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Added: 05-24-2013
Votes: 43
iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942 – an excellent arcade in which you will go in the forties, in the middle of World War II! Being a pilot of a fighting fighter, you will need to throw down a challenge to a huge army of Japanese planes and the ships!

  • 7 fighters of World War II with 5 various characteristics.
  • 3 levels, each with 6 difficult missions
  • HD graphics with magnificent visual effects.
  • Weapon shop.
Views: 49 162
Popularity: 6 499
Get The Legend of Holy Archer and other apk games totally free.
Added: 05-23-2013
Votes: 46
The Legend of Holy Archer – you, in the role of an archer, perfectly knowing this ancient weapon, will save the world from Darkness. Infernal monsters creep out of the darkest depths wishing to enslave a planet and to drag off people to the underworld. Shooting on a long distance and operating arrow flight by means of magic, shoot all uninvited guests.
Views: 48 553
Popularity: 6 648
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Added: 05-22-2013
Votes: 201
LEGO Star Wars - are legendary Star Wars for android in LEGO format. At the very beginning of the game you will be offered to choose the party for which you will play in battles (Sith or Jedi), the whole subject line of the plot divided into eight levels, and some planets will depend on your choice. Your enemies will have weapon, much more powerful than yours, the outcome of battles will depend only on you. Operate your favorite characters and vehicles from the legendary Star Wars, destroy enemies, solve puzzles and pass tests in the Universe of the cult saga.
Views: 185 070
Popularity: 26 417
Enjoy Micro Battle Tank and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 05-19-2013
Votes: 18
In the game Micro Battle Tank you should head a battle on tiny tanks, which despite of the modest sizes differ with fighting essential power. For a start you will be suggested to train in management, and after several educational levels you will be able to go to a real fight. The chip will serve as a field, where your battle will be developed, and tanks of opponents will be the exact copy of yours, actually all sense of the game to destruct them. Be ready to get used to management, it is realized at the expense of two virtual joysticks in bottom corners of the screen, one of them is responsible for tank movement, and another for turn of the tower, to shoot it is necessary to touch both joysticks at the same time. It is necessary to shoot after careful consideration and directly at the purpose as shells have property to jump aside from walls, though this ability is possible to exploit and shoot the rival literally from the corner.
Views: 16 866
Popularity: 2 505
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Added: 05-19-2013
Votes: 40
Lemegeton. Episode 2: Sacrificial Offering – is a unique game for operational Android platform, where you should get to a huge world of demons. Your hero Sabio came back to the city of Krako, where he needs to get an ancient ring of Solomon. Only power of this ring will allow to destroy demons and to return the world to the habitual course. The main character will be helped by a girl named Donna. In the game you are waited by excellent three-dimensional graphics, which will allow to take pleasure in locations and the surrounding world. All characters received excellent animation that makes their movements very dynamic and realistic. Especially pleases the feature that each of enemies received unique movements. Thus, each fight will be exclusively individual.
Views: 59 532
Popularity: 4 119
Play Android game BlastPoints without any payments!
Added: 05-18-2013
Votes: 30
BlastPoints - take a spaceship under your management and participate in galactic fights. Own aircraft easily lends itself to modifications, so adjust it to your wish. Install the most different weapon: from lasers to machine guns and rockets. In the game there’s a set of missions, and also some additional modes, such as Deathmatch and Survival. Also game will please with magnificent graphics, and all thanks to Unreal Engine 3.
Views: 55 317
Popularity: 4 254
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Chaos Rings 2 free!
Added: 05-17-2013
Votes: 121
CHAOS RINGS II - the second part of a familiar game, which was highly appreciated around the world! Would you sacrifice a darling, for the sake of the world? The destroyer holds the world on the verge of crash. During this era, Darwin has not an easy burden, he is chosen, and his purpose is to kill people and to sacrifice their souls for world rescue. One of five victims is a girl, Mari - the child-hood friend. Whether Darwin will to obey to his destiny? The choice depends on you. The plot moves, so, even to the person not familiar with a series can start the game, without passing the first parts of Chaos Rings.
Views: 1 296 916
Popularity: 19 105
Enjoy Android game Tank War Defender 2 and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 05-16-2013
Votes: 84
Tank War Defender 2 represents continuation of tank fights for Android, where you should protect command point from attack of enemy military equipment. You will have only one unique tank, which rolls on a small site without stopping. It is necessary to operate turns by means of the accelerometer, and some virtual buttons located in the right part of the screen are responsible for use of weapon. Initially you will have only one machine gun and a smooth-bore gun of big caliber from which it is possible to scorch anti-tank shells. After destruction of each enemy tank on its place there will be some symbols of the American currency. Don't forget to bring them together, and after a while you will have an opportunity to put an additional machine gun, to build a protective dome over a staff, to get an additional set of the repairman, to construct an additional wall before command point or to get aircraft support.
Views: 47 432
Popularity: 12 501
Try Emilly In Darkness one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 05-14-2013
Votes: 31
Emilly In Darkness represents a very unusual browser with RPG elements for Android in which you should plunge into the darkness world. The plot of this game is twirled stronger, than in mystical thrillers from known directors. The story begins when a girl Emily appears in the unfamiliar wood, and literally in an instant she is hit by an invisible stranger. What occurs then doesn't give any logical explanation. The main character doesn't give life signs, but she also isn’t in the kingdom of dead. She appeared in some strange place. There’s only impenetrable darkness around and in spite of the fact that there is no small lamp in her hands, a way lights up with weak light thanks to which it is possible to make out a terrible labyrinth or catacombs. There’re strange drawings and symbols on gray walls, and in there are huge crypts big halls. You need to understand what has happened and to try to get out or just to understand, where you are and what to do.
Views: 34 660
Popularity: 4 793 offers Android game Dark Avenger for free download.
Added: 05-14-2013
Votes: 177
Dark Avenger - cut your way to immortality through a vault! The evil wakened from a long dream. Time came for our heroes to rise and to show the way to powers of darkness back in hell depth. Choose one of 3 presented heroes: Templar, an archer or a magician and go to fight! Investigate hell vaults, collect legendary treasures, and participate in the Eternity Tower to strengthen the rank of the most powerful. The game contains PvP in real time thanks to what you will be able to battle to real players worldwide!
Views: 137 099
Popularity: 30 489
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