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Added: 03-29-2013
Votes: 82
Take care of your small friend, feed him and give drink to him and make sure that it is always clean there. When they have everything what they need, they will feel perfectly soon enough! Whether they are nice hamsters or guinea pigs, lovely rabbits, playful cats or pleasant dogs: all of them want love and care from their kind master. Certainly animals are in the best hands with you, but nevertheless they really need the real house. Now your work is to find the most suitable new owner for animals. When you pay attention to needs of an animal and preference of the owner, nothing can resist on the way of their happiness. In the new version there’s a training program, now individual tasks have to be clearer, the work is improved, Spanish localization and more …
Views: 48647
Popularity: 22002
Get Old School Defense and other apk games totally free.
Added: 03-29-2013
Votes: 36
Old School Defense - the dean, using his old tricks, decided to destroy the Lambda Omega Epsilon side for what called various destroyers for help. You should not allow these destroyers to reach their purpose, destroying the enemy on his way. The game has two various modes and more than 30 various maps. Establish the defenders and upgrade them to reflect attacks amplifying each time.
Views: 28774
Popularity: 3703
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Added: 03-29-2013
Votes: 7
Fling Clowny a game with physics. In the game you need to start a clown in flight, to make him pass all obstacles, collect as many stars as possible.
Views: 6202
Popularity: 1495
Enjoy Five Towers and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 03-29-2013
Votes: 32
Five Towers - is the game overflowed with action for Android-devices, which will be pleasant to all who loves live games and prefers online fights. Despite of the name of the game and that developers ranked it as Tower Defense genre, you are waited for by a strategy in real time (RTS). In general in the game there are two modes, one of which represents campaign, and the second will make you battle to various rivals. It’s up to you which one to choose, but the choice of both options (naturally, in turn) will be the most correct decision.
Views: 24510
Popularity: 3939
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Added: 03-29-2013
Votes: 141
Die Hard - is some kind of continuation of the movie Die Hard in which John McClane, Jack's son, struggles with bandits and not somewhere but in Russia. Exactly there the main subject line is developed. All begins in Pripyat - the most ominous place, according to Americans - snipers and people in chemical protection suits will meet there. Fight in all possible ways - shoot from different weapon, which can be got for coins or found. Coins are given for performance of tasks, and also it is possible to find them on the road, but the biggest income is given by search of letters of the name of a location, for example, Pripyat — PRIPYAT. It is worth your attention, especially it will be estimated by fans of shooters and an early runners.
Views: 111407
Popularity: 27430
Play Android game Zombie Hero without any payments!
Added: 03-29-2013
Votes: 28
Cover with a raincoat and go on battle with uncountable number of ninja, and let all think that zombie are callous pieces of meat, you know that the offense can't be forgiven. InZombie Hero you should become a superman zombie who followed a vengeance way. Your task is to trample down and press ninja which want to snatch you extremities. Use your super force and not natural abilities of zombie - to feel quite comfortably without part of extremities. The game has very quite good and mainly simple graphics, with pleasant effects and well traced heroes.
Views: 20297
Popularity: 1722
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Yamaha TTx Revolution free!
Added: 03-28-2013
Votes: 62
Yamaha TTx Revolution - with this fascinating race, you will be able to become a real great racer. You are expected by exciting challenges, collecting coins and many other things... To your pleasure there’s Single player mode, easy management, earn coins to unlock new colors, 19 achievements.
Views: 41774
Popularity: 13164
Enjoy Android game Xperm Race and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 03-28-2013
Votes: 53
A comic game about fertilization. Your character, John, -is the last stronghold of mankind, and the hope of creation of new life and race. Help John to overtake rivals to appear the first at an ovum. On his way, there are a lot of obstacles which threaten John, but also there are a lot of useful objects, capable to increase your chances of a victory in race. Collect green small lamps, by means of which you will be able to accelerate John's movement, or to surround him with protective armor. In Xperm Race there’re about 8 dynamic levels, 3 difficulty modes, day and night periods of days, matchless musical registration and many other things.
Views: 26318
Popularity: 3761
Try Meemo Pop one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 03-28-2013
Votes: 9
Meemo Pop an excellent puzzle at the heart of which chain reaction lies. You should destroy all mugs on the screen for a certain number of touching.
Views: 11718
Popularity: 2975 offers Android game Gravity for free download.
Added: 03-28-2013
Votes: 72
Gravity - an excellent game puzzle in full 3D with management from the first person. Use your gun, shooting spheres, opportunity to move, and to jump up, and also to rotate on 360 degrees in all directions to assemble all battery modules scattered on the level and come at the door to the next room with a new puzzle. In the game there’re 12 main and 3 bonus levels, which will be unlocked if you find gold cubes.
Views: 33072
Popularity: 11671
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