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Added: 04-20-2013
Votes: 69
Ninja Feet of Fury - in this game you face a problem - to become a full ninja. Face dangers in the bamboo wood. You should pass through many woods, collect as many coins as possible. These bonuses give to the player super abilities.
Views: 32 856
Popularity: 15 215
Get Jacob's Ladder and other apk games totally free.
Added: 04-20-2013
Votes: 22
Jacob's Ladder - a nonconventional indie-puzzle-platformer in which you will help the main character Jacob to leave the room in which he doesn't intend to stay this evening! Lead 8 year old Jacob through the world of his dream, moving various ladders, blocks and bagatelles on the right places to make his way safe. On the way you will meet sliding spheres, moving platforms, portals, accelerators, nightmares, switches of blocks and many other things. The background of the game is executed in a beautiful manual list by a water color and contains 15 various options of areas.
Views: 9 720
Popularity: 1 708
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Added: 04-20-2013
Votes: 24
Chain3D Premium - an excellent puzzle, the purpose of which consists in removing all color blocks and to destroy a rotating cube! You are given blocks of various colors, which you have to insert in lacking cube cells to unite three and more blocks and they will be destroyed. Behind the cube sides blocks can’t be installed. All blocks of the cube hold due to the central blocks, if you break link with them, all blocks will be automatically destroyed. Therefore at a successful deal the whole cube can be destroyed at some moves. The difficulty of the game increases because of the limited time!
Views: 13 312
Popularity: 2 153
Enjoy Magic Academy 2 and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 04-20-2013
Votes: 26
Magic Academy 2 for Android - an interesting game, enticing from the first minutes of gameplay for long time, by means of which you will plunge into an incredible virtual world. Long-awaited continuation of the quest loved by gamers from the Nevosoft Company. The plot of the game begins with that once it becomes known that very powerful magic Treatise about Light and Darkness was gone. Throughout the whole game it is necessary to find this artifact in all possible ways, having passed very dangerous way, cooperating even with powers of darkness. In the app there’re also various mini - games. The game Magic Academy 2 for Android possesses a fascinating and fascinating game process and plot, excellent physics and three-dimensional graphics, and also fine soundtracks. So spend time and enjoy the game process of this game. It really tightens.
Views: 23 560
Popularity: 4 737
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Added: 04-19-2013
Votes: 23
Whack a Dragon - a new and fascinating arcade on reaction with RPG elements. Go to a fantastic world, where dragons live, improve the weapon and armor of the main character and try to pass all levels, having carried out all tasks.
Views: 16 948
Popularity: 2 672
Play Android game Tap Resort Party without any payments!
Added: 04-19-2013
Votes: 61
An amazing strategy for Android platforms named Tap Resort Party will give you occupation for many hours and will tighten you so, that you won't be able to come off. Earlier this simulator of the paradise island was on iPhones, but now reached Android platform. Here you should create own resort and improve to make it pleasant to vacationer. Also it is possible to buy new islands and to create additional resorts to grow rich to the maximum.
Views: 50 597
Popularity: 11 822
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games School 26 free!
Added: 04-19-2013
Votes: 87
It is very difficult to make friends when your family constantly moves. Kate - a lonely girl who changed already 25 schools. Once with parents she made a deal, she needs to find new true friends in her new 26th school, and then they remain in this city forever. You should help Kate using your intuition to find new friends!
Views: 39 767
Popularity: 8 485
Enjoy Android game Rolling Head and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 04-19-2013
Votes: 30
Rolling Head - this game raises a smile on your face and a lot of positive emotions as you should play a real head from a spiteful zombie - monster. But all hate you, difficulty increases more and more because of this, even cows try to do much harm. But if you try - the fate will surely smile to you.
Views: 11 961
Popularity: 1 806
Try Pirates vs Zombies one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 04-19-2013
Votes: 77
Pirates vs Zombies - in one sunny day, a team of pirates put out to sea on searches of jewelry. But their way was blocked by a small group of zombie - skeletons. Help the pirates to cope with these dangerous beings, having crushed their fleet and at a meeting in private to strike with cold weapon. Events occur not only on water, and also on a land. Pleasant graphics, various types of weapon, treasures.
Views: 52 790
Popularity: 9 525 offers Android game Lost Mummy for free download.
Added: 04-19-2013
Votes: 20
Lost Mummy - a logical puzzle with arcade elements. Having started this game, it can seem to be a typical platformer, but it is not so. You will help Pharaoh Mummy to return to a sarcophagus. As you understand, everything happens in a tomb, which is literally stuffed with various traps and represents the most real labyrinth. Having reached the next obstacle you will have to solve the next problem. All objects which are necessary for the decision are right there, but still it is necessary to define the correct sequence of actions. Having found the decision, it is necessary to embody it, and it is also difficult.
Views: 17 462
Popularity: 2 598
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