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Added: 05-29-2013
Votes: 2
Supernatural: Evil receptacle - you will have a walk on the gloomy world and meetings with otherworldly beings. Solve difficult puzzles to promote further and as a result to leave this damned place.

  • beautiful locations
  • 50 difficult levels
  • mini-puzzles,
  • stock and use of objects.
Views: 28 617
Popularity: 6 887
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Get Mensa Academy and other apk games totally free.
Added: 05-29-2013
Votes: 0
Mensa Academy - an interesting puzzle which will make you use your brains, solving a huge number of various tasks. The puzzle will be more difficult in the process.

  • pleasant and bright graphics
  • interesting dialogues
  • more than one thousand of various tasks and questions;
  • puzzle from various genres from logic to visual perception;
  • existence of three modes of game;
  • 5 types of tasks: account, language, logic, memory and visual;
  • existence Internet forum for expansion of a circle of contacts;
  • beautiful drawn graphics;
  • intuitive management.
Views: 23 130
Popularity: 3 374
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Added: 05-29-2013
Votes: 7
Enemy Lines - a remarkable online strategy. You will appear in the epicenter of cruel and ruthless battles. Create armies, train them and increase your military base.

  • company mode where it will be necessary to execute interesting missions;
  • online mode for battles with players from all over the world;
  • system of training of units;
  • existence of infantry, equipment and aircraft;
  • system of improvement of fighting units;
  • battle for resources and medals;
  • opportunity to create unions with other players;
  • existence of tournaments;
  • table of ratings.
Views: 54 937
Popularity: 8 103
Enjoy Dirt Bike Evo and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 05-29-2013
Votes: 18
Dirt Bike Evo - a good simulator of a motor-trial. Pass various on difficulty routes and carry out dizzy tricks. Try to pass the route as soon as possible, so you will gain more points and you will have a chance to take a prize.

  • extensive routes with tasks
  • excellent 3D graphics
  • good physics
  • convenient management
  • bonuses
  • table of achievements
Views: 121 842
Popularity: 37 988
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Added: 05-29-2013
Votes: 22
Art Puzzles 2 - a big collection of puzzles in yours android device. You will be able to adjust difficulty - from 30 to 1000 parts. You even will be able to turn any picture into a puzzle.

  • A big desktop game with scrolling and zooming.
  • Pleasant graphics.
  • Relaxing music
  • More than 120 puzzles.
  • Simple management
Views: 86 042
Popularity: 38 969
Play Android game Ambulance Rush without any payments!
Added: 05-29-2013
Votes: 3
Ambulance Rush - you will become an ambulance driver. Your task is to deliver a patient to the clinic as soon as possible. At each collision a patient will lose health therefore go quickly, but accurate. Otherwise you can simply not take the patient there alive.

  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Opportunity to use a camera of the lateral review
Views: 69 948
Popularity: 16 192
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Soda Star free!
Added: 05-28-2013
Votes: 0
Soda Star - take a place of the managing director of soda sorting. Multi-colored bottles from soda will move on a tape and you have to send them to the corresponding boxes using movement switches. Your competitors will constantly soil you, so be attentive.

  • bright drawn animations
  • specialeffects from the original animated film
  • intuitively clear management
  • sensational soundtrack
  • a lot of bonuses
Views: 28 847
Popularity: 5 298
Enjoy Android game Men's Room Mayhem and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 05-28-2013
Votes: 3
In the game Men's Room Mayhem you should make decisions very quickly. Events will develop in a man's toilet. Take visitors under your control to avoid intense situations.

  • 5 levels
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Interesting management
Views: 49 503
Popularity: 8 748
Try Dungeon Quest one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 05-28-2013
Votes: 58
Dungeon Quest - will you manage to become the greatest Magician? Try to solve all secrets of ominous vaults, overcome all monsters and save the world from the darkness.

Key features:
  • Arm your character with amazing magic artifacts, which you will find during adventures.
  • Battle each time in a new vault. Pass with fight all 100 levels of the game at 5 levels of difficulty.
  • Check your skills in fights with legendary bosses at the end of each 4 chapters.
  • Improve the found weapon.
  • Battle to become the best among other players and to prove that you are the best magician on the earth.
Views: 177 306
Popularity: 40 291 offers Android game Turd Birds for free download by torrent.
Added: 05-27-2013
Votes: 17
Turd Birds - you will operate a birdie and randomly crap on passersby. The sense of the game is to fly at the maximum distance, carrying out tasks. Don't pass meeting food, differently you won't have enough powers to fly far. For made points you can improve abilities of your birdie or at all buy a new one.

  • Amusing idea and interesting gameplay;
  • A big variety of locations;
  • Some birdies with unique abilities;
  • Simple management.

Views: 35 143
Popularity: 9 434
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