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You work as a bodyguard and have to protect the object at all costs. The danger will be around every corner, so you will have to be very careful, as the life of a VIP is at stake. Perfect fights in the new style and the new implementation.
Views: 50 824
Popularity: 5 569
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Get Ultimate 3D Boxing Game and other apk games totally free.
Votes: 31
Ultimate 3D Boxing Game - an excellent app which will allow you to take pleasure in boxing fully. The game completely contains 3D engine. Hold on in three heavy rounds in which it is necessary to get with your fists not just somewhere, but to try to fulfill the techniques.
Views: 177 887
Popularity: 38 246
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As authors say, this is "the most crackheaded MMORPG game of all times!". Prepare for tons of flashing humor, amusing situations and comic parodies with use of the best-known MMORPG cliché. You are waited for by the fascinating fantasy world, angry and clumsy bosses, exciting quests, mini-games, and thousand others online players ready to throw down a challenge to you or to accept yours. Create your character and go to the most fascinating world on virtual open spaces of the game Angry Heroes! In the game there’s charming graphics in style of comics.
Views: 74 069
Popularity: 6 194
Enjoy Avatar Fight - MMORPG and any other Android game absolutely free.
Votes: 27
Avatar Fight - become one of soldiers and compete in tournaments. Every day six opponents come across you. Fight is conducted independently, without your participation. The victory is defined with fighting characteristics and skills of the character. As bonuses there is gold, achievements, tasks and equipment. In the market of gold it is possible to buy animals and to tame them, and then together with them it is possible to come to the battlefield.

Views: 110 894
Popularity: 15 993
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Votes: 54
Dynamic boxing on android! Rise at the top of rating and become the best fighter.
You can choose a fighter, one of many. Everyone fights for his purpose, but the purpose is one, to get at the top of a rating and to become the best fighter. In the free version of the game you will be able to play only against a computer. It will be heavy to battle, but it is interesting!
Views: 128 175
Popularity: 31 184
Play Android game KungFu Warrior without any payments!
Votes: 39
Far from a civilization, in a small silent village you were trained kung fu, comprehended secrets of this ancient art. But suddenly, in one awful day, the village was attacked by gang of bandits, they plundered and pulled down all on their way, and anybody, except your teacher didn't decide to stand at their ways. Unfortunately in this unequal fight your teacher was killed. Your purpose - to revenge robbers for your master and to keep the village in safety. You are waited for by 27 levels, 15 unique combo blows, 24 objects for pumping, tens of different opponents and frightening bosses. Destroy the opponent one by one, getting experience and improving skills of fight. Study new combo blows.
Views: 135 387
Popularity: 23 616
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