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Added: 09-28-2012
Votes: 53
You will find everything in this game to feel like a real manager of football club! Form a team and bring it out of the bottom division on the top of a football pyramid, competing with thousands of other players. To achieve it, you should form structure of your club and train football players, choose the most suitable arrangement and tactics against each rival, build club base and operate the personnel, develop junior school and train young football players, buy and sell players in exchange, participate in various tournaments and championships and also a lot of many other things.
Plunge into live and bright world of soccer! It won't be boring!
Views: 34416
Popularity: 7185
Get Popping Fluffy and other apk games totally free.
Added: 09-28-2012
Votes: 27
Once a ship with Fluffy flew near our planet. During the flight, the ship with Fluffy suffered an accident and they landed on our planet. Now Fluffy should come back home and they made a portal for that, but the trouble is that gravitation of our planet doesn't allow Fluffy to move, therefore you should help them to reach a portal, so establish a chain of trampolines and other adaptations on the way to a portal, which will help them to reach a portal.
Views: 17835
Popularity: 2376
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Added: 09-28-2012
Votes: 32
Gravity Ninja Deluxe - a quite good arcade reminding arcanoid, where by means of a platform you need not to allow to a jumping ninja to fall in a hole with thorns in time setting up it to a place of his falling. It is necessary to do it so that the ninja after a rebound will go to a place of a congestion of coins and other bonuses. Management in the game is of two types: by means of the accelerometer and by means of a touchscreen. Gradually difficulty which consists in increasing dynamics, starts increasing! Compete with friends on the quantity of the gained points!
Views: 34487
Popularity: 3045
Enjoy Zombilution and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 09-25-2012
Votes: 42
Zombilution is a perfect action in which you play not as a classic rescuer in the world of zombies, but on the contrary the leader of the fearful and bloodthirsty hordes of infected people, who have in the first place a thirst for blood and predatory drive for people! Your task is to create the total chaos in a horrible and devastated world, terminate supplies of food, besiege bunkers and summon minions for help! An unusual idea with a good implementation!
Views: 60956
Popularity: 4305
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Added: 09-25-2012
Votes: 168
Tanktastic - realistic tank battles. Various kinds of thanks and weapons will help you in the battle. You are to find a location of your enemies on the map and destroy them; but be careful they can sneak to you and win the battle.
Views: 115207
Popularity: 32466
Play Android game Spinzzizle without any payments!
Added: 09-25-2012
Votes: 10
Spinzzizle is a funny puzzle, based on the principles of "three in a row". Inside the playing field there is a drum having cells for the balls of different colors. Rotating the drum you make the balls roll under gravity. As the balls of one colour touch one another they flash brightly and disappear in a moment after you take your finger off the screen. In the upper right corner, there is an indicator that shows time remaining to level completion. Each time when the next chain of coloured balls disappears, the light grows a little bit, which will give you extra time for collecting playing points. And if the time runs out before you manage to gain the necessary number of points, you will have to play the level one more time. There are 21 levels in the game. The game has just excellent graphics, and corresponding sound and music.
Views: 13257
Popularity: 1599
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Sentinel 3: Homeworld free!
Added: 09-25-2012
Votes: 37
An oustanding Tower Defense will surprise you from the very beginning. Nice menu, lots of options. It is understood from the very beginning that the game is quite difficult; that makes it different from many other games in the series, and thus more attractive. Take the fight in the alien world using a massive arsenal of weaponry! Expose your facilities on the playing field competently enough to withstand the devastating attacks and support your defenses! You have a completely new campaign at your disposal consisting of 20 levels, more than 20 towers, the orbital weapons, automated drones and different abilities. Customize your weapons to meet the demands of the mission!
Views: 50702
Popularity: 6261
Enjoy Android game Samurai Zombies and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 09-25-2012
Votes: 27
Samurai Zombies is the game that will plunge you into a fantastic atmosphere with good graphics, sound and interesting gameplay. You play as Sam, the Samurai, who has to clear the country of evil goblins who have secured themselves with various traps. You must help him solve all these puzzles and stay alive.
Views: 32991
Popularity: 4370
Try Arcane Empires one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 09-25-2012
Votes: 24
Arcane Empires is a classic browser strategy. In the game you will get to a fairy-tail world with magic and steam engines coexisting with one another. Under the yoke of Prince Dessen the Empire disintegrates into many feudal states, each of which strives to gain independence. You will also have to create a city-state, form an army and develop city to the extent it could oppose other feudal lords and the Emperor himself. A well-though graphic design and qualitative drawing make this game very appealing. The game world consists of great number of islands that are contiguous with one another by water channels. Each island is a separate state. As you’ve already guessed they are all you potential enemies; but be aware that some of them can become you faithful allies, so do not try to immediately destroy all flesh. Developers made their best to please the players with beauty of architectural structures. Each building is very well drawn and looks like a real one. Animation here is also A1, especially when constructing buildings and their upgrade.

Views: 46690
Popularity: 5251 offers Android game Track & Tricks for free download.
Added: 09-24-2012
Votes: 30
Track & Tricks - exciting world's Olympic competition on the racetrack. You will need to bring your country to victory. The game has colorful 3D graphics, clear and easy control, and a choice of almost every country. There is a single mode as well as a multiplayer mode in the game. Become an Olympic champion!
Views: 51641
Popularity: 6579
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