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Slashers: Intense Weapon Fight - a fighting reminding legendary "Mortal Kombat". Choose a fighter and go to a ring. Intelligently apply combo blows to have the victory.

  • 9 unique fighters with various abilities
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Drawn graphics
Views: 69 592
Popularity: 12 025
Votes: 39
Bloodsport - choose your fighter and go on fight against crime.

  • Good control
  • Combo-blows
Views: 110 972
Popularity: 27 412
Votes: 117
KAVINSKY - come to streets of Los Angeles and battle against various villains. Collect bonuses and enjoy a fine soundtrack.

  • Some levels of fight
  • Existence of bosses
  • Dynamic driving in a car
  • Switching of view
  • High retro graphics
  • Fine soundtrack
Views: 211 437
Popularity: 47 819
Votes: 249
Here is a pleasure for admirers of fights and games in “Stick Man” style - continuation of a remarkable fighting Anger of Stick 3. This time our desperate hero will battle to aliens who perfidiously stole and dragged off his beloved. They don't even guess what fatal mistake they have done, nothing will stop our fighter, and even the whole army won't frighten him - he will reach the end, having destroyed all who will be on his ways. His terrible fighting skills and quite good arsenal will allow to roll in the earth of hundreds and even thousands of enemies! Pass the whole way, having overcome 9 planets and forty levels.
Views: 238 872
Popularity: 50 516
The game is a combination of arm wrestling and MMA! You have not seen it before! You have not the least chance to hide behind something as you hold each other’s hands and can beat each other with anything you want! The game has beautiful graphics and excellent physics. It will help you feel all the wins and defeats of your fighters deeply. Perfect your kicks and positions. There are also video materials for training available.
Views: 470 043
Popularity: 101 516
Votes: 51
Bad Nerd. The game can be characterized a brutal nerd simulator. You are to play as a school nerd tired of cruel jokes and humiliation from other pupils. This is the day when those hurt are on the warpath again. The last straw was the robbery of award for the victory in a competition, represented by a collection of vintage comics. Nerds do not forgive such things!
Views: 112 538
Popularity: 24 453
Votes: 74
A perfect fighting game Battle Robots! will plunge you into an intensive and fierce fight for survival and victory! You are to overcome one hundred and twenty steps, each consisting of three rounds with fighters of different style and class! During the gameplay you will have an opportunity to improve your battle skills and buy lots of various weapons! Simple control and magnificent graphics will please all the game lovers without exception!
Views: 74 103
Popularity: 16 002
Votes: 240
Anger of Stick 2 is a crazy and funny arcade game on Android. The game represents a cartoon world steeped in crime. You hero is a cartoon man struggling with rampant crime in the city. You are to destroy bandits to clear the streets of the city. You will have various weapons and the means of mass killings in your arsenal. You can also fisticuff and pummel all the criminals. The game has an interesting gameplay, crazy fights and killings, a lot of blood and many other things.

Views: 246 626
Popularity: 80 407
Votes: 10
You work as a bodyguard and have to protect the object at all costs. The danger will be around every corner, so you will have to be very careful, as the life of a VIP is at stake. Perfect fights in the new style and the new implementation.
Views: 53 054
Popularity: 5 725
Ultimate 3D Boxing Game - an excellent app which will allow you to take pleasure in boxing fully. The game completely contains 3D engine. Hold on in three heavy rounds in which it is necessary to get with your fists not just somewhere, but to try to fulfill the techniques.
Views: 183 119
Popularity: 38 887
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