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Added: 03-06-2016
Votes: 308
Attack on moe - save the humanity from gigantic girls who came from another dimensions. Find their weak spots and make them run away.

Game features:

  • Cute anime girls
  • Brave heroes
  • Simple controls
  • Fun gameplay
Views: 245 211
Popularity: 39 726
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Best Android Games - №46
Get Everlasting summer and other apk games totally free.
Added: 11-25-2014
Votes: 615
Everlasting summer - help the hero make friends with different people, find his love, and find out what's happening in the summer pioneer camp.

Game features:

  • Great graphics
  • Interesting story
  • 13 available endings
  • Absorbing gameplay
Views: 669 559
Popularity: 74 503
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Added: 03-12-2014
Votes: 312
Farmer girl runner - a game, where you will play as an attractive girl from a farm, who loves flowers most of all.

  • Set of obstacles
  • Simple control system
  • Pleasant music
Views: 363 183
Popularity: 55 847
Enjoy Sports girls 2014 and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 02-20-2014
Votes: 310
Sports girls 2014 - competitions between nice little girls in different types of sports.

  • 6 Olympic sports
  • Some characters
  • More than 170 suits
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Leaderboard

Views: 389 739
Popularity: 45 404
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All Best Games for Android №1
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Added: 04-28-2013
Votes: 712
The best remake of a classical arcade for Android. To look at beautiful girls, at first you need to wipe the misted-over window. Try to take a part of glass to clear it, however avoid foreign objects, differently it is necessary to make a fresh start if they cut you off. Try to catch them to receive additional points. Try your luck at higher level of difficulty!
Views: 608 422
Popularity: 144 160
Play Android game Asura Cross without any payments!
Added: 01-22-2013
Votes: 433
Asura Cross. Fight for your future. The plot of the game will tell us about the warrior Jin, who comes home after a two-year military service. The world has changed in that time, and his home city has become the center of an ancient conspiracy. Jin’s fate depends on your decisions and mastery. Training mode will help the player reach the goal and hone his skills. You can challenge any person or your friend. Fights improve the hero's abilities and unlock new characters.
Views: 673 233
Popularity: 97 519
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Demon's score THD free!
Added: 12-27-2012
Votes: 581
DEMONS' SCORE THD – a demonic story. The main character Serenity dissipates her life in college of the State of Massachusetts. Her father, Doctor Alastair, suddenly disappears and the girl goes on his searches. First of all she goes to her father’s hospital, where he spent days and nights with work. However the hospital disappeared, and there’re only ruins on this place. Walking through a heathland and destruction, Serenity comes across a teddy bear, who claims that once he was a person. But only she asks a bear about her father, as demons come from the air. You should battle to each of these creatures and overcome all of them. Having killed the boss, you can take away his ability. Each ability changes a dress of the heroine, and also influences special attacks.
Views: 1 650 736
Popularity: 79 511
Enjoy Android game CoolButt and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 11-03-2012
Votes: 248
CoolButt is a merry game about adventures of a space traveler and adventuress CoolButt. But her Buttship gets into a meteor rain and crashes. The adventures begin. Help CoolButt to explore the neighboring planet in search of parts of her ship, find all the parts at the level and get flushed …into toilet!
Views: 268 288
Popularity: 34 553
Try Towel Tim one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 11-01-2012
Votes: 144
Aliens even couldn't imagine, how many problems they will have from a guy, whom they kidnapped when he left his shower. It happened and the game Towel Tim is an arcade platformer, where you operate a fellow, who has run away from his kidnappers, and runs at top speed dressed in a towel only. Having found on the ship that the Earth will soon disappear, and he will become a supervision object, our hero decides to destroy plans of aliens. Single campaign consists of 32 levels and it is necessary not only to overcome abysses, platforms, and also to destroy the towel of robots and to use it as a parachute. Graphics and a variety of levels undoubtedly have to be pleasant to all.
Views: 264 309
Popularity: 30 892 offers Android game Dating Quest for free download.
Added: 10-24-2012
Votes: 945
Dating Quest is the game for adults checking you skills of treating the girls. Choose the girl you like and guess what she wants and what she likes. The game is in Russian and English.
Views: 791 673
Popularity: 247 125
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