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Added: 10-23-2012
Votes: 121
Plants vs Monster 2 is an interesting game for Android, in which you will meet unusual monsters. Kill them all and get bonuses for each killed monster.
Views: 100 639
Popularity: 19 570
Get Equilibrium and other apk games totally free.
Added: 10-23-2012
Votes: 120
Use strategy to lead your nation to prosperity and glory or to bloodshed and death! The fragile peace was destroyed by the eternal conflict between two opposing nations: order and chaos. The military situation is changing every day with the struggle for survival and ambitions. Peace is not a way out! You were let to govern a small village. Each villager is eager to get the command for building houses, extracting resources, building towers to strengthen defense and recruit armies to destroy your enemy. Delicate balance and the speed of your actions are crucial for success. The fate of the world is in your hands.
Views: 131 965
Popularity: 17 500
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Added: 10-20-2012
Votes: 142
To measure the level of the intelligence by means of various test tasks –became fashionable long ago. The collection of fifty smart problems and puzzles is in front of you, and after decision you will be able to get the answer to a question: "What’s My IQ? ". However before starting studying of the offered tasks, remember that "What’s My IQ? ™ PRO" –is not a test at employment, but an entertaining game. That’s why you shouldn’t approaches to search of the correct decisions too seriously: the charm of this game is that the answers to many questions aren't such obvious as they seem at the first sight. So use your imagination – you can do nothing without creative approach! After passing of all tasks, you will know the numerical value of your IQ, which will consist of number of correctly solved puzzles and quantity of time spent for them.
Views: 97 185
Popularity: 24 641
Enjoy TheEndApp and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 10-19-2012
Votes: 162
All that is necessary for us to survive, it to run not to stop and to manage to jump in time, to crawl and to turn on the resolved city streets. Throughout your travel, you will direct the survived runner through the ruined city full of destructions, planes stuck in the buildings, broken cars and fire around. Certainly, the most part of this landscape repeats for a long time, but there is a big variety at any level. Management in the game is quite simple and very convenient — you incline the device for maneuver of a running person to the right or to the left, carry out in the corresponding directions for jumping or slipping on a floor. Thus you have to collect as much sticky tape on the road as possible, as it functions as virtual currency in the game.
Views: 133 739
Popularity: 21 552
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Added: 10-19-2012
Votes: 43
DroidPet Widget is a mobile analogue of good old Tamagotchi. Lodge a little virtual pet into your device and take care of it! when installing the widget be ready to take the responsibility for it. You will have to feed it, bath, put to bed as a real pet, as well as educate it if you want it to grow up clever and healthy. You can choose the pet you like in the widget: Awesome worm, Kitten, Retro kitten or a Retro worm. If your pet has some urgent need, your widget will let you know about that by vibration and beep. There is also a worldwide ranking in the game; you will have an opportunity to view your achievements there. The widget will be placed to the desktop of your device, so you will never forget about it.

Views: 26 968
Popularity: 6 003
Play Android game Clever Rabbits without any payments!
Added: 10-18-2012
Votes: 34
Everybody loves fluffy and funny animals. Do not miss your chance to communicate and play with Clever Rabbits and find out which of you is smarter, you or them. The rules are extremely simple: press the Rabbits to make the maximum quantity of words. The words may consist of 3 - 6 letters. The level is considered to be completed if you gather all the turnip on the field and got 50 bonus points! And that is not all! Take the chance to get 200 bonus points for the turnip and a bonus for superword, which table is highlighted in yellow. If you did not succeed to make it, don't get upset. The rabbits will offer you to a pass "Level of Salvation". Use you brain and make the needed word of 6 letters! Did a salute of carrots appear? Congratulations! You got the bonus level: click on rabbits that are popping out of burrows. Hit to each animal adds five points to your account.
When you enter the game you may register in OpenFeint system or enter your account if it already exists. Then your best results will be put to the rating and you will learn your place in world championship table. Strive to make as many words as possible and become the best of the best!
Views: 37 870
Popularity: 10 413
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games The Tribez free!
Added: 10-17-2012
Votes: 339
A wild island with a primitive tribe on it. It depends on you if the islanders will survive on the island. Moreover, the natives consider you to be an ethereal messenger. You found yourself in a distant past, and now have to develop the modern civilization here. In this most fascinating strategy you have to explore the beautiful world, become a leader of the tribe and lead it to prosperity. Do not forget to cooperate with the tribes from the neighboring islands; discover new lands. And develop the economy, what a civilization can exist without it! Especially because the game provides unlimited possibilities for that: more than 700 kinds of buildings, more than a hundred of kinds of d?cor, as well as taming dinosaurs as a draft power
Views: 177 706
Popularity: 36 811
Enjoy Android game Pond and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 10-17-2012
Votes: 80
Pond is a small pond with fallen autumn leaves on its surface, and you are to gather them...Very unusual and relaxing game; so if you have a desire to rest from shooters and racings, then “Pond” is just what you need! Despite the fact that the fallen leaves do not spoil the beauty of the pond, but, on the contrary, add a charm to it, your task is to put all the leaves together by throwing small stones close to every leaf to make a wave, which will put it in the right direction. The easiest way is to bring each single leaf to the place where there is already a small cluster of them…“Pond” really helps to relax and spend a nice time. And thanks to the fact that the game has a built-in player, you may collect the leaves enjoying your favourite music.
Views: 42 340
Popularity: 9 615
Try Doc & Dog one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 10-17-2012
Votes: 39
What will you get if you take a mad scientist, give him a companion, a faithful dog and put them both onto a desert island? The answer is quite simple: the most amusing adventure arcade game named “Doc & Dog” will come out of it! Bad luck and unfortunate mistake in engineering calculations separated the best friends, the Doctor and the Dog. They have been together for many years, but now planet Earth is between them. The mad scientist riding a self-made aircraft has to rush over seas, deserts, mountains, jungles and glaciers. On his way he will meet lions, anacondas, polar bears and hellish penguins-killers. A merry game with nice sound. .
Views: 29 227
Popularity: 5 071 offers Android game A Moon For The Sky for free download.
Added: 10-17-2012
Votes: 25
The aim of the game is to get higher, and higher, and higher. You will be given some object to be launched into the sky. Your task is to keep it at the top and not let fall with the help of platforms, drawn by your fingers; the objects will bounce and fly up. The speed of the flying up depends on the length of the platform – the shorter is the platform, the faster the object will fly to the moon. The game has 18 levels, rather short ones if you play accurately and efficiently. Each new is unlocked after the completion of the previous one, but you can unlock them all at once in the internal store. The bonus stars you collect the entire game long does not influence the final result much, what makes the diligent collection of them pointless.
Views: 21 229
Popularity: 2 881
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