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Added: 10-15-2012
Votes: 104
RC Helicopter Simulation is a very interesting game, in which you will control a remotely-operated helicopter. The easy control, qualitative graphics and real sound…

Views: 93156
Popularity: 22068
Get Plague Inc and other apk games totally free.
Added: 10-15-2012
Votes: 405
Plague Inc. is a tactic strategy, in which you will have to terminate the population of the whole planet with your own hands. For achieving such a global goal you will have viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other terrible weapons of mass destruction at your disposal. Start the destruction of humanity with a single man who becomes a zero patient. After that you are to take care of the illness to develop and be rapidly spread all around the world. The game possesses a completely inimitable game mechanics. The game doesn't have much action; nevertheless it looks quite well, though the special stress was laid on its design and sound. A possibility of cultivating your own virus by producing mutations has become the zest of the game. In particular, after the beginning of infection you will have to adjust the properties of the virus, giving it new features, such as resistance to cold, heat and antibiotics and the ability of being transmitted through the air, water and blood, by animals and parasites, as well as affecting various organs. Each mutation will need special points, which you will get for spreading the virus and destructing people. If you do not know English it will be difficult and not interesting for you to play the game, as the process of cultivating the virus is the main part of the gameplay.
Views: 125446
Popularity: 47349
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Added: 10-15-2012
Votes: 30
The second part of a perfect quest of Pirateville series. Even more adventures and mysteries to be solved are waiting for you in this part of the game. A cursed island full of dangers, treasures and precious thing lies in wait for a brave Jack. In the game you will find 18 exciting chapters, new characters, new features and a completely updated story.
Views: 42134
Popularity: 7719
Enjoy Mr. Slash and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 10-15-2012
Votes: 50
In an incredible game Mr. Slash you will become a hero who will protect innocent people. A terrible witch raised a large and powerful army and sent it to capture a small village, where are magic crystals, able to destroy the whole world in case they fall into the wrong hands. You are to protect the village from attacks of the witch's army. Your enemies will attack in big waves, what will give you an opportunity to somehow oppose the forces of the witch. Special skills will help you in this uneasy case. You will have to protect the gates leading to the village.
Views: 42926
Popularity: 7704
Get full version of any game for your Android phone or tablet for free!
Added: 10-15-2012
Votes: 214
New interesting levels have become more beautiful and spectacular. New weapons and new rivals are added, besides the game got even more tactics and action. The game settings are balanced to meet the goals of different players. If want to try your strength in strategy you can play difficult level. If you want to have some fun, choose an easy or medium mode. A great diversity of weapons and landscapes gives you a great freedom of the choice of battle tactics. The right choice of weapon type and its position is a guarantee of successful defense. The use of air strikes and a temporary increase in power of weapons provides advantages, and will not let you get bored during the battle.
Views: 159259
Popularity: 31173
Play Android game Anger B.C. TD without any payments!
Added: 10-15-2012
Votes: 41
Anger B.C. TD is a colourful game in the style of Tower defense. Just imagine the ancient times, when a primitive man had to struggle for his survival with predatory animals and birds of prey. The animals always wanted to snatch a joint of meat from the man. You have to arrange the primitive men in such a way so that they could keep attacking animals. The levels have detailed design; control is easy and intuitive.
Views: 68581
Popularity: 4788
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games 4x4 Offroad Racing free!
Added: 10-14-2012
Votes: 53
4x4 Offroad Racing is an off-road racing. Simultaneous races with 7 cars, jumps and crashes as well as 20 racing tracks are waiting for you. The action takes place against the big and beautiful landscapes of industrial parks with lots of variants of fantastic jumps. You get virtual cash for taking part in the races. It will help you to open new tracks and automobiles. Perform astounding tricks and be the first at the finish.
Views: 51154
Popularity: 9816
Enjoy Android game Bungees Rescue and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 10-14-2012
Votes: 16
Bungees Rescue. To attain a success in this interesting and absorbing arcade game with beautiful graphics and nice gameplay you will have to use your leading skills and show yourself as an agile stuntman. Complete the mission of releasing your fellows. Enjoy more than 30 levels. Hit the target by a monster and open the cage. Various creatures have their unique abilities; colour of the target indicates the kind of monster it needs to be hit with.
Views: 15070
Popularity: 2205
Try Diib's odyssey one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 10-14-2012
Votes: 15
Diibs Odyssey. The main hero was on his way to his girl, but fate turned his flight into a great odyssey. During his flight he encountered a huge asteroid storm, which completely destroyed the space ship. Now it can make only short laps through space. But who said that it would be a problem for our mini-hero? Help diib collect boxes, which were lost on several planets for him to have an opportunity to repair his space ship and visit his beautiful girlfriend. Learn to fly through space during 40 levels using your great ally, a gravitation of several kinds of planets.
Views: 8574
Popularity: 955 offers Android game Dune Rider for free download.
Added: 10-14-2012
Votes: 35
Racings through the desert driving jeeps in the game Dune Rider. The desert has a lot of dangers, unexpected obstacles and unlimited possibilities in store for you. At first you will be given a jeep with low-end equipment. You will find fuel and acceleration in a form of cans in the desert. Buy new jeeps for the money collected on the race track. The best way of collecting money is to pull awesome stunts.
Views: 30976
Popularity: 4999
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