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Added: 02-16-2013
Votes: 75
CHAOS RINGS Omegais a continuation of a successful series of role-playing games. Now the players can enjoy an excellent graphics, smooth animations, classic gameplay, friendly user interface, as well as a rich history that ties together the whole series of CHAOS RINGS games.
Views: 680180
Popularity: 12121
Get Cars And Guns 3D and other apk games totally free.
Added: 02-16-2013
Votes: 70
Cars And Guns 3D is a finished beta-version of the Paper Cars game. Unlike beta-version the game has 16 kinds of cars, 16 levels and weapons. Graphics of “cardboard" style remained the same. Now you have not only to rush through cardboard world, but to shoot cardboard cars of your adversary.
Views: 63391
Popularity: 8947
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Added: 02-15-2013
Votes: 28
Galactic Horde Premium is a space action, in which you will have to save human colonies from the evil Galactic Hordes, using one of three unique spacecrafts. Use lasers, blasters, missiles and even fighter jets to destroy your enemy! Gradually the enemy becomes stronger, so do not relax! Fight through 5 long rounds, win and unlock new ships. With each level you gain more maximum shields and health and your weapons and skills also become improved. You can command your ships and watch your enemy, as he has the same weapon as you do. Your weapons will automatically target enemy ships when they are in range. Each of the ships has four abilities that will help you in difficult times, but will have an opportunity to re-use them only after some time.

Views: 16086
Popularity: 2253
Enjoy Finger Ninjas Zombie Strike-Force and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 02-15-2013
Votes: 34
Finger Ninjas: Zombie Strike-Force is a futuristic action RPG in which you will have to slash zombies, get combo kills and unleash deadly shuriken to defeat the attacking zombie nemesis. Shinji needs your help. So send carnivorous hordes back to their graves! Look for bonuses and hidden elements at each level and get the golden coins for zombie kill. You can spend the golden coins to buy food, weapons and bonuses, which will help you in the game. Unlock Geisha Helpers who will fight for ninja. At the end of each level you will fight with a unique horrible boss. Incredible graphics, lush 3D landscapes and 100% original soundtrack that evolves with the game are waiting for you.

Views: 44071
Popularity: 2664
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Added: 02-13-2013
Votes: 84
Cartoon Wars: Blade. Ten years have passed after the events that took place in Cartoon Wars. The brave king's warrior sets off in search of adventures over the hills and far away. He said goodbye to measured and quiet life, and went to the hitherto unknown territory. You are to pass every level with weapons in your hands and defend yourself of monsters and other creatures occurring in your way. Limitless action-levels, easy control, new helmets and weapons and a wonderful soundtrack are waiting for you in the game.
Views: 62769
Popularity: 13607
Play Android game Destroy Gunners ZZ without any payments!
Added: 02-12-2013
Votes: 63
Destroy Gunners ZZ is a new game of popular Destroy Gunners games. Fight for your survival, use lots of kinds of weapons, complete missions, destroy enemies and fight with big bosses. The game has an excellent and easy touch control. Destroy Gunners ZZ includes strategic map, that lets the players seize new territories and expand their domain of influence. The game is a new type of gameplay, which combines action and strategy game. Thanks to the social networks integration you will have an opportunity to play with your friends as driven robots, which will help you when fighting with bosses.
Views: 49464
Popularity: 11444
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Medal of Gunner free!
Added: 02-12-2013
Votes: 28
Together with Medal of Gunner you will go to the times of WWII and become a crewman of a huge bomber B-17. You will have to ensure security of your plane by controlling 8 guns arranged around its hull. Powerful machine guns will let you fire and destroy enemy fighters attacking formation of bombers. Monitor the entire air space and quickly choose a gun to shoot at enemies. Carry out missions, fight with the best enemy aces and earn money to equip your aircraft better.
Views: 24422
Popularity: 4909
Enjoy Android game Cutting Edge Arena and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 02-11-2013
Votes: 78
Cutting Edge Arena. Take part in endless battles with legendary warriors. Arm with swords, hammers, daggers, sticks and other weapons, earn coins and experience to improve your equipment and defeat all the enemies without exception. You may fight both with bots and real players via Internet. Become the best warrior!
Views: 86957
Popularity: 13516
Try Arena Legends one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 02-11-2013
Votes: 29
Arena Legends. The developers represent the game as a one intended for those who are fond of hard core. Apparently we're going to a mysterious arena, where all actions and events take place. As we can see from a trailer we will fight with enemies armed with swords, spears and other weapons. You need to show skill and ingenuity to survive. Three-dimensional graphics and battles with the bosses are presented in the game.
Views: 43292
Popularity: 2909 offers Android game Invader Hunter for free download.
Added: 02-10-2013
Votes: 35
Invader Hunter is a space third-person shooter. The game describes the times of Mangus dictatorship. The rebels do not want to be under the yoke of complacent ruler and organize clashes with the military. Command of Jim Raybang led insurgency to a crucial point, when the war has become beyond control of authorities. The rebels seized the government station and took control over the situation. They could have succeeded if not for our hero, an elite marine who has to clear the station from the invaders.
Views: 35639
Popularity: 4583
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