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Votes: 311
Diamond Blast is an amazing optimum game, this game has an original and fascinating method of game, still has many disturbing effects of explosions and special effects of unusual energy!
This fascinating arcade game will challenge you to competition and will train you to reach the lightning speed of reaction. At a movement mode you have 60 seconds to carry out pairing from as many jewels as possible. You also can earn a gold coin at an infinite mode to buy unusual energy at a movement mode.
Views: 2 102 143
Popularity: 965 520
Votes: 5 931
A very lovely and amusing crocodile of Swompi simply adores purity and likes to wash very much. But other alligators don’t like this, and they are breaking a water supply system all the time. And here your task is to help water to reach a bathroom of our crocodile. At each level you should solve certain problems which are necessary for passing to the next more difficult level. You should constantly trace the level of purity of used water, without allowing even a chance of its pollution by various microbes or bacteria. During the whole game process avoid all traps and try to find the safest way for free passing of water. The game includes 140 fascinating levels in Russian, qualitative detailed graphic effects and realistic physics of movements. Also you can collect various bonuses in the form of special objects. After you will manage to gather all found parts, in the game there will be some additional stages.
Views: 1 986 334
Popularity: 651 156
Votes: 283
Founders of Angry Birds are ready to present the next masterpiece - a puzzle based on real physics under the name Amazing Alex. The game is the processed version of the game Casey's Contraptions which let out in 2011. The game is very much pleasant to people from Rovio thanks to puzzles in style of the known The Incredible Machine series and lovely animation style and the company decided to redeem the rights to the original. It is known that in Amazing Alex 100 levels expects us in the beginning, passing which players will need to brag of good ingenuity because each level is the curious puzzle based on real physical models!
Views: 1 536 059
Popularity: 496 652
Votes: 10 858
Scribblenauts Remix – an excellent and very unusual puzzle postponed for Android OS with Nintendo DS. In the game the full freedom of action is available, it is possible to solve problems set for you absolutely differently. In the game there’re 5 worlds: 4 old (40 levels from original game for a console) and 1 new (10 levels specially developed for mobile platforms). In this unusual platformer for Android system you should overcome obstacles and to solve problems by means of your own imagination. For example, at the first level it is necessary to get an asterisk which hangs on fir-trees – this task can be solved in different ways: by means of a ladder, having risen on it, or with the help of "a huge hungry iridescent beaver" who will drop a fir-tree, or in a different way. In order to have a ladder or a beaver it is necessary to press in the right top corner an icon with a pencil and in the appeared field in English to write what you want.
Views: 1 607 828
Popularity: 435 037
Votes: 6 759
In the game Monument valley you should lead the princess Edie through the improbable architectural constructions, capable to change the form and to distort in space.

Game features:

  • Many levels
  • Mysterious crow people
  • Stylish design
  • Tremendous soundtrack
Views: 1 562 066
Popularity: 429 207
Votes: 5 846
The Room - you appear in a mystical room, study objects around yourself, solve puzzles, but try not to pay attention to scratches and arising whisper, after all this room is capable to make you crazy.
Views: 1 464 163
Popularity: 333 923
Scribblenauts unlimited - travel the drawn worlds with a clever hero. Do various tasks to continue on your way.

Game features:

  • Many interesting levels
  • Funny heroes
  • Bright graphics
  • Original gameplay
Views: 1 157 623
Popularity: 318 066
Votes: 3 966
The room two - the continuation of the well-known game, where you should show all your sharpness to get out of the next room.

  • Tremendous realistic graphics
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Fascinating gameplay

Views: 1 315 017
Popularity: 268 299
Votes: 9 091
Toca lab - this game will acquaint you with various chemical elements and will allow you to make experiments with them.

  • Learn about characteristics of elements in practice
  • Make experiments with the equipment
  • Excellent graphics
  • Training game for children
Views: 1 030 998
Popularity: 265 694
Votes: 2 396
Bad Piggies -is a new game from creators of Angry Birds. This time you will find yourself "on the other side", because the main characters are little green pigs. Create a unique vehicle and safely deliver the pigs to the eggs! The game has 60 levels; at each level you will have to construct some apparatus, driving which you will have to get to the aim; sometimes you will have to drive, sometimes slide, crawl and even fly! Besides the existing levels, the game includes 30 additional puzzles to keep you busy with more complex tasks, and even 4 platforms for the sandbox; here you will be able to show your creative nature and have a good fun.
Views: 677 624
Popularity: 224 852
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