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INDESTRUCTIBLE - mad survival races. The essence of the game consists in destruction of opponents by means of different weapon, which is installed on your car. Strengthen your armor, improve your weapon and go on the arena for a victory. In the game there are some modes, such as: flag capture, survival and protection of base. As it is possible to battle with real players by means of 3G and WIFI connection. During the game you need to pump over your hero to unlock new equipment and cars.

Views: 459 785
Popularity: 55 745
Door kickers - real-tile tactical strategy from Kllhouse.

Game features:

  • Non-linear levels
  • Different equipment and tools
  • Planning operations
  • 2D graphics
Views: 260 301
Popularity: 58 163
Battle chess - play chess moving animated figures made as warriors across the board. Defeat strong opponents with the help of correct strategy.

Game features:

  • High quality graphics
  • 3 sets of figures
  • 3 game modes
  • Compete with other players
Views: 111 543
Popularity: 28 708
Wrestling Revolution is wrestling on Android. Lead your fighter to the victory! Intuitive control will not cause you any inconvenience, though you will need some time to get used to it. The graphics are not particularly impressive, but fun gameplay makes up for the shortcomings. Astounding fights on different rings and stages around the world in which tables, guitars, cables and crazy tricks are used are waiting for you. The fight will take place around the perimeter of the arena including the auditorium. You will have an opportunity to choose the competitions you to take part in, as well as playing mode. It is understood that career mode is the most popular and the most interesting mode, which needs the most of your attention and time. Create your fighter, make him a unique style and start earning points and win for gaining the highest world ratings to eventually become the most popular and award-winning wrestler. You will finally meet your favourite celebrities you watched on TV every day. Gameplay is rather verified and has a number of advantages. First of all, it is a complete freedom of action and possibilities for creativity. Secondly, it is a full-fledged system of the hero upgrade, which is practically equal to RPG. Thirdly, there is a possibility of qualitative repetitions and record of the fight, which later can be reviewed from all the angles, using stops, delayed effects and approaching.
Views: 472 386
Popularity: 95 296
Checkers HD - one of the most ancient games, not lost its popularity up to nowadays. Choose a type of the game suitable for you and take pleasure in the game alone against the computer or together with friend on one device.

  • 5 types of game: English,
  • International, Russian, American checkers and "Giveaway chess"
  • Simple rules
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Tremendous graphics
  • 2 modes of display of a board
  • Opportunity to play together
  • 9 types of checkers and 4 types of design of a game board
Views: 275 793
Popularity: 104 318
Votes: 1 022
Chess - one of the best simulators of chess with convenient interface and a set of opportunities.

  • 12 levels of difficulty
  • Multiplayer on one device
  • 8 boards and 5 sets of figures
  • Mode of the game review
  • Helps
  • Statistics of game

Views: 556 562
Popularity: 140 821
The game Minebuilder will be pleasant to all fans of minecraft, and in difference from the original version, Minebuilder is more finished, and there are more opportunities. In the game there’re 5 worlds, where you can build everything you want, and also import of maps from the minecraft. Also there are local multiplayers for game with friends. You will be able to collect things, to battle and construct your own world. You will be able to construct the most unusual and the most grandiose buildings and monuments. For this purpose you need construction materials. In the game you will be able to use as building material everything that surrounds you. At the beginning of the game, except a small wood, a big field and a high mountain you will have nothing. You will be able to collect wood, cutting trees, ground with the help of a shovel and so on. You also will be able to get into mountain caves, there you will be able to find a lot of various ore. But be careful! Among these stones there can be blood-thirsty zombies and other terrible monsters.

Views: 594 323
Popularity: 121 514
Pocket Soccer - the game purpose, from the first sight, is as easy as shelling pears - to make a goal into the gates of the rival. But if you have a strong rival, to make it will be quite difficult.

  • Game against computer or against people
  • Team of 60 countries
  • Different modes of game
Views: 120 557
Popularity: 35 731
MONOPOLY Millionaire. Enjoy the rapid turn of classic Monopoly. Will you have enough energy to become a MONOPOLY millionaire? Secretly deal in property, seize plots of land and risk it all in pursuit for a million. Buy luxurious plots of land and advanced facilities of move. Compete with your friends in Pass n’ Play, try your luck with Fortune cards or with Millionaire Lifestyle cards. Are you ready to feel yourself a millionaire? Then start for the quickest monopoly.
Views: 3 174 628
Popularity: 345 487
Armello - absorbing and addictive mix of RPG, strategy and board game.

Game features:

  • Unique world
  • No classes to let you create your heroes
  • Turn-based day-night cycle
  • Over 100 animated playing cards
Views: 44 014
Popularity: 964
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