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Added: 11-14-2012
Votes: 18
An absorbing game in which you have to catch a cock in a limited amount time.

Views: 15927
Popularity: 3278
Get California Gold Rush! and other apk games totally free.
Added: 11-14-2012
Votes: 48
You have to dig tunnels in search of gold. The game has 30 interesting levels. Lava and bats will try to stop you on your way. Vital force of your heroine is limited, as well as a volume of her rucksack; so mine gold wisely.
Views: 28793
Popularity: 7629
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Added: 11-14-2012
Votes: 17
Bubble Mania is the best bubble puzzle. The aim of the game is to reach the main malicious bubble and save the children. Several playing locations give this colourful and vivid game its inimitable style.
Views: 25253
Popularity: 6190
Enjoy Real Football 2013 and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 11-13-2012
Votes: 343
Real Football is back. Real Football 2013 will bring you many victories, joy and a lot of new unique abilities. Install the game and manage your own football club. Gather your own team and lead it to victory. To achieve success you will have not only to control your team at the playing field, but hire staff and build up the area around the stadium; the stadium itself also needs care: negotiate with sponsors and make many other things. Your team will not be the best when beginning the game and it will take part not in the best league of the country. So, you will rise to the heights from the bottom. To get to the major league and fight with the most famous and powerful teams of the world you need to watch your team and each player in particular. In order to train players you will need some additional buildings, which you will build for the money earned and for sponsors' money. You will have to build a separate training ground for developing skills of players and keeping them in a good shape. With the laps of time you will be able to expand the stadium, build shops and other infrastructure, which you will get your profit from.
Views: 2112002
Popularity: 86632
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Added: 11-13-2012
Votes: 69
Nightmare Runner is a good game. Your life is always kept covered, and a bullet can hit your heart at any moment. Running is the only thing that remains. Overcome obstacles, collect bonuses and run as quickly as you can.
Views: 27604
Popularity: 3930
Play Android game Fly Challenge without any payments!
Added: 11-13-2012
Votes: 27
Fly Challenge. Your task is to hit all the targets in a limited amount of time flying a fighter plane. The game has 6 locations, several kinds of weapons and good music backgrounds.
Views: 24823
Popularity: 3555
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Fibble - Flick 'n' Roll free!
Added: 11-13-2012
Votes: 71

Once upon a time there used to live a wonderful and curious little creature. It didn’t like to stay in one place long, and was always looking for what to do. Wandering about the Galaxy was its hobby. One time its spaceship crashed and fell on the unfamiliar planet. A little creature was not able to orientate itself in ambient space. And suddenly it learned that the alien and unknown planet was inhabited with such yellow aliens as it was. But everything was not that easy. Now the little creature will try to find its congeners with the help of a wonder device, which shows where its companions live. And you have to make everything possible for the creature to find its friends. And you will have to complete a lot of levels for that. Each level has many surprises. Solve the puzzles and riddles and get a new hint after that. Show your ingenuity and cunning. The game has well-drawn graphics and music.
Views: 60896
Popularity: 9600
Enjoy Android game Drag It and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 11-13-2012
Votes: 22
Drag It - a cheerful arcade with puzzle elements. Using various springs, levers and crossbeams, lead a baby bird to the labyrinth end, without having forgotten to collect all stars. You are waited for by 40 cheerful levels, 6 various types of tools, level maps, amazing physics and beautiful graphics.
Views: 17429
Popularity: 3529
Try Doors and Rooms one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 11-13-2012
Votes: 64
Doors & Rooms – doors and rooms. The game represents a puzzle, where we need to find a way to open the next door. Such plan of a puzzle you have already met. This game is presented in landscape orientation that already distinguishes it from the previous ones. For passing you will need good concentration of attention and ability to think extraordinary. Problems seem in the beginning easy, but then you should think a lot. The stock is extensive, objects are not only united between themselves, but also can be divided on components.
Views: 64807
Popularity: 9698 offers Android game Daredogs for free download.
Added: 11-13-2012
Votes: 31
You will operate a hero named Bravo in this game. His father, some time ago, was a pilot Daredogs, and battled in the sky. Every day Bravo watched his father won against all the enemies, but once he was brought down by Rocco. There were many charges of dishonest game, but they won't return back glory of his father. And now, all that remains to our hero, is to participate in the tournament, and to return a trophy, which belongs to his family!
Views: 28004
Popularity: 4144
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