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Added: 08-08-2012
Votes: 36
Cardboard Castle - an interesting quest executed in cardboard style. You will be able to make travel together with the main character - a knight. On his way there will be various obstacles, but it is possible to find a way out of any situation, if to think a little bit. Rescue a paper kingdom from the death. Show sharpness and overcome all enemies.

Views: 20 253
Popularity: 3 052
Get All In. Runner 3D and other apk games totally free.
Added: 08-08-2012
Votes: 49
All In Runner 3D - a remarkable, bright runner in 3D. You should run and jump through various obstacles on streets of a huge Hong Kong. You even will be able to fly up to heavens. For this purpose it is necessary to catch bonus asterisks. You, undoubtedly, will like colorful registration of the game, and also cheerful music.

Views: 34 214
Popularity: 11 308
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Added: 08-07-2012
Votes: 44
Half Breed - plunge into a rigid battle of one person with a huge army of aliens. Your only purpose is to revenge those who made over you terrible experiments and made a machine of death from you. You are a mutant, only a half of you stays from a person. The second half possesses inhuman abilities which you need to unlock on the game course. Fight against big army of enemies, which pursues you and tries to kill. Kill them earlier, than they will kill you. Don't try to agree with them in a good way. Having killed them you get their special skills. Fight against infinite invasion of hordes of overseas army, shoulder to shoulder, with your best friend on Wi-Fi. Cover backs of each other battling in the closed arena.

Views: 40 416
Popularity: 6 178
Enjoy Mafia Shootout and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 08-05-2012
Votes: 74
Mafia Shootout – an arcade with shooter elements. You are pursued by gangsters on various vehicles including planes and you should help your workmates to avoid death from hands of opponents. You earn reward on which it is possible to buy arms for the destroyed opponents. The game is very dynamic, and you will have no time for a respite, until you finish the begun level.
Views: 62 746
Popularity: 6 425
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Added: 08-05-2012
Votes: 48
Hero Tactics2 - an interesting defensive strategy. You will have a lot of characters, whom you can modernize, besides for protection it is possible to use protecting constructions: thorns, meat grinders and other. Develop monsters and don't forget that the best protection - attack!

Views: 54 459
Popularity: 5 806
Play Android game Blobby Volleyball without any payments!
Added: 08-05-2012
Votes: 49
Blobby Volleyball - Magnificent, amusing and dynamic volleyball for android! Don’t let a ball fall down in your territory and try to throw a ball on the territory of the opponent. The gameplay depends on game type. It is possible to play up to 10 goals, and it is possible to gather points simply. In the game it is possible to choose three levels of difficulty and one of five types of game. You will be able to play with yourselves or with friends or colleagues, by means of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Views: 43 205
Popularity: 11 205
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Joj The Alien free!
Added: 08-04-2012
Votes: 18
Joj The Alien - having gone to a travel, lovely alien Joj didn't expect that he will get to a meteoric rain, and he should sit down urgently on an uninhabited planet. Despite difficult conditions, he managed to land quite successfully, but collision with meteorites fairly frayed ship interiors, which as a result scattered on all planet. Help Joj to find and assemble the lost spare parts, without them he won't be able to come back home. You should pass 3 huge locations, and each includes 18 various levels. Use various objects to help Joj to assemble spare parts and to reach a teleport. In the game there’s live and colorful graphics, excellent animation and an amusing portrayal, and also physics worked to trifles.
Views: 13 182
Popularity: 2 199
Enjoy Android game Tower for Princess and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 08-03-2012
Votes: 36
Tower for Princess - children game about a dragon who looks for a suitable tower for the princess. The dragon simply travels on a tower, trying to find the necessary balcony on which he will be able to hold the princess, once when he grows up... The tower actually reminds a labyrinth very much - coming to a door, you never know - where you will leave from. There is some sluggishness in movements of the hero, but it is excellent for the smallest children

Views: 29 157
Popularity: 6 260
Try RuneMasterPuzzle one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 08-03-2012
Votes: 11
RuneMasterPuzzle - a high-quality logical game, which is modification of the classical game "three in a row". Here, you will need to collect runes of identical color 4 in a row. It not only complicates the task, but makes the game a little more interesting. Move runes, use bonuses, think over your steps to overcome all available levels and to gather the maximum quantity of points. You are waited for by colorful and attractive graphics with fine special effects and high-quality animation.
Views: 18 862
Popularity: 3 378 offers Android game Electopia for free download.
Added: 08-03-2012
Votes: 78
Electopia HD - a game about a small robot, who was wrecked and stayed alone on an unknown island. The robot begins the travel on the island to find out who tried to bring down him and to reconnoiter about this place. As it appeared, the island is quite alive. On the island ominous cars for murders live, who will try to destroy you. You should reflect attacks of malicious cars. For this purpose at your order there will be some types of weapon. Don't give the robot in offense, help him to find the way home, collect necessary details for repair of the ship and send him home, he can do nothing without your help.
Views: 56 652
Popularity: 10 539
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