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Added: 03-13-2013
Votes: 121
The Croods - a free game from founders of Angry Birds and the creative DreamWorks Animation team, based on soon released animation picture. Meet the first modern family in the world: The Croods! These cave people escaped from the Stone Age with use of the new R-evolutionary tool. The Croods will hunt and make their way through new fascinating landscapes, will subdue fantastic beings whom they never have seen before! Help The Croods to survive in the wild nature! The game contains 10 evolutionarily mixed beings, opportunity to create foolish inventions, and also to unlock and investigate new areas, to decorate the prehistoric world with the newest accessories of cave fashion, and also favorite characters from the movie, animated by DreamWorks Animation studio.
Views: 102582
Popularity: 23972
Get Temple Run: Oz and other apk games totally free.
Added: 03-13-2013
Votes: 235
Temple Run: Оz - the most dangerous and fascinating adventure passing on the road from a gold brick! You are waited for by amazing game world, immersing in the movie atmosphere. You should fly by a balloon, investigate a set of game locations, test your reflexes for durability, and also carry out weekly tasks. Escape from furious baboons, turn aside from obstacles, slide and jump! Begin your fascinating travel right now and check how far you will be able to escape!
Views: 700765
Popularity: 126634
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Added: 03-13-2013
Votes: 75
Race 2 - the game based on a movie Race 2 plot. You take part in dangerous races in which you will check not only the skill of driving, but also strength of mind.

Views: 92299
Popularity: 20074
Enjoy Order Up!! To Go and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 03-12-2013
Votes: 24
Order Up!! To Go - in this game you will be the chef of your own restaurant. At preparation of dishes you will stir broth, cut meat, tomatoes, rub cheese, fry cutlets and cook French fries, and also you are waited by a set of other actions. Serve visitors, make the menu and earn money to open new restaurants or refined dishes. All actions in kitchen are carried out by gestures. For example, to turn cutlet on the other side, it is necessary to represent a semicircle by a finger on the screen. But, at the restaurant difficulties are possible also: fires, rats, and also careful checks of inspectors. You also have an opportunity to buy new equipment for kitchen, for example an advanced plate or a device for drinks.
Views: 32731
Popularity: 6347
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Added: 03-12-2013
Votes: 19
Monsterzzz - adventures happen not only in a life, but in a dream also. Having plunged into a dream, our small hero is compelled to battle with terrible monsters. There is only one way to destroy them - it is necessary to hold on the lamp to the socket, and then to direct it on monsters, in some cases it is necessary to show sharpness.... It seems simply? - Try. More than one hundred fascinating levels.
Views: 26902
Popularity: 3010
Play Android game Lucky Clover Pot O' Gold without any payments!
Added: 03-12-2013
Votes: 16
Lucky Clover: Pot O' Gold - This entertaining game will send your child to an adventure with a small gnome who prepared a lot of mysterious puzzles. Solving them you will be able to earn gold coins. Beautiful animated graphics and pleasant sound will create unique atmosphere in more than 50 levels, with their own riddle in each, from simple questions to search of objects.
Views: 12349
Popularity: 2477
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Gun Bros 2 free!
Added: 03-12-2013
Votes: 67
Gun Bros 2 - a new part of the game and a new level of game process of the highest class! Many years passed when war with T.O.O.L ended. Oppressors of Life came again to finish the business that they had once begun. But they have serious people on the way, whom you will operate. They are equipped with the newest arsenal of the weapon which is very advanced and destructive, by means of which you will protect the galaxy from T.O.O.L mutiny. It’s time of their destruction. The last conflict strongly ruined arsenals of the sides and now they spend huge forces for its restoration. The old abandoned mines were again open, restoration of plants began, and the main heroes of this part of the game have to stop this. In the game there’re new types of weapon and spendthrifts, the game contains multiplayer mode that will allow you to compete with friends. You are waited for by very serious battles with bosses, and also new types of weapon and many other things!
Views: 102892
Popularity: 13588
Enjoy Android game Blast Defense and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 03-12-2013
Votes: 9
Blast Defense represents a classical arcade executed in Defender style where you should rise in defense of the last line of defense. All your armies were suffered by defeat, and now you are the last hope. Your post being directly on border of your native planet, has rather powerful arms, but without the competent and skilled captain it won't be able to protect the peace population. Use all the skills and abilities to beat off from uncountable number of various enemies who try to break through your defense. The great purpose is in front of you and it will be difficult to cope with it, but additional bonuses and your courage should help you.
Views: 11844
Popularity: 780
Try Bladeslinger one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 03-12-2013
Votes: 179
Bladeslinger - a game with the best mobile graphics which you have ever seen! Bladeslinger represents graphic opportunities which you have never seen before on mobile devices! Magnificent 3D environments and characters, dynamic lighting and shadows. You play for William Shlaston from Peak of Hammer, who comes back home after the war. He sees that his quiet town is desert and overflowed with hostile beings, whom he has never seen before. Go in search for William's truth and rescue small town Peak of Hammer! Exclusive touch management and many hours of fascinating campaign.
Views: 530806
Popularity: 26823 offers Android game Big River Fishing 3D for free download.
Added: 03-12-2013
Votes: 37
Big River Fishing 3D - an excellent game for fans of fishing line, hooks, baits and adrenaline. A set of unusual places for fishing: jungle of Amazon, wide gulfs of the Nile or huge open spaces of South America. You will get acquainted with river inhabitants, probably some of them you will see and catch for the first time.
Views: 34179
Popularity: 10303
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