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Added: 10-05-2012
Votes: 76
Empire Story - a game where you and your friends can create an empire of your dream. Only the lack of imagination can limit you. Watch the development of your child, the number of the population, build temples, houses, various public buildings and even a well-known Coliseum.
Views: 79 824
Popularity: 16 768
Get Conquest! Medieval Realms and other apk games totally free.
Added: 10-05-2012
Votes: 38
Conquest! Medieval Realms - is a game in style of step-by-step strategy, where it is necessary to destroy the opponent and then to seize the whole his territory. To do it, it is necessary to unite all the territories and to engage in creation of a very strong army under your strict management and to engage in protection of your territories and to continue to capture enemy territories, thereby increasing your possessions.
Views: 38 849
Popularity: 5 452
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Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 6
It is the best on-line game for mobile phones. Battles and fights, upgrade of the characters is waiting for you.
Equip your character, fight with your enemies, demons and other evil creatures!

Upgrade your equipment, manufacture goods in a smithy, carry out tasks. To become strong you need to upgrade your hero to the maximum! Lead you hero to the club of fame!

The game gives interesting possibilities:
  • playing on mobile phone or computer
  • win the battle and rout the enemy
  • choose the hero first and name him
  • learn battle magic and bring down all the might of spells to your enemy
  • find loyal and fearless brothers in arms joining clans
  • artifacts got in battle in the world of shadows will help you to strike down even the most deadly barbarians and evil spirits
  • invite your friends to play via E-mail, SMS, social networks Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, mail, Facebook, Twitter
Views: 141 768
Popularity: 8 372
Enjoy Drankenstein Ridin' Fresh and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 59
Drankenstein: Ridin' Fresh is a gangster game with a car driving. The word "Drankenstein" means quite an unusual drink of purple colour, which gives energy to the main hero. You may cover bandits, crash the cars with machine gun or just collect precious gaming dollars .
Views: 34 047
Popularity: 7 186
Get full version of any game for your Android phone or tablet for free!
Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 65
Flick Shoot Pro - try the most realistic simulator of direct kicks with astounding graphics and realistic physics. Feel the spirit of football and score goals easily.
Views: 64 539
Popularity: 20 592
Play Android game Freestyle Dirt bike without any payments!
Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 190
Freestyle Dirt bike is a 3D Motor freestyle for Android! Ride your bike, make stunts and get points. You will be offered 12 bikes and 5 tracks of various complexity in the game. About 20 stunts and three camera views will be offered to you.
Views: 246 383
Popularity: 48 598
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games iSink U free!
Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 31
The game iSink U is distinguished from other games not only by interesting 3D graphics but also by new modified system of combat. The ships can be moved during the battle, each of 5 types of ships except for the usual single shot has an attacking master stroke. The battles take place in cold Arctic, the sunny tropics, as well as on a made-up map of the future, which landscapes are filled with ruins. Successful commanders will be given an opportunity to fight also at covert facilities. After the type and size of map were chosen you need to arrange the ships. It should be noted, they may be put to the next check without leaving an empty space between them. All the ships differ from each other by an armament, solidity of armour, maneuvering ability as well as possessing their own type of attack. Each opponent has 5 points when making a move. They could be spent on attacking the enemy or maneuvering. The game is not only beautifully drawn, but has a qualitative sound. Military marches will raise your morale.

Views: 43 597
Popularity: 8 555
Enjoy Android game Lush Tower Defense and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 27
In the game Lush Tower Defense you will have the most important mission of protecting Lushington Springs town from attacks of enemy forces. Unexpected attack caught the defense forces by surprise, and as soon as you place the first defense, you will be attacked the vanguard of the approaching army. Be ready for a long-lasting fight hitting back various enemies. To organize a defense you will have 15 protective constructions, which will help to repel any attack.
Views: 32 768
Popularity: 6 062
Try Orcs Must Survive one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 61
Orcs Must Survive - you are to protect homes of orcs from attacks of formidable king. The army of the people is intended to destroy a small settlement of orcs for the purpose of expansion of their territory. The gameplay resembles popular game Plants vs. Zombies very much. Superior numbers of enemy troops can be stopped only by a tactical advantage. Place units on the playing field properly; that will help you to increase your defensive position dozens of times. Graphics is made brightly and colorfully in the game. Drawing of all the details is great, animation is versatile and fun.
Views: 54 189
Popularity: 8 485 offers Android game Total Recall - The Game - Ep2 for free download.
Added: 10-04-2012
Votes: 67
Total Recall - The Game - Ep2 is the second episode of the game "Total Recall ", the action of which takes place after Dug’s sleep. You will have more kinds of more powerful weapons. Complete new huge levels and get to the final boss. The developer advises you to begin playing from the first episode if the plot of the game is important for you.
Views: 67 709
Popularity: 10 807
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