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Added: 04-04-2013
Votes: 16
Ride The Magic represents a very unusually issued strategy in real time for Android-devices. In this game you will manipulate magic spheres which meet at various sorcerers and fortunetellers quite often. It is possible to say that Psychic Challenge, which measure by power and fill with magic free spheres, trying to capture the tool of the opponent is in front of you. At the beginning of the game, as a rule, there are some spheres on a game field. Your sphere has blue color, the sphere of your opponent is painted in red, but there are also green spheres nearby, which in fact belong to nobody, but even for their capture it is necessary to leave part of the magic.
Views: 14710
Popularity: 1557
Get I Need A Hero and other apk games totally free.
Added: 04-04-2013
Votes: 27
I Need A Hero - the princess as always wasn't lucky, an angry dragon locked her in a high tower. Go to rescue the princess, study powerful spells, battle to awfully ridiculous monsters, and you will be helped by a faithful squire and his hardworking burro.
Views: 13383
Popularity: 2216
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Added: 04-04-2013
Votes: 14
Hungry Nomi - you are wrecked on an unknown planet and you are surrounded by locals, they are sweet teeth, feed them with sweets brought with yourself.
Views: 11966
Popularity: 1530
Enjoy Badayer Racing and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 04-04-2013
Votes: 56
Badayer Racing - prepare for the most fascinating off-road races this year! You will operate the best SUVs and a buggy, playing the cruelest races on off road terrain on your device, where your only friend is an impulse! In this game opponents become crueler together with you, pass the way from zero to a professional, crumpled all rivals from your way, and also win the championships and unblock new cars. The game contains a multiplayer mode in which you will be able to play against real people or your friends in the Internet. The game contains personalization elements, it will allow you to create the car of your style, to establish nominal registration plates, nitro and turbo pressurization. Become a licensed racer that will allow you to earn twice more money, but try not to allow many penalties that won't lose the license. The game profile can be transferred between iPhone, iPad and Android devices by means of built-in function of synchronization. The game contains online rating table in which you will be able to fight for the first place among players worldwide!
Views: 80505
Popularity: 10185
Get full version of any game for your Android phone or tablet for free!
Added: 04-04-2013
Votes: 30
100 Doors: Parallel Worlds is the next logical game for Android-devices, in which it is possible to see a huge number of the closed doors waiting while you will find the only correct decision for transition to the next level. If you played earlier published games from this genre, you know that usually for the solution of tasks there was used not only touch screen, but also accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, and also other sensors which are available practically in each device. In the same game the main emphasis is placed on so-called touchscreen, and for the solution of tasks you will need not so much logical thinking, but much attentiveness and ability to pay attention to any trifles.
Views: 22889
Popularity: 7810
Play Android game Tactical Assassin without any payments!
Added: 04-03-2013
Votes: 49
Tactical Assassin - the world of the murderer in your tablet! Game for category 17+ in which you should become a highly skilled murderer, who uses true instincts of a killer for completion of each mission. The only way to achievement of the goal - tactical thinking and weapon in your hands! In the game there’re realistic firearms, missions and districts, intensive animations, beautiful graphics, 18 missions with various difficulty and content.
Views: 33162
Popularity: 10451
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games SharQ II free!
Added: 04-03-2013
Votes: 20
Blood-thirsty toothy sharks come back in the new game SharQ II. They are going to destroy penguins, this time by killing firearms. But your hero isn’t a miss, besides his arsenal very isn't bad. Hunting mode contains ten levels throughout which you will reflect attacks of aggressors. The coins earned on spark genocide can be spent for acquisition of new arms, various improvements and ships. Management is elementary and is carried out by means of two virtual joysticks: one for movement, the other is responsible for shot direction.
Views: 24065
Popularity: 2398
Enjoy Android game Rally The World. The Game and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 04-03-2013
Votes: 89
RALLY THE WORLD. THE GAME - in this racing game you should drive Volkswagen Polo R WRC on 13 tracks of the World Cup in rally. Driving is made unusually in this game. At the top of the screen there’re maneuvers which should be performed in future. Passing a control point you have to give command to the driver, having pressed one of corresponding arrow to coming turn. The more precisely you execute commands, the more points you get. You also can influence the speed of movement of a car.
Views: 165120
Popularity: 15301
Try PAC-MAN +Tournaments one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 04-03-2013
Votes: 49
PAC MAN a classical arcade, with various levels, in which it is necessary to collect you yellow balls, and not to get to ghosts. It is classical PAC-MAN with new mode and new levels!
Views: 23084
Popularity: 6660 offers Android game Island Racer for free download.
Added: 04-03-2013
Votes: 98
Realistic races on a beautiful island in the middle of the ocean. There’re some game modes: free arrival, game against a computer and online game. At your order there’re the coolest cars in the world including the last models of Chevrolet, Audi and Lamborghini. On routes there are short detours which will help you to get considerable advantage. Excellent three-dimensional graphics in combination with fine animation.
Views: 80187
Popularity: 25021
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