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Added: 10-06-2012
Votes: 72
Tanks - online game for phones! Unique fights, thousands tanks in one fight!
Tanks - tank fights in real time!

the app allows for players of tanks online:
  • to play from a mobile phone and a computer
  • to do search of a position in a global rating
  • to get information from a hangar
  • to see current state of game resources
  • to share the link with friends by means of E-mail, SMS, social networks Odnoklassniki, VKontakte
  • to be aware of the latest news of the project
Enter the battle and conduct your armies to glory! An explosive tank action of the times of WW!
Views: 1 265 700
Popularity: 153 270
Get T-Racer HD and other apk games totally free.
Added: 10-06-2012
Votes: 117
T-Racer HD - a racing game on ships with qualitative 3D - graphics. During the game there is an opportunity to unlock new tracks. In an initial stage of the game it will be necessary to choose a ship. But make a clever choice, because each ship is unique in its technical characteristics and abilities, Choose the one, which is more suitable for you according by its characteristics. Use mines and rockets to win and to bring down the opponent from the route, and to come to the finish the first.

Views: 72 711
Popularity: 20 165
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Added: 10-06-2012
Votes: 40
Once the mad scientist decided to make an experiment with a small dog. While it was sleeping, he made an injection. When the dog woke up, it felt strong hunger. But the dog is in confusion, it wants neither meat, nor a stone, but vegetables. The doggie overwhelmed by vague feelings goes on "hunting" for vegetables and you should help it to steal vegetables from farmers. In the game course it is necessary to avoid watchmen, dogs, to move boxes and to look for roundabout ways to catch fresh vegetables. The graphics in the game is simple, but is executed with taste, management is convenient and easy, game process fascinating and various. Also you can see the whole round before passing it, which will help you to think over your way.

Views: 23 814
Popularity: 4 448
Enjoy Stellar Escape and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 10-06-2012
Votes: 34
Stellar Escape - a three-dimensional arcade with acrobatics elements. You play a role of fantastic hero Elliot Black and you run on sections of space station to save your life. The gameplay is made for beginners, and for inveterate gamers of such genre of games. The game differences: Unity 3D® engine, infinite mode of game with two types of difficulty, support of system of online ratings and achievements of OpenFeint, a set of levels and weapon types. Also we will notice that permission to access to phone calls is intended only in order that the game is on pause at an entering call.

Views: 15 306
Popularity: 2 881
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Added: 10-06-2012
Votes: 18
Save Monster - rescue monsters, which got on a very unstable design. They should get down somehow, and only you can help them. Clean a block after a block, thus not forget about quite realistic physics to make monsters go down in a bottom on a firm surface safe and sound. Remember that if you remove a wrong block, all design will collapse and poor monsters will appear under fragments. In the game there are a lot of levels and beautifully drawn backgrounds: woods, volcanoes, glaciers and more
Views: 15 219
Popularity: 3 491
Play Android game Clumpsball without any payments!
Added: 10-06-2012
Votes: 24
Logical puzzle Clumpsball - a game which is under strict physical laws. Physical reality is its main counter. Throwing a ball in a basket, you should sweat fairly to get into it, because it is necessary to consider a real behavior of a ball in the space. The warped surfaces, obstacles with a difficult configuration and the inclined planes will make the assessment of a real state of affairs more difficult and you should correct the trajectory of flight, and for each miss you will lose points. An ideal option is hit in the basket from the first time. The initial stages of the game will allow you to get hand in, and then it is possible also online - to compete with other players, who are cooler!
Views: 21 522
Popularity: 4 849
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games My Cat - Virtual Pet free!
Added: 10-05-2012
Votes: 114
Amazing Pets - is a game about charming creations in your mobile phone.
Feed them, dress, play, look after, and they will pay back you with love, devotion and victories at exhibitions.

Key features of the game:
  • Colorful and lovely graphics
  • Choice of different pets
  • An opportunity to feed, play and look after pets
  • Exhibition from initial level to European and World championships. Become a great Champion!
  • An opportunity to play online with thousands of other players from all over the world, compete, communicate, make friends and girlfriends, enter clubs, intrigues
  • A box with jewelry - collect rubies, sapphires, tens other stones and take control of the smartest collection of jewelry
  • Tens of clothes and one hundred things, unique system of gold cups, training of a pet, clubs and club competitions and a lot of other things
This game is for all, lovely, amusing and at the same time hazardous and tightening!
Views: 1 373 463
Popularity: 370 055
Enjoy Android game Jewels Legend and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 10-05-2012
Votes: 46
Collect crystals of one color in a row. It is very simple, but fascinating. The game differs with its beauty and existence of various difficulties. To pass a level is not simple. At first remove all blocks, which can be different. Then carry out a star from the first row to the last. Also make all this for limited time. Bonuses, which will help, you will meet in the field. Gather a maximum of points and pass all tests. The game is for the whole family, tightens very much.
Views: 51 911
Popularity: 15 847
Try Grambo one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 10-05-2012
Votes: 43
Grambo - is a game in which you should operate a grandmother on a carriage. Her purpose is to reach from the house to a drugstore. But not all is so simple, on a way of the grandmother will meet youth on rollers and skateboards, sellers and other obstacles. To break through the obstacles to a drugstore, the grandmother needs all her skill and a stick, which she throws.
Views: 19 134
Popularity: 1 974 offers Android game GraBLOX Puzzle Game for free download.
Added: 10-05-2012
Votes: 12
graBLOX Puzzle Game - an amusing puzzle, where you should remove all blocks from a board. In the game there’re seven unique blocks and each with various abilities. 70 levels of the game will keep you in suspense, to solve them you need all your sharpness!
Views: 13 838
Popularity: 2 455
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