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Bike Race – arcade motor-race on overcoming of obstacles. The essence of the game is very simple – it is necessary to overcome a route with obstacles in time on a motor-baize. The problem is that the route is not absolutely usual, it also has very freakish forms. Control in the game is exercised by means of sensor and accelerometer. It is very important not to over hold the bike directions, differently it is possible to turn over easily. The physics in the game is very unusual, that makes you pass levels again and again with the best time. Simple, but at the same time fascinating game.
Views: 333 888
Popularity: 60 292
A remarkable simulator of billiards with beautiful 3D graphics and realistic physics.
You will have 3 types of billiards, 4 characters and 3 levels of difficulty. There is an opportunity to play together on one device
Views: 206 460
Popularity: 59 430
Door kickers - real-tile tactical strategy from Kllhouse.

Game features:

  • Non-linear levels
  • Different equipment and tools
  • Planning operations
  • 2D graphics
Views: 260 305
Popularity: 58 163
Mini Motor Racing - races on toy machines with remote control, the most modern technologies are realized in each and there’s nitro - accelerator. You will be able to arrange races with friends through a multiplayer. Choose any car on your taste: sport, racing, a truck, a school bus and it is far not the complete list. In the game there’re more than 20 routes with different weather conditions, races take place in day, and at night. Tuning your cars to become the best racer and to win against all. In the game there’s excellent graphics. You will see beautifully and originally issued levels with excellent specification of world around and qualitatively worked models of cars.
Views: 320 715
Popularity: 57 823
Tank 1990 HD - play classic tank game. Protect your base from the enemies and try to destroy all enemy tanks.

Game features:

  • Retro graphics
  • Simple controls
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Several color schemes
  • 150 levels
  • Play with your friends
Views: 166 185
Popularity: 57 819
Colonies vs empire - an opposition of colonial America with British Empire.

  • Choose the battle side
  • Build settlements
  • Create army
  • Participate in fights
Views: 268 958
Popularity: 56 275
Star Warfare: Alien Invasion. Alien insects are back and you will have to fight for territory as a space paratrooper. Put on an armored spacesuit, take powerful weapons and go ahead for a battle in 36 single levels. Multiplayer mode will support tons of gear and unique avatars to be collected. Armor and military bags (18 of them have special functions) were specially designed for multiplayer mode. Team with up to 3 players (via Wi-Fi or 3G) in corporate mode. 7 locations teeming with scary monsters and undoubtedly powerful monsters will without doubt give you many hours of captivating gameplay. Free the galaxy from the insects and come back home as a real hero!

Views: 385 852
Popularity: 55 938
Anomaly 2 - the continuation of the well known Anomaly Warzone Earth with a number of innovations. Now people are anomaly on a planet operated by cars.

  • Multiuser mode
  • New single-user campaign
  • Weapon Updating
  • Boundless opportunities of conducting fight
Views: 1 476 041
Popularity: 55 818
INDESTRUCTIBLE - mad survival races. The essence of the game consists in destruction of opponents by means of different weapon, which is installed on your car. Strengthen your armor, improve your weapon and go on the arena for a victory. In the game there are some modes, such as: flag capture, survival and protection of base. As it is possible to battle with real players by means of 3G and WIFI connection. During the game you need to pump over your hero to unlock new equipment and cars.

Views: 459 787
Popularity: 55 745
Become a pilot a drift car and show all your skill in passing of turns in operated drift. In the game there’s quite realistic and well thought over 3D graphics, incendiary music and quite convenient control system to which, however, it is necessary to be accustomed at first. In total in the game you will see more than 300 various cars, but only seven cars and five routes will be available to operate. For each arrival you are given points. Results of arrival are influenced by four criteria: passing a route (during the whole arrival you see the line to which it is necessary to keep), turns, speed and staginess. And still, it is possible to play in a multiplayer mode! Invite your friends and compete in drift art! It is possible even to participate in the world Driftmania championship. On a site of the championship there’s rating of the best drifters which is constantly updated.
Views: 243 570
Popularity: 54 346
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