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Added: 01-14-2013
Votes: 45
Mushroom Age: time adventure is an adventure game with time travel. You will visit the dinosaur world, antique Greece and Rome, Middle Ages and renaissance. Help a girl Vera find her fiancé lost in time, play absorbing games and complete all the game missions. Except for the past you will see the future of the planet where intelligent mushrooms will rule the world. The game will not leave anyone indifferent and each one who begins playing will be eager to complete the adventure.
Views: 37 585
Popularity: 5 228
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Added: 01-14-2013
Votes: 12
Very funny and simple time killer! Choose your astronaut and visit as many planets as possible. But be careful! There are things that you must not touch.
Views: 44 872
Popularity: 1 500
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Added: 01-14-2013
Votes: 16
Cranky Cat's is a funny variant of classic game “three-in-a-row”, but the gameplay is much more diversified and is far from the genre canons. In addition the game got beautiful graphics with well-developed elements and beautiful effects. In a word, you are to form a line of balls of similar colour, but the task is complicated with the fact that you can rotate only the playing field where the balls are situated. It needs to be mentioned that despite the old idea the realization turned out to be perfect and you should play Cranky Cat's Bubble at least out of curiosity.
Views: 13 822
Popularity: 1 283
Enjoy Bunny Maze 3D and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 01-14-2013
Votes: 32
Children will appreciate the interesting and funny game Bunny Maze 3D for Android smartphones. Before playing they learn the story of an unlucky slogger rabbit, whose crop of carrots was stolen completely. But thieves were in a hurry or they had a hole in the sack and all the carrots spilled out of the bag to the ground. And the rabbit will have to collect all the crops for one more time. He will need to run through the tangled mazes, avoid obstacles, intricate traps and meeting thieves. If the main hero encounters the fat thief rabbit the last will box his ears with his heavy bate. The white rabbit will need some time to recover. Meanwhile, the precious seconds go away forever and the time is running out. So what? The thing is that the rabbit collects carrots in a limited teem and when the time expires the result will be automatically scored. Except for the fat rabbits armed with bats the main hero can also meet moles that will impede his progress. He will also meet puddles to jump over them quickly, and if he doesn't manage to do that he will have to wade it, and it will take some time. He will also meet other obstacles…
Views: 26 467
Popularity: 7 176
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Added: 01-14-2013
Votes: 28
With Augmentron AR you will plunge into the alternative reality. A toy on the shelf of a shop will carry you into the absorbing and exciting journey across the stars, planets and asteroids. Robot-transformer transforms into a spaceship and its garage turns into an intergalactic portal. Be extremely attentive not to let the asteroids destroy our planet. The main aim of the game Augmentron AR is to pass through interstellar space and not collide with asteroids. Small asteroids may be simply blown up, but you will have to dodge the big asteroids. And don’t even think that you will simply move the ship aside, relax and move forward, because the ship returns to initial position on reaching the end of the screen. To begin the game you need to direct the camera to the monitor or a printed picture of a robot. Move a spaceship from side to side dodging asteroids. Simple control, realistic picture and excellent 3D graphics will not leave you indifferent.

Views: 38 962
Popularity: 5 074
Play Android game ADVENA without any payments!
Added: 01-14-2013
Votes: 28
Two kingdoms lived peacefully in the land of Peradin: the magic users of the Nabe Alliance, and the common folk of Tems. But one day the Sacred Tree growing between their borders has been desecrated. The both sides blamed each other and that eventually led to war. Nabe attacked the first but the Tems was quick to answer. The forces of Nabe suffered a defeat under pressure from Tems and the King of Tems had to seek for the prophesied savior. And as it was predicted a stranger of unknown parentage, endowed with enormous forces, appeared in Nabe from another world.
Views: 45 633
Popularity: 6 786
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games A Space Shooter free!
Added: 01-14-2013
Votes: 22
If you like old style dynamic space action games you will surely take note of the free A Space Shooter . This charming game contains more than 20 levels, interesting and funny plot made in comic book style and well-thought and detailed gameplay. You play as Commander Jefferson who from his childhood was ready to give up his life fighting with aliens. Defeat malicious X, the Emperor of aliens, but always keep in mind that he has his henchmen.
Views: 11 776
Popularity: 1 007
Enjoy Android game Attack of the Groupies and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 01-13-2013
Votes: 14
Attack of the Groupies is a unique tower defense game, in which you will have to protect music stars Shannon Tweed-Simmons and Sophie Tweed-Simmons from their fans. The game has nice graphics, perfect music and much humour.
Views: 10 580
Popularity: 960
Try International Boxing Champions one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 01-13-2013
Votes: 141
International Boxing Champions is a boxing simulator with nice graphics and physics. You will get to International Boxing Championship. Fight against other strong opponents and win the main prize, one million dollar Championship Belt. The path to it is very complicated as you will compete with eight toughest boxers in the world. 3 tournaments, 3 game modes and 288 medals will be available for various achievements in the ring. The developers added 9 various combos to the game. There is also an opportunity of upgrading your fighter.
Views: 120 225
Popularity: 27 944
Mob.org offers Android game Guitar Star for free download.
Added: 01-13-2013
Votes: 250
Guitar Star is an interesting application, which will turn your Android device into one of the six guitars available: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, rock guitar, bass guitar, Hawaiian guitar, and a five string banjo. Absolutely real sounds of guitars; play them and enjoy! Create new music compositions; nothing will restrict the flight of fancy! Learn to play all six instruments and you will understand why the application is called GuitarStar! It ideally suits people that are learning to play the guitar!
You will always have your instrument with you in your pocket! It is very convenient and interesting!
Views: 165 539
Popularity: 73 897
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