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Earth And Legend 3D is the most advanced a full-scaled multiplayer 3D RPG for Android! You can play alone or in multiplayer mode with your friends via Bluetooth. This unique game has a special life, in which you can be any person you like and even have a pet. Your pets will progress together with you and help you in enemy destruction. But you have to rely on yourself first of all. That is why you have to choose and develop one of three skills: Bow, Melee and Magic. Every skill has its battle scheme with attacking actions and spells. It needs to be mentioned that a reality of a game world is just striking! The game has alternation of day and night. The game has the same 24 hours, but 1 game hour is 1 real time minute. Besides, the weather change will not remain unnoticed: if it is raining heavily, you will see clouds and lightning and hear thunder. There are various shops to buy food in your world or you can catch a fish by yourself in the basins available. You can make tasks or kill bosses when playing Earth And Legend on your choice. If you want to quit the game you can save it and not to lose the game progress, but the game has only three slots for saving of a game progress. -
Views: 398 336
Popularity: 72 180
Truck driver 2: Multiplayer - drive trucks, offroaders and other vehicles along dangerous tracks and country roads.

Game features:

  • Excellent graphics
  • Realistic physics
  • 7 different game modes
  • 15 types of weather conditions
  • Wide range of machinery
Views: 273 739
Popularity: 71 347
Age of empires: World domination - go to the are of fearless warriors and brave knights to create a better army of great civilizations.

Game features:

  • Over 100 legendary heroes
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Several game modes
  • Great graphics
Views: 368 164
Popularity: 69 969
Votes: 126
Ice Rage - is a long-awaited port with iOS. In this game you should play for a hockey player and win hockey matches one by one. There’re three game modes of single game and two in multiplayer, where you will be able to play with friends and a great number of characters on one device will be available to you. Good luck and have success in this game!
Views: 204 584
Popularity: 69 419
Drag racing 4x4 - street races in legendary cars with full drive.

  • Single and online competitions
  • Various arrivals
  • Beautiful smooth graphics
  • Realistic physics
Views: 271 079
Popularity: 68 144
Ducati Challenge get ready to absorbing races and rush from riding official Ducati bikes in this excellent game with great graphics. Races will be held in various places, such as race tracks, winding mountain roads, narrow village streets, bustling metropolises and others. Incredible and dangerous stunts are available in the game: riding on the rear wheel, slip, interception, breakneck speed – this is everything that makes your blood boil. You can choose from different kinds of control and adjust the graphics to your liking. As you progress through the championship you will open more and more new bikes. We will also have an opportunity to play via the Wi-Fi in a race for 4 players.
Views: 485 066
Popularity: 67 085
The well-known game from 1987 is now in your device! Double dragon: Trilogy - contains all 3 games of this popular series.

  • 2 modes of game
  • Adjusted control system
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • Multiplayer via bluetooth
  • Leaderboard
Views: 346 526
Popularity: 64 014
Votes: 159
Pass the wholeall evolution of a microorganism and become a real space giant in a very stylish game Osmos HD.

  • 2 game modes
  • 8 worlds
  • 72 levels
  • Magnificent soundtrack and game atmosphere
Views: 197 035
Popularity: 63 064
Catan – is a full copy of one of the best desktop strategy –Colonialists games. Play in the colorful world of the island of Catan, investigate it, win, trade, generally establish domination over this island. In this game you can compete at the same time to four players, battle for settlements, roads and the biggest army. They can be both real people, and people and computers. Improve your economic relations with each other and seize precious lands with all their resources. Five types of resources are provided to the player: earth, stone, sheep, wood and grain. From all this you can build various objects. In the classical version there’re only three types of objects: road, city and settlement. Resources are distributed between all players in each new move, instead of step by step how it usually happens in a classical strategy. But you will be able to build constructions only in your move. Become the Lord of the island of Catan!
Views: 217 832
Popularity: 62 423
Battleship 2- a game loved by all since the childhood now with new opportunities!

  • Wide choice of military equipment
  • Amusing graphics
  • Play with friends
  • Online mode

Views: 159 399
Popularity: 60 299
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