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Added: 03-22-2013
Votes: 25
The game Ancient Frog represents a magnificent and at the same time very unusual puzzle for Android in which you should feed a frog with appetizing flies. The game has magnificent graphics, excellent idea, interesting tasks and excellent engine. Models of frogs, there’re 6 types, are worked most in details, and each their movement is so plausibly that, apparently, it seem to jump out from the screen. In the game there are a huge number of levels with different level of difficulty, each of which has some decisions, but you need to find the optimum.
Views: 19 784
Popularity: 5 824
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Added: 03-22-2013
Votes: 14
This game will allow us to have fun with monkey bowling. Fine graphic registration and remarkable, positive bright postscoring make this game fascinating and being remembered. The game is based on thought-over physics, has no tanks and will be to your taste. There’re 5 Monkeys foe your choice, and each possesses specific features.
Views: 11 295
Popularity: 1 305
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Added: 03-21-2013
Votes: 46
As you can notice from the game name, we should place towers and defend the territory. For fans of this game genre there’s practically nothing new, except the opponent - now there are tank armies which approach you. In the game there’re about 20 locations, 10 types of turrets, 4 worlds and about 15 pieces of equipment, and also dynamic gameplay with a good soundtrack.
Views: 53 932
Popularity: 4 758
Enjoy Roby Tumbler and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 03-21-2013
Votes: 26
In the game Roby Tumbler you will meet a new superhero named Roby, who owns simply enormous power - he is capable to influence terrestrial gravitation. With such powers it is possible to move mountains, or to send the next villain to prison. And you will be just engaged with the second option throughout 100 levels in which it is necessary to show not simply your superabilities, but also to rescue weak and defenseless hostages. It is interesting that as a supervillain a certain doctor Bublgum was chosen, who as it is clear from his name, has a gum. So, the plot was uncommon, though about superheroes, but the main thing - a comic component which recovers the game process.

Views: 24 545
Popularity: 2 759
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Added: 03-21-2013
Votes: 25
Pirate Explorer: The Bay Town - to conquer the seas and find the hidden jewelry you should become a pirate, sometimes ruthless and terrible. For the beginning you have a sailing vessel and a scrap of the map leading to treasures. Travel by the seas and oceans, interact with other characters, enjoy three-dimensional graphics and conduct piracy life.

Views: 14 748
Popularity: 2 472
Play Android game Mini Ninjas without any payments!
Added: 03-21-2013
Votes: 112
Mini Ninjas - a travel of ninja hero and his friends who love and are ready to battle to everyone. Big danger hung over the world which only you can solve. Special effects, samurai combos blows, cold weapon, three-dimensional graphics, table of achievements
Views: 63 601
Popularity: 16 633
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Manuganu free!
Added: 03-21-2013
Votes: 209
Manuganu - an excellent platformer in which you operate a little Indian boy named Manuganu. Travel through beautiful worlds in 3D, avoid traps, collect coins and bonuses.
Views: 70 997
Popularity: 23 318
Enjoy Android game iHorse Racing and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 03-21-2013
Votes: 80
iHorse Racing - in this remarkable simulator of competitions on horses, first of all you should choose a horse at auction, buy it, and then look after it, grow and certainly prepare for the main competition - races. Sensitive, sympathetic management, three-dimensional graphics, bonuses and gifts every day.
Views: 37 180
Popularity: 13 185
Try Cocopocus Dinosaur vs Caveman one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 03-21-2013
Votes: 49
Cocopocus: Dinosaur vs Caveman - to survive in ancient centuries, cave people united in tribes and combated for life against different dinosaurs. Pterodactyls, ichthyosauruses and other representatives (about ten types) of already died-out race, conducted cruel fight. Apply all opportunities, traps, dexterity and cunning to survive. There are mini-games.
Views: 26 462
Popularity: 3 459 offers Android game WRC Shakedown Edition for free download.
Added: 03-21-2013
Votes: 57
WRC Shakedown Edition - check your driving skills in this official game of World Cup in FIA rally! Choose one of WRC cars and throw down a challenge to the rivals to become the champion! In the game you should participate in rally of Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, England, and Spain. There’re 60 various challenges divided into 5 types, among which drift, control points, size and time race, and also 14 tracks and 14 official crews. In this game it is easy to start, but it is difficult to stop! On the earned prize-winning money you can unblock new tracks and teams!
Views: 102 077
Popularity: 7 248
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