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Gnome Village is a perfect strategy game from the well-known developers, Disney studious. The game has beautiful graphics and excellent gameplay. You are to build your own gnome village, where the actions will take place. Animals that are not far from the village will also help you.
Views: 68 613
Popularity: 9 503
Votes: 26
Japan life - a game where you should construct a Japanese megalopolis to entice here as many tourists as possible.

  • 100 various buildings
  • Decorate your city
  • Arrange sales
  • Leaderboard
Views: 52 610
Popularity: 6 767
Fantasy Las Vegas: City-building game - build your own Las Vegas and develop a wonderful city which will attract many tourists and turn you into a millionaire.

Game features:

  • Various constructions
  • Resources control
  • Numerous upgrades
  • Bright graphics
Views: 12 994
Popularity: 1 712
Pyramid Valley Adventure is a fascinating simulation of ancient Egypt, or in other words this is mega-popular new generation farm for mobile phones and tablets. Plunge into a mysterious world of pyramids and pharaohs. Become the most powerful and rich ruler of the beautiful city.
Views: 86 224
Popularity: 10 665
In the game Cloud raiders: Sky conquest you will strengthen and protect your transcendental island, and also attack the neighboring flying islands.

Game features:

  • Set of missions
  • Battles with other players
  • Creation of clans
  • Variety of characters
  • Fights with bosses
Views: 50 800
Popularity: 9 333
Hotel Mogul – is a magnificent economic simulator opening some secrets of construction business to us. In this app strategy and economic simulator are very successfully combined. The subject line in the game is constructed in the form of comics. All begins with divorce and dividing of family business. The first levels have training mood, after which actually the game process begins. Initially in the game you will have a certain sum of money, for which it is possible to get the materials necessary for construction. It should be noted that there’re some types of constructions: buildings of office appointment, hotels and public institutions. In total in the game there’re 35 various levels and 5 locations. It is necessary to begin with small, but already through some levels your company will grow in a large construction corporation. Employ workers, buy materials, expand zones of influence and force out rivals. It is necessary to work quickly, but intelligently, after all competitors don't doze! At each level you have to reach a certain financial performance, which will provide you further development.
Views: 105 225
Popularity: 27 066
Votes: 51
Lucky Fields - time came to change a dusty city into rural areas. Feel yourself as a farmer. Grow up new grades of plants and animal species, develop production and expand your farm. You can earn millions. Together with your friends you will be able to construct the railroad and to organize a huge distribution network.

  • Attractive gameplay
  • Magnificent soundtrack
  • Easy atmosphere
  • Fine graphics
Views: 88 932
Popularity: 24 662
Gardens inc.: From rakes to riches - help Jill create a successful gardening company. Create beautiful gardens and improve your company.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • 50 absorbing level
  • Interesting story
  • Absorbing gameplay
Views: 55 989
Popularity: 8 558
Votes: 35
Tap zoo - a game for android which will allow you to create your own zoo. Choose animals, buy new types and look after them.

  • More than 50 new animals
  • Breed animals
  • Build sights in your zoo (avenues, shops etc)
  • Build shops, restaurants and so forth
  • Plant trees to make your zoo more beautiful
    Views: 84 974
    Popularity: 23 002
    Fable Kingdom HD - very long time ago, an angry fairy turned the prince and the princess into statues. Many centuries have passed, the kingdom fell into decay and overgrew a moss. But once the fairy godmother decided to test a new spell on statues. But magic for some reason worked only on the prince. Help him to release his darling and to return former majesty to the kingdom.

    • More than 250 tasks
    • Huge game map
    • More than one hundred awards and objects for a collection
    • Graphics in HD format
    • Internet connection is not required
    • Continuous updatings, actions and bonuses in the game

    Views: 124 255
    Popularity: 27 962
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