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Added: 04-22-2013
Votes: 113
Panzer Panic for Android – this game gives an opportunity to return in school or student's days, and to start conducting fights and not on paper in a section, but on your Android – backgrounds. This app represents a fascinating, military strategy which participants can choose one of the sides of a game field and place of the tanks. You can strike the opponent by means of ink. Also you have a choice, to battle to virtual opponents or to friends, by means of multiuser mode. Play, destroy tanks of the rivals and keep up with statistics, where your victories and defeats will be specified.
Views: 58 099
Popularity: 20 048
Get Goats in Trees and other apk games totally free.
Added: 04-22-2013
Votes: 16
If the game Angry Birds is familiar to you, the sense of this game will be also familiar to you. This time alien robots-squirrels will act as villains, and harmless goats, whom aliens try to take prisoner will act as victims. The principle of the game differs from Angry Birds a little, here the game begins when goats sit on a tree and wait for your command to attack, touch a goat, she jumps off from a tree and runs towards the enemy, in time necessary for you tap in the necessary place on the screen, having specified a goal to the goat, then she makes a jump and tries to break the enemy. In the process of rescuing of your friends - goats, they will help you with fight. For passing of each round it is necessary to destroy all enemies and to use each goat even if the enemy is already broken. In the game there’re 50 levels.
Views: 9 173
Popularity: 1 855
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Added: 04-22-2013
Votes: 111
So, our wonderful planet is attacked by certain space humanoids. Ghouls of different colors, armed cap-á-pie don't give chance to mankind. Only armies from heavy armed, mechanical soldiers are in power to stop this apocalypse. Become one of them and assume important mission on mankind rescue. Inspires, doesn’t it? Actually the game represents something from a genre of Alien Shooter, made not badly. There’re 3 types of bellows, each possesses his individual characteristics. Developers took care of worthy arms and added 11 types of guns, from unpretentious ultrasound to rocket installations and electric guns. The arms can be unblocked in the process of the game. There’re 11 missions, we begin in the cities and move on a planet. The graphics looks perfectly, full 3D. Management is standard, you get used to it quickly.

Views: 71 200
Popularity: 17 937
Enjoy Bubble Maniac and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 04-22-2013
Votes: 14
Bubble Maniac - classical balls. The game purpose - to destroy balls of a certain color. In the game there’re about 200 levels, a lot of various bonuses (multicolor ball, bomb ball, fiery ball, etc.), bright interface. It is also possible to choose game mode: time and classical game.
Views: 16 414
Popularity: 4 587
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Added: 04-22-2013
Votes: 34
Throw down a challenge to your intellectual skills in this 3D puzzle! 36 fascinating levels will make your brain begin to boil! Collect objects as quickly as you can.
Views: 23 381
Popularity: 7 226
Play Android game xDrag without any payments!
Added: 04-22-2013
Votes: 247
xDrag - - an attractive game, for fans of fast driving on various distances. Try to pass test and to reach a home straight naturally in leading positions. Three-dimensional graphics, ten routes, sympathetic management.
Views: 251 533
Popularity: 72 279
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Vendetta Online free!
Added: 04-21-2013
Votes: 33
The game Vendetta Online for Android –a dynamic and graphically intensive 3D MMORPG game in space! You are given an opportunity to be a pilot of a spaceship and to plow a huge online galaxy. You make trade between stations, construction of the empire or conduct a piracy way of life, being brave to cross lawlessness. Struggle with other players or cooperate with allies. Also don't forget to increase quantity of resources of ore, minerals and unusual objects. Join people and take part in large-scale online battles. The game process is wide and various, with possibility of a choice of game style suitable for you or your mood.
Views: 30 841
Popularity: 3 263
Enjoy Android game Fishing Game and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 04-21-2013
Votes: 27
You - a small fish floating on among the big ocean. As it is accepted in the nature, for livelihood big fishes absorb smaller. And you should eat as many small fishes as possible. But be careful, after all you are not the biggest fish in a reservoir, don't get to larger fishes, differently you will turn into a forage for them.
Views: 30 245
Popularity: 7 125
Try Finger Gravity one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 04-21-2013
Votes: 15
Finger Gravity - a fascinating and interesting game which events take place in the space. In the game you should operate a ship according to physics and pass various levels collecting asterisks on them...
Views: 8 281
Popularity: 1 736 offers Android game Falling Marbles for free download.
Added: 04-21-2013
Votes: 15
Falling Marbles — a fascinating game in which the accelerometer is used as much as possible. The purpose of the game is in that to keep the maximum quantity of spheres at the same time on a beam, and the longer the better. For achievement of this purpose you should incline the device in various sides to seize the moment when figures won't move.
Views: 15 734
Popularity: 2 579
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