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Added: 09-04-2013
Votes: 22
Bullet Fly — a fascinating mix of arcade and defense. Take cover in a shelter and conduct shooting at zombie. Don't allow them to approach too close.

  • Quite good graphics
  • Fascinating gameplay
Views: 23414
Popularity: 6100
Get Breaking and other apk games totally free.
Added: 09-04-2013
Votes: 51
Breaking - feel yourself as a master of karate. Break blocks and bricks by your hands.

  • Drawn graphics
  • Easy control system
Views: 18896
Popularity: 2520
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Added: 09-04-2013
Votes: 26
Bomb Me - a quite good online game with great opportunities. Choose your character, develop him and battle to other players or various beings.

  • Very bright and colorful game, with a set of tremendous effects
  • Game chat
  • Interesting game mechanics similar to Angry Birds
Views: 18290
Popularity: 2372
Enjoy Dr. Panda Airport and any other Android game absolutely free.
Added: 09-03-2013
Votes: 31
Dr. Panda Airport — a fine game for children and their parents. Help Dr. Panda to serve the airport. Check at passport customs, direct passengers, distribute baggage, operate flights and many other things.

  • 10 mini-games of airport theme. Help to operate everything, from passport stamping to organization of sending of baggage
  • Get acquainted with the process of passing through the airport, from registration to flight
  • Ten the secrets waiting of opening at Dr.Panda’s airport
  • Beautifully traced graphics and excellent animation
  • No text and minimum user interface, any will be able to understand and play the game without any instructions
  • Safe for children: no purchases built in the app or announcements from the third persons
Views: 23773
Popularity: 10834
Get full version of any game for your Android phone or tablet for free!
Added: 09-03-2013
Votes: 68
The Room Epilogue - a final episode of a known puzzle. Plunge into mysterious atmosphere and solve a set of puzzles.

  • Excellent three-dimensional graphics of high resolution
  • Many visual effects which special atmosphere
  • Intuitive control system which won't demand special skills
  • Systematic gameplay from simple levels to amazingly difficult
  • Many puzzles
  • Hidden tasks, you should guess their decision
  • You should solve a certain secret
  • Perfectly worked world with excellent game physics
Views: 50297
Popularity: 10056
Play Android game Mad Roller Coaster without any payments!
Added: 09-03-2013
Votes: 42
Mad Roller Coaster - - feel adrenaline, driving on a roller coaster in the afternoon or at night.

  • Nice drawn graphics
  • 2 Modes of difficulty
Views: 18798
Popularity: 11114
Don't hesitate! Play one of the best games Dubstep Hero free!
Added: 09-03-2013
Votes: 143
Dubstep Hero - a musical arcade for fans of dubstep.

  • More than 20 tracks of the best Russian performers of dubstep
  • Easy and clear gameplay
Views: 48635
Popularity: 26603
Enjoy Android game Containment The Zombie Puzzler and tons of other addictive games.
Added: 09-03-2013
Votes: 12
Containment The Zombie Puzzler – a fascinating puzzle where your task - for the minimum quantity of moves to surround group of zombie and to destroy them.

  • Excellent 3D graphics
  • Unusual gameplay
  • Well picked-up soundtrack
  • 4 classes of characters
Views: 14475
Popularity: 1363
Try Clash of Lords one of the top games for your tablet or phone.
Added: 09-03-2013
Votes: 20
Clash of Lords - erect your unapproachable fortress and battle to other players worldwide. Take their resources to improve your base. Play alone or enter guild.

  • Leeway: plan your base, improve constructions, build ideal defense, think over effective attack
  • Simplicity and fascination: battles are simple and fascinating, each fight is unique
  • You were attacked and profited at your expense? - Revenge offenders! Appear suddenly with unexpected visit
  • Game is free and often updated
  • Donat is absolutely not persuasive
Views: 26406
Popularity: 4942 offers Android game Bravoman Binja Bash for free download.
Added: 09-03-2013
Votes: 15
BRAVOMAN: Binja Bash! – don’t let an angry Doctor "Bomb" enslave a beautiful city of - future - Kyoto. Destroy all opponents on the way and collect parts remained from them to release your friends from "Bravo" case.

  • Big interesting locations
  • Nice graphics
  • Convenient and clear gameplay
Views: 6615
Popularity: 978
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