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Added: 16.08.2012
Votes: 67
Soccer Free Kicks Deluxe - an interesting football game, which essence - to win in a series after match penalties or to compete in penalty kicks. Prove that you are the best of all to punch penalties in this fine game. In the game there’re 4 various fascinating modes, and also throw down a challenge to your friends in a mode for two players. Quite good graphics in the drawn style, good physics of a ball and quite realistic models of rivals, which stand on guards of the gate.

Views: 60355 | Popularity: 12799
Get Flick Baseball and other apk games totally free.
Added: 15.08.2012
Votes: 19
Flick Baseball - you should become a giving. Stand on base, target and try to send a ball as quick and precisely as possible that will allow you to gain points to all team. The game received three-dimensional, though the drawn graphics, which is added with good animation and a modest set of effects. And the physics is a little unusual, it is possible to doubt its realness, but the game process suffered from this not very much.
Views: 14690 | Popularity: 2692
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Added: 15.08.2012
Votes: 32
Chicken Revolution - in this amusing game you need not to allow chickens to escape. The rebelled chickens united against you and are going to leave a hen house. You need to stop enraged feathery in any cost. A huge arsenal of killing objects is at your disposal. Don't admit some blood-thirsty chickens to a fence, or they can destroy it. Suppress revolt by means of falling pumpkins, beat chickens with sticks for golf, use a chicken bomb, put filters and strengthen a fence. You can destroy instigators by any available means.

Views: 23326 | Popularity: 5336
Enjoy 4 in A 3D Row and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 15.08.2012
Votes: 23
An absolutely new style of a game 4 in a row. In this puzzle you need to switch a three-dimensional cube, placing 4 jewels of one color in one row. But it is necessary to work quickly and accurately because your opponent has the same purpose. Unblock some levels of difficulty, achievement and Turntime modes. In the game there is a multiuser mode, thanks to which you will be able to play with other players from all over the world. And you will be able to look at the results through OpenFeint.
Views: 17797 | Popularity: 2317
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Added: 14.08.2012
Votes: 87
В Ninja Kaka Pro you are expected by dynamic slaughter of tropical fruit. Use your dexterity in cutting of soaring fruit. You don't need to be afraid of traps in the form of bombs. The purpose of the game is reduced to cutting of the greatest number of fruit before the expiration of time given for a level.
Views: 40422 | Popularity: 10524
Play Android game JAZZ Trump's Journey without any payments!
Added: 14.08.2012
Votes: 29
JAZZ: Trump's Journey - plunge into Trump's memoirs, into his dreams when he was a young musician, who was selflessly devoted to jazz and in love with lady Kokliko. Plunge into the power of your inspiration in this fascinating game. Move across New Orleans, presented in stylized graphics. Follow the young Trump's disturbing history, participate in jazz origin. Take pleasure in the soundtrack, which has been specially written by jazz musicians. Blow the trumpet, when it is necessary to stop time. You will meet various dangers: bosses, moving platforms, police, thorns etc.

Views: 11788 | Popularity: 1644
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Zombies Loli free!
Added: 13.08.2012
Votes: 42
In the game Zombies Loli you will play for a little girl madcap, named Loli. Externally she is beautiful and fragile as a doll, but for the sake of favorite clothes the girl is ready to go even to a hell. Such problem is given to her. The family of zombie steals all her clothes and, having taken cover in a family mansion, seek to kill our heroine, not to reach to various dresses and accessories.

Views: 21494 | Popularity: 2752
Enjoy Android game Warheads: Medieval Tales and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 13.08.2012
Votes: 28
Warheads: Medieval Tales – medieval RPG from Glu Mobile. Well drawn graphics and interesting plot make this game attractive for the player. Play for Sir Hugo, whose group has to resist to the evil attacking the kingdom. Take active part in fights, raise your and your group’s skill level and stop henchmen of chaos.
Views: 18869 | Popularity: 1824
Try Project 83113 one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 13.08.2012
Votes: 38
The story Project 83113 will tell you about hard times on an unknown planet. On this planet chaos, panic and slavery reigns. In the game you will fight for the truth, honesty and justice with the help of a robot - defender which was given a name Bell with the code name Project 83113. Bell - the latest prototype, which possesses improbable power, incredible speed and can adapt for any district. The arms of your shattering robot will be modernized over time, starting from weak rifles and machine guns, to improbable rackets and bazookas. High-quality graphics, excellent specification and well worked physics won't make you miss. Fine gameplay and visual special effects will tighten you till the end.

Views: 23552 | Popularity: 2886
Download offers Android game Hungry Monstr for free download.
Added: 13.08.2012
Votes: 17
Hungry MonstR – a game in which you will be a seller of ice cream, who should protect the goods from invasion of monsters. For this purpose the endurance, firmness and fast reaction is required. Precisely it won’t be easy for you, because you will be alone and there’re a lot of monsters. To rescue the stall with ice cream, you will need to seize each enemy and to send to a pipe of the same color as a monster. In fight you will be helped also by anvils.
Views: 9361 | Popularity: 1241
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