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Added: 03-27-2013
Votes: 18
Galaxy Assault - Shitake was taken prisoner, and now thirsts for a revenge! You should take management over him and to help him to defeat all enemies! Enemies will try to stop you in every way, using various guns from which you should evade. Management in this game is carried out by one finger by means of which you move Shitake on the screen. In the game you are given 3 lives on each attempt of the game!
Views: 9911
Popularity: 1533
Get FarOut and other apk games totally free.
Added: 03-27-2013
Votes: 27
FarOut - a cheerful animation 2D shooter with a set of levels, bonuses, weapon and various game process. The main character is running forward, and your task is to destroy all barriers and arising dangers in the form of the most various beings by tapping on your targets.
Views: 7822
Popularity: 738
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Added: 03-27-2013
Votes: 30
Dynamite Jack - a game in which you have to blow up your way to freedom. Jack is a brave space paratrooper, armed only with bombs and a lamp, and who has to get out of Anathema Mines. Use all your cunning to creep by security guards and bombs to erase enemies in this intensive adventure game with the top view. 28 official maps, and also the editor by means of which you will be able to create your own maps. For each level in the game there is a table of leaders, try to get to the first positions, you have to pass each of levels better and quicker than other players worldwide for this.
Views: 40831
Popularity: 2902
Enjoy Dragon, Fly! and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 03-27-2013
Votes: 21
Dragon - like a hatching small dragon, you are still too small to fly. However it doesn't stop you from an adventure, to which you went. There are a lot of seductive hills by means of which it is possible to disperse and to fly up in the sky, you should touch the screen when you are at the level of descent about hills and to stop a contact at the end of descent. Using some descents in a row it is possible to gain speed and to fly up as highly as big dragons don't fly up! But your mother was very much disturbed by your absence and went for you after. The game contains a set of quests for performance, and also new landscapes which are generated every day.
Views: 11147
Popularity: 2997
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Added: 03-27-2013
Votes: 40
Ace Wings: Online - excellent air online fights in the best possible way! You will operate fine planes of World War I and the Great Patriotic War. Play in single player mode or online multiplayer to 4 players in real time! Carry out dizzy acrobatic maneuvers with intuitively clear management combining use of the touch screen and the accelerometer. Participate in fierce operations in your pursuit of glory! The game includes 15 fine planes, bright landscapes and 15 achievements for unblocking.
Views: 32666
Popularity: 5800
Play Android game Moto Locos without any payments!
Added: 03-26-2013
Votes: 93
Moto Locos - feel like the wind blows in your face when you rush on the motorcycle on roads with beautiful landscapes. You should avoid various obstacles, raise money and bonuses. Each level is passed for time, and the quantity of the earned stars depends on the time of passing, quality of passing and quantity of the raised money. To get an additional impulse of energy collect power drinks on your way! You should pass through 5 various cities, including Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires! In the game there’re 4 types of motorcycles and 50 amazing levels for passing. You will have such bonuses as nitro, turbo, extra time and others. Compete against your friends through the social network Facebook!

Views: 63424
Popularity: 18593
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Earn to Die free!
Added: 03-26-2013
Votes: 823
Earn to Die - a game in which you should pass your way through a real zombie-apocalypse to save your life! You got stuck in the desert in zombie environment. You have a decrepit car which practically isn't capable to move. But to survive you have to make it pass at least some meters to crush couple of zombie and to earn a little money for an upgrade. Thus you will be able to improve all characteristics of your car, to hang up weapon on it and rush from this terrible place as soon as possible! The game includes new and expanded history mode in which you should drive on a cross-country terrain, 8 types of cars, a lot of updatings and zombie, and also a realistic physical engine.
Views: 251118
Popularity: 100421
Enjoy Android game Busy Bags and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 03-26-2013
Votes: 14
Busy Bags - an excellent game in which you act as a manager of the airport on distribution of baggage of the arrived passengers. As soon as the plane lands, you have responsibility to make the passengers without delays get the baggage. The quicker they will make it, the better it will be. If you keep people waiting long, their patience will decrease, and it will cost you valuable points. The game has 50 levels, 5 airports worldwide, 3D environment with possibility of turn and scaling, more than 20 various 3D characters and exclusive musical compositions. Soon there will be new airports and new levels.
Views: 9917
Popularity: 1206
Try Armaroller one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 03-26-2013
Votes: 14
Armaroller (3D Mini Golf) - an excellent minigolf which is taking place in difficult environments in which you should check your skills to a limit! It won't be easy, there will be a set of obstacles and traps. Will you be able to earn 3 stars at each level? In the game there’re 36 levels, colorful graphics and simply gameplay.
Views: 9221
Popularity: 922 offers Android game Aftershock for free download.
Added: 03-26-2013
Votes: 19
Aftershock - a mad arcade in which you should survive, defending from a huge number of blood-thirsty alien monsters intruded to the Earth and attacking you. Monsters attack by waves, and your task is by means of the weapon available for you to beat off them, not allowing them to reach to you close and furthermore destroy a defensive tower. Use electromagnetic guns and rocket installations for reflection of attacks. Collect resources to use the destructive super weapon. The enemy becomes stronger every minute, so prepare for it, collecting bonuses! The game has level difficulties for casual and hardcore players, mad special effects, a huge number of super weapon, hidden super weapon, and also cheerful and simple management, amazing graphics and vigorous music.
Views: 16015
Popularity: 1547
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