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Added: 23.10.2012
Votes: 54
Use strategy to lead your nation to prosperity and glory or to bloodshed and death! The fragile peace was destroyed by the eternal conflict between two opposing nations: order and chaos. The military situation is changing every day with the struggle for survival and ambitions. Peace is not a way out! You were let to govern a small village. Each villager is eager to get the command for building houses, extracting resources, building towers to strengthen defense and recruit armies to destroy your enemy. Delicate balance and the speed of your actions are crucial for success. The fate of the world is in your hands.
Views: 74303 | Popularity: 7602
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Added: 23.10.2012
Votes: 55
Epic Defense is a struggle of people and orcs. An ancient fantasy world will open before you; a world where fierce internal wars were on during centuries. You are to lead the people and repel the attack of the hungry monsters. People will not be able to make it alone; they find an ancient book of spells, which is able to control the forces of the elements. That is why the mankind builds towers at once and repels one attack after another. You are given a great chance. Do not miss it! Vivid locations and nice graphics leave good impression of the game. The game is built on strategy of “Tower Defense” type and is made in the best traditions of the genre.
Views: 42453 | Popularity: 6209
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Added: 23.10.2012
Votes: 44
Enigm is a new generation puzzle which amazes with its uncommonness and creativity. The most stylish and unpredictable logic game where each level is a unique test for your logics, intuition, attentiveness and coordination. You have to pay attention to every detail, watch for changes on the display. E.g. to complete some mission you will have to turn over the phone and an arrow will appear; for another mission you will have to use the volume, and to complete the third mission you will have to guess the way the letters and the numbers are related to each other. No tasks and no hints either; you will have to think everything up by yourself.
Views: 30106 | Popularity: 5177
Enjoy Drone Attack and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 23.10.2012
Votes: 26
Drone Attack is an arcade game. As a brave pilot of the newest hybrid aircraft you are not only to test the flying characteristics of the apparatus in action, but also to check it in real fights. Get behind the steering wheel and get into action! Very easy control and good response of the aircraft, which you will have to control in this arcade flyer, inspire respect to the developers. Lots of various enemies are waiting for you: beginning with the ground equipment which will try to bring you down from the ground and to modern fighters and helicopters. The enemy will send all the forces not to let you break out of encirclement alive. You will be armed to the teeth, beginning with the bombs,intended for ground enemies and to rocket missiles for particularly nimble flyers.
Views: 18887 | Popularity: 2326
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Added: 23.10.2012
Votes: 38
Everybody knows the phrase, that one man can't win a war, but it is absolutely out of place if speaking of Alone At War, in which the hero armed with a bow and magic will oppose the entire army of various enemies. Rise in defense of the whole kingdom and remember that you have the last line of defense behind you; if you loose, your motherland will be captured. The game may be considered as an arcade game, but at the same time it is high-dynamic and despite the simple gameplay is able to captivate for hours. But the most attractive feature of the game is its unusual graphics: it seems to be simple for the first sight and one could even guess that children participated in development of the levels. The picture is made in broad strokes, but it looks colorful and original. The models themselves become significantly more detailed and the total design of the game turned out to be just great. In addition to the fun design the game got plain background music with interesting sound effects.
Views: 23049 | Popularity: 3780
Play Android game The Mordis without any payments!
Added: 22.10.2012
Votes: 39
Once upon a time cute little creatures lived in piece and joy. They were sweeter than the caramel, and everybody loved them. But one time the spiteful Mr. Sugar caught them all. He brought them into his asylum mumbling, “Cotton candy, cotton candy”, and planning terrible things. But four of little creatures managed to escape and hide themselves deep in the forest. Now they want to save their friends, but they need your help for that. Overcome obstacles and solve funny and intuitive tasks. Guess how you can make a safe path using objects available. The less time you spend, the fewer objects you use and more rarely will your characters dye, the more points you get.
Views: 42247 | Popularity: 3512
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Samurai Rush free!
Added: 22.10.2012
Votes: 27
An ordinary Japan village was attacked by bandits, who not only robbed the poor farmers, but also killed all those resistant. All the survivors were taken to slavery by the robbers. The only person who managed to survive and not to get put into irons was our hero. He is back from his teacher, where he was trained to become a samurai. Despite the fact that the gameplay is simple and sometimes even dull, it has its charm, which is able to captivate you for some time. The graphics is realized all of a piece with the gameplay: simple design having stereotype locations and models, minimized animation and lack of effects.
Views: 18675 | Popularity: 2835
Enjoy Android game Race n Chase - 3D Car Racing and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 22.10.2012
Votes: 66
Race n Chase - 3D Car Racing. These are interesting races with great possibilities, perfect graphics, good control and advanced settings. Feel like a real racer driving along the real racing tracks.
Views: 53615 | Popularity: 16959
Try Power Skate one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 22.10.2012
Votes: 22
This is a merry game for Android about the lad on the skateboard. And you will be the skateboarder. You will ride the skateboard, collect sweets and other bonuses. But be careful, as there are a lot of obstacles in the game, which prevent you from passing by. But do not worry, as you are riding the skateboard you will go round all the obstacles and traps safely. You will have to dodge and jump over them to make that. Nice graphics will not let you stop playing! All the elements of the Power Skate are nicely drawn and will not tire your eyes. The game also has nice and even slightly relaxing music. On the whole, the game is interesting, as lots of levels, interesting gameplay and many hours of entertainment are waiting for you in it!
Views: 46863 | Popularity: 2324
Download offers Android game Ninja Bounce for free download.
Added: 22.10.2012
Votes: 14
The main character of Ninja Bounce is apparently a dropout of the ninja training courses, as from the full arsenal of the greatest warriors’ skills he possesses only quick running and high jumping. But these very skills help him save his life. And he will have to save his life not from the great number of enemies and monsters, but from the much greater disaster: from the forest fire. It is not possible to come to an agreement with the elemental forces, and they are not going to wait. So, concentrate and try to outrun the fire, pushing off adroitly from anything you got under your feet. Despite the visual simplicity of the gameplay the developers paid a lot of attention to graphics. As a result, you see a beautiful hand-drawn picture, pleasing the eye. The hero himself is well designed and funny animated. The effects are well-drawn and simply realized, but this is enough to significantly brighten the gameplay. The musical accompaniment is also done simply and tastefully. In the game, you can select one of the two modes: challenge and time attack.
Views: 14926 | Popularity: 1249
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