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Added: 09-30-2012
Votes: 17
3D Flick Field Goal - is a perfect rugby simulator, where you have only one aim – to collect as many playing points as possible. You get points not for the number of hits, but for your accuracy. The closer to the center of the goal the football flies, the more points you get. During the game you have to take into consideration the strength and direction of the wind, and do not make much sweeping motions with your finger on the screen, as the ball becomes practically out of control and flies anywhere. The game has great graphics and decent sound.
Views: 14586
Popularity: 1848
Get Ground Effect and other apk games totally free.
Added: 09-30-2012
Votes: 40
Ground Effect Pro XHD presents nice realistic 3D flights! In the game you will travel through a fantastic 3D world flying your aircraftt. Control your accelerometer; steer through checkpoints in a limited time and take care for the plane not to hit towers. The features of the game are: 14 challenging levels, 10 aircraft, stunning landscapes (land and sea), an impressive detailed design, flying 24 hours, the use of 3d glasses and a possibility to transfer the game to the memory stick!
Views: 33727
Popularity: 6951
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Added: 09-30-2012
Votes: 41
Adventures of a fictional boy at the pages of school notebook. Take him home, he is very scared and is in despair. Having bowed his head, the guy does not even look to where he moves. His trajectory changes only when he bumps into something solid. Move the blocks, collect stars, and do not let the hero being cut with a saw. The atmosphere of the game is enriched with free-hand drawings. Nicely-chosen background music is relaxing and does not irritate in this already tense situation. At each level except for evading danger it is desirable to collect stars. The game has 72 levels. Movable block is made of concrete and weights not a one ton. Do not forget about it when moving it or you may run down the lost kid.
Views: 32207
Popularity: 6886
Enjoy HoopsAR and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 09-30-2012
Votes: 26
The games with the use of technologies of additional reality is an interesting and innovative solution. HOOPS AR is one of the first interactive games action of which takes place not in your smartphone, but straight on your table. The game itself is not unique at all. Dozens (if not hundreds) of games offer you to throw the ball into the basket or a piece of paper to a garbage can. But HOOPS AR is distinguished by its realization. Just aim you phone at basketball ticket and it will become a real playing field with a hero and a basket.
Views: 31910
Popularity: 4883
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Added: 09-30-2012
Votes: 64
X-Runner - overcome obstacles as quickly as possible having wings on your back, or roller-skating. You will also meet teleports, which you will have to jump over. The simplest control with the help of accelerometer, good graphics and almost 50 levels are waiting for you.
Views: 55534
Popularity: 15124
Play Android game Zombie Mayhem without any payments!
Added: 09-30-2012
Votes: 34
Zombie Mayhem is an excellent arcade game in which you will have a mission of turning people into zombies. The more people you turn the more points you get. Everything depends only on you and on your ability to take right decisions.
Views: 28281
Popularity: 4071
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Talking Alan Alien free!
Added: 09-29-2012
Votes: 61
Talking Alan Alien is a speech synthesizer! The main character is an alien named Alan! He will repeat everything you say and react on your touches. Play piano for him and he will sing to the accompaniment! The application has a lot of various sounds and video effects.
Views: 60206
Popularity: 24913
Enjoy Android game Spooky Creatures and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 09-29-2012
Votes: 17
Spooky Creatures - the action of the game takes place in a world where wizards and witches keep the peace, but the evil monsters have stolen runes and potions to go into our world. Hordes of monsters, vampires, zombies, skeletons and mummies invaded our world. Your goal is to find the runes and to restore the balance between the world of good and evil.
Views: 15989
Popularity: 1810
Try Jetpack War one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 09-29-2012
Votes: 36
Jetpack War – use a rocket satchel for flights. Fly as far as possible and establish a new record.
Avoid dangers in the form of rockets, laser beams, rotating blades. Collect stars for receiving bonuses.
Views: 22233
Popularity: 2884 offers Android game Hidden Fantasy World for free download.
Added: 09-29-2012
Votes: 43
Hidden Fantasy World - make a travel to the world of paints and imaginations, move ahead in the most beautiful places being engaged in search of the hidden objects. In the game there are a lot of levels executed in beautiful HD graphics.
Views: 44494
Popularity: 13256
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