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Added: 05-20-2013
Votes: 87
Fire & Forget Final Assault - drive, fly, shoot on the most advanced flying tanks! In the world struck with nuclear warfare where the law and an order remained far back in the past, the terrorist group tries to strike the last blow, which can lead to full loss of the remained from mankind. And only you will be able to break a group of terrorists! Fire & Forget is a shooter game in which you operate a flying armor mobile, equipped with lethal weapon. Destroy tens of enemies and obstacles in each level, adjust a car to your taste. The game has 10 levels in the destroyed post-apocalyptic world and 3 levels of difficulty.
Views: 115715
Popularity: 19303
Get Duty Driver and other apk games totally free.
Added: 05-20-2013
Votes: 162
Duty Driver - fascinating races with excellent physics of a car and a cheerful gameplay. You should carry out different tasks: to disappear from police, to take part in a bank robbery, to pursue criminals, to find the hidden things. The wide choice of vehicles is presented to Duty Driver: buses, cars, sport cars. Adjust management, overcome all obstacles in your way and come to the finish as a winner.
Views: 116576
Popularity: 40116
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Added: 05-20-2013
Votes: 121
Can Knockdown 3 - an excellent continuation of the hit, where you should grind again the accuracy and show abilities in the solution of tasks to pass to the next level. The game received even more fascinating gameplay, with fascinating missions, unique tasks and a lot of other fascinating actions. In the game you are waited for by a set of missions in colorful 3D locations with various difficulty degrees. The table of leaders, achievements, awards and opportunity fight with friends!
Views: 67449
Popularity: 19577
Enjoy Angry Birds Seasons - Abra-Ca-Bacon! and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 05-20-2013
Votes: 167
This is a new season of the arcade game, which has made a noise few years ago - Angry Birds Seasons - Abra-Ca-Bacon! Yes, it seems that Rovio isn't going to give up, and, looking at this game, we only are glad to such combination of circumstances. This time color birds together with green pigs reached circus. Pigs as if scoffing over feathery, showed focus with disappearance of eggs, and birds are even angrier. Birds didn't begin to deviate the program of representation and found excellent application for the focuses in war under a circus dome.
Views: 111950
Popularity: 53662
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Added: 05-20-2013
Votes: 47
The game Tentacle Wars, which is a strategy in the real time, suggests you to take part in battle of immune system of an organism with some viruses and diseases. Operate antibodies and use drugs to stop distribution of diseases. Be trained in the game and start performance of various tasks! Your task at each level —is to win against viruses, taking cages by means of antibodies. The cured cages should be forced to develop also antibodies, which will go to further battle. Think over your tactics and win!
Views: 27673
Popularity: 6171
Play Android game Super zHero without any payments!
Added: 05-20-2013
Votes: 21
Super zHero — the main character of this game simply wished to become a hero, but tests to promote people failed with a huge crash, owing to awkwardness of our new alter ego. Now the Super Zero is pursued by police officers, dogs, bees and even cave people! It is time to forget about rescue of the world and to do feet as quickly as possible. It is necessary to run much.
Views: 11965
Popularity: 1646
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games SportsWorldCup free!
Added: 05-20-2013
Votes: 24
SportsWorldCup - you are waited for by shooting from a bow and a gun, obstacle race and basketball. In this game you should have concentration, fast reaction and belief in a victory. In a definite time you need to gather the maximum quantity of points. It is possible to play separate types of competitions, and so-called tournament, where points are summarized after all 4 competitions. Become the best in the world!
Views: 13488
Popularity: 5424
Enjoy Android game Jewels of pirates and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 05-19-2013
The game is executed in Russian. We represent one of the best logical games! Everyone dreamed to seize treasures of the Caribbean pirates. Fantastically beautiful game with a tightening gameplay will help you with it. The bright atmosphere and intriguing tasks will captivate your insatiable brain for a long time.

  • Full support of Touch / Touch Screen/Stylus of phones;
  • Full support of Java/Android phones;
  • 45 various levels;
  • Set of types of crystals, figures and bonuses: color rockets, bombs, hoarfrost, ice, blocking of figures, wooden boxes, metal chest, gold coins, hammer, semi-precious stone;
  • Tightening variety of tasks: Classical game, time game, game on points, game on destruction, dig in depth meters, game on moves;
  • Integrated options of tasks;
  • Interactive training and task for level;
  • Possibility of saving at any time;
  • Unusually beautiful and bright animation;
  • Qualitative soundtrack;
  • Online table of records;
Views: 74180
Popularity: 41626
Try Micro Battle Tank one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 05-19-2013
Votes: 18
In the game Micro Battle Tank you should head a battle on tiny tanks, which despite of the modest sizes differ with fighting essential power. For a start you will be suggested to train in management, and after several educational levels you will be able to go to a real fight. The chip will serve as a field, where your battle will be developed, and tanks of opponents will be the exact copy of yours, actually all sense of the game to destruct them. Be ready to get used to management, it is realized at the expense of two virtual joysticks in bottom corners of the screen, one of them is responsible for tank movement, and another for turn of the tower, to shoot it is necessary to touch both joysticks at the same time. It is necessary to shoot after careful consideration and directly at the purpose as shells have property to jump aside from walls, though this ability is possible to exploit and shoot the rival literally from the corner.
Views: 14906
Popularity: 1865 offers Android game Lemegeton. Episode 2 Sacrificial Offering for free download.
Added: 05-19-2013
Votes: 42
Lemegeton. Episode 2: Sacrificial Offering – is a unique game for operational Android platform, where you should get to a huge world of demons. Your hero Sabio came back to the city of Krako, where he needs to get an ancient ring of Solomon. Only power of this ring will allow to destroy demons and to return the world to the habitual course. The main character will be helped by a girl named Donna. In the game you are waited by excellent three-dimensional graphics, which will allow to take pleasure in locations and the surrounding world. All characters received excellent animation that makes their movements very dynamic and realistic. Especially pleases the feature that each of enemies received unique movements. Thus, each fight will be exclusively individual.
Views: 52955
Popularity: 3201
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