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Added: 01-01-2013
Votes: 65
One touch Drawing is a puzzle in which it is necessary to draw an offered figure, not taking a finger off the screen. The difficulty is that you can’t draw the same line of a figure twice, except special pieces which have to be drawn two times. Also in the game there are special pieces with the specified direction, i.e. it is necessary to draw them from one end, besides there are "teleport points" passing them drawing proceeds with another "teleport point".
Views: 51131
Popularity: 13744
Get Lightpath and other apk games totally free.
Added: 01-01-2013
Votes: 22
Lightpath - a puzzle in which you will operate mirrors. Your task will be the correct arrangement of mirrors that the beam passing through them got to the necessary point. More than 80 levels which difficulty increases with passing, plus the founders of the game added various obstacles and you should strain your brain for passing them. If you love puzzles, you will love this game.
Views: 21259
Popularity: 3410
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Added: 12-31-2012
Votes: 28
Islands of Diamonds – a game about a coconut, which is keen on search of brilliants. He got on the island and has to explore it in search of treasures. In the game there’re six islands and three unique archipelagoes, beautiful melody and three-dimensional graphics, three options of management and sensitivity adjustment. Spend time with a greedy coco – and he will find glory and wealth.
Views: 25611
Popularity: 4301
Enjoy Catch the drops! and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 12-31-2012
Votes: 33
Catch the drops! - an amazing arcade in which you operate an amusing and friendly dragon with unique ability of catching drops and breaking things containing them. The purpose of the game is in passing on new level, having earned the maximum quantity of points. Our darling and ridiculous character Dragon won’t leave you indifferent and will quickly win your love!
Views: 22261
Popularity: 5500
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Added: 12-31-2012
Votes: 125
The game Burger for Android – is a fascinating mix of a fine simulator and arcade game. Take a role of a cook in fast food café, who has to do burgers. Your main task is to make good burgers for visitors of the restaurant very quickly. All ingredients will be near your hand, and the order – in front of your eyes. Everything that you need is to prepare the tastiest roll with various stuffings. Don't forget that the sequence is very important. At the initial stage in the game Burger for Android you will do simple hamburgers, but in the process of passing of levels orders will be more difficult. Career mode will transfer you to restaurant where you will work six days in a week. Every day you make a certain quantity of rolls, getting salary. If you do this quickly and qualitatively, you will surely get an award. In the process of passing you will unlock new ingredients. And, if you perfectly show yourselves, you won’t be waiting for achievements. Become a true king of burgers at your restaurant and give dishes in time. The game tightens simply from the first minute, that’s why you will have what to do in your free time.
Views: 59267
Popularity: 28650
Play Android game Beer Mat Fighting AR without any payments!
Added: 12-31-2012
Votes: 84
Beer Mat Fighting AR - in this bewitching game, you should fight directly on your sofa /table /bed through a cell phone camera. Thus it is necessary to print out only 2 pictures.
Views: 53947
Popularity: 5811
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Angry Virus free!
Added: 12-31-2012
Votes: 42
Angry Virus represents an interesting logical game in which you should become God of a small planet, which became a victim of attack of an alien virus. And as the planet is still occupied by defenseless plants, God who has created this planet should fight for their life. Yes, you correctly understood, you should become God for some time and rescue your creation. Use your logic and strain your brain to pass all levels and by that to rescue the whole planet from the inevitable death. In the game you will see colorful three-dimensional graphics, with qualitatively traced models and quite good physics. Additional animation and effects make the picture interesting and more dynamic.
Views: 26940
Popularity: 4203
Enjoy Android game Shinobi ZIN Ninja Boy and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 12-30-2012
Votes: 28
Shinobi ZIN: Ninja Boy – this game combines at once two genres: action and logic. Thanks to this, the game became very fascinating. By the plot, you are the best pupil of your fighting instructor, and in future you will become the first-class fighting ninja. To prove all your power, you have to show your skills and abilities, having made the last order of the instructor who sends you to a big ancient castle and charges to steal precious treasures. Before becoming the first-class ninja, you should pass very difficult levels and overcome a set of various obstacles, collecting all treasures on the way.
Views: 35286
Popularity: 2935
Try ROBOT HERO, Little Wheel one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 12-30-2012
Votes: 50
ROBOT HERO, Little Wheel - is a quite short game for Android devices, but it is really fascinating and is able to give you half-hour pleasure. Actions in the game are developed on some far-out planet occupied by robots. In spite of the fact that they are robots, the life on this planet was in full swing. But once, one mad robot damaged the generator feeding all "live" on this planet, after what everything froze for some thousands years. And once, after ten thousand years, the thunder-storm burst on a planet. It happened that the lightning got into one of viewing towers, on which the heap of once live iron rusted. After lightning hit in the robot he got a charge of electricity necessary for maintenance of life, and now he has one task - to restore the operation of the generator to inhale life in everything that fell into a dream ten thousand years ago. During his adventures the robot will meet mechanisms and constructions, which are strongly decayed for so long time in a non-working state. Naturally, many things will be destroyed, but nevertheless the robot should overcome all obstacles, and you should solve many problems for realizing his plans.
Views: 20163
Popularity: 5078 offers Android game Planet Wars for free download.
Added: 12-30-2012
Votes: 27
Planet Wars - is an excellent strategic game in which you should defeat all nearby planets to become the governor of the galaxy. At the beginning of each level you are given one planet occupied by people, and a planet of the opponent which you should colonize. To settle on any planet, first of all it is necessary to erect a command point there, and then to construct a defensive tower and a lodge.
Views: 13951
Popularity: 2257
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