not be distracted by the colorful surroundings. Dragons and other monsters are several times bigger than you are and can easily destroy the main hero.
Views: 270398
Popularity: 16205
Enjoy Android game ANGRY BOTS 9MB and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 12-05-2012
Votes: 51
ANGRY BOTS 9MB is a good 3D shooter. You will have to complete 9 absorbing levels and seize teleport playing as a hunting cyborg. Lots of enemies, unforgettable adventures and perfect gameplay are waiting for you on your way, as well as sound effects which add more realistic atmosphere to the game.
Views: 168665
Popularity: 11613
Try War World Tank one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 12-04-2012
Votes: 39
War World Tank. The battle takes place in 3D surroundings. The graphics is quite good, control is easy, but physics of movement of combat vehicles is far from being ideal. But in general, the game turned out to be good enough, arcade gameplay will let you spend your free time and agile rivals will not let you get bored.
Views: 40600
Popularity: 8315 offers Android game Brainsss for free download.
Added: 12-04-2012
Votes: 47
Brainsss is another game for Android devices, in which the main heroes are half-decayed zombies and quite healthy people unwilling to lose their lives. Though, in this game you will find one rather peculiar circumstance. You will nor fight for people lives and kill zombies. Everything will be quite opposite. You will have numerous zombie detachments at your disposal; you will set them against innocent people and pour the streets of the cities with fresh blood.
Views: 30487
Popularity: 1950
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