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Votes: 8 562
Farming simulator 14 - a simulator of agricultural activity.

  • Various crops
  • Multiuser mode
  • Earn money and employ workers

Views: 2 344 317
Popularity: 502 861
Feel like a real farmer: grow up fruits and vegetables, go in for agriculture, sell grown-up crop, buy new equipment - and your farm will prosper!
Also you will have an opportunity to build various sights and sports constructions for involvement of tourists.
Views: 127 106
Popularity: 40 819
Votes: 10
Droid Towers - a game on android in which you need to build skyscrapers. You will be an architect, a house manager and a tenant in one person.
Choose overall dimensions of your house, build public, subsidiary and premises and settle people there!
Views: 45 369
Popularity: 8 621
The Pyraplex – undertake construction of one of wonders of the world - construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Besides building, improve trade relations with neighboring countries and adopt their knowledge and cultural values.

  • Retro graphics
  • Pleasant background music in east style

Views: 64 550
Popularity: 18 702
Transport Tycoon – create a great transport company and provide high-quality transportation of passengers and freights.

  • Many pleasant landscapes among which deserts, woods, mountains, valleys, islands
  • More than 150 versions of transport
  • Some "real" scenarios which model regions of North America and Europe during various periods of the XX century
  • Deeply worked world with change of seasons, working plants and farms and live cities
  • Play in 49 scenarios suitable for any level of skills and game style

Views: 252 998
Popularity: 45 410
Votes: 3 269
Green Farm 3 - you should restore the old estate which has got to you in inheritance from your uncle. Get support of friends and neighbors and make your farm prosper.

  • New game in a popular series Green Farm
  • Restore the estate of your uncle, having your friend’s help
  • Many fascinating tasks - care of your farm, harvesting, trade, craft
  • Brisk farmers succeed doubly! It’s much more cheerfully to build a farm together with friends
  • Convenient control system allows to do of all affairs on a farm quickly and effectively
  • Colorful game world occupied by picturesque characters leaves nobody indifferent
Views: 984 946
Popularity: 192 487
The Third World. War of Kings 3D - an excellent military-economic online strategy. Choose race for which you will play, construct your kingdom, create alliances and capture castles of opponents.

  • 4 unique races: People, Elves, Gnomes and Orks
  • More than 50 various buildings
  • Train more than 15 types of fighting and special soldiers: infantry, magicians, scouts and rebels
  • Send armies in the field of fight
  • Show tactics, cunning and courage in operations
  • Take, master new castles in your Kingdom
  • Perform trade operations, and send expeditions for search of artifacts
  • Developed system of Alliances and Empires! Carry out joint operations
  • Game completely in Russian
  • More than 400 000 active players across all CIS
  • Colorful 3D graphics
Views: 60 998
Popularity: 10 454
City Island: Airport - construct a paradise city on a small island. Besides attractions, beaches, restaurants and other, you should construct a magnificent airport that tourists could visit your resort freely.

  • High-quality graphics
  • Intuitively clear gameplay
  • Tens of beautiful and unique structures
  • Modernization of your command point
  • Step-by-step unlocking of new buildings
  • City expansion
Views: 121 118
Popularity: 30 442
Fate of the Pharaoh - help the Pharaoh to restore the Egyptian kingdom exhausted after a wearisome war. Build small lodges and powerful palaces, develop trade and production. Return to Egypt its greatness.

  • 44 improbable levels
  • 9 fascinating chapters
  • 9 tempting awards
  • Amazing HD graphics
  • Fascinating game encyclopedia
Views: 91 162
Popularity: 13 989
Votes: 188
City Island – a beautiful island which you should build up and occupy is at your disposal. Create workplaces, build various entertaining and cultural institutions, generally do everything possible to make your inhabitants live comfortable.

  • More than 85 unique buildings
  • Fascinating intuitively clear gameplay
  • High-quality graphics
  • Opportunity to improve buildings
  • Step-by-step unlocking of new buildings
  • City expansion
Views: 210 831
Popularity: 54 401
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