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Card wars: Adventure time - a gambling with heroes of a popular cartoon serial "Adventure time".

  • Card battles
  • Powerful spells
  • Develop beings
  • Collect packs
  • Unite cards
Views: 3 820 920
Popularity: 1 002 315
MONOPOLY Millionaire. Enjoy the rapid turn of classic Monopoly. Will you have enough energy to become a MONOPOLY millionaire? Secretly deal in property, seize plots of land and risk it all in pursuit for a million. Buy luxurious plots of land and advanced facilities of move. Compete with your friends in Pass n’ Play, try your luck with Fortune cards or with Millionaire Lifestyle cards. Are you ready to feel yourself a millionaire? Then start for the quickest monopoly.
Views: 3 177 438
Popularity: 345 736
An excellent game in style of classical board games in which your task to define quantity of moves which you will do for one stage of your life by drum rotation. Passing on cells will bring you certain events, and the stop in the field will specify your vital situation! Take-off and falling, wealth bankruptcy, you will test all this and many other things, playing this remarkable game! The game reminds a very popular game - monopoly!
Views: 598 167
Popularity: 176 006
Votes: 1 023
Chess - one of the best simulators of chess with convenient interface and a set of opportunities.

  • 12 levels of difficulty
  • Multiplayer on one device
  • 8 boards and 5 sets of figures
  • Mode of the game review
  • Helps
  • Statistics of game

Views: 558 743
Popularity: 141 094
RPG   Board   Gamebook   Quest   Indie  
Votes: 2 006
Reigns - reign your own kingdom. Make fateful decisions with one move of your finger. Make your people prosperous and powerful, make your authority stronger.

Game features:

  • Original graphics
  • Simple system of controls
  • Engrossing tasks
  • Tricky enemies
Views: 309 143
Popularity: 117 065
Checkers HD - one of the most ancient games, not lost its popularity up to nowadays. Choose a type of the game suitable for you and take pleasure in the game alone against the computer or together with friend on one device.

  • 5 types of game: English,
  • International, Russian, American checkers and "Giveaway chess"
  • Simple rules
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Tremendous graphics
  • 2 modes of display of a board
  • Opportunity to play together
  • 9 types of checkers and 4 types of design of a game board
Views: 277 145
Popularity: 104 509
Pokemon: Trading card game online - collect cards with different pokemon. Get new cards, upgrade them. and take part in card battles.

Game features:

  • Many different cards
  • Fight other players
  • Different game modes
  • Card upgrades
Views: 470 374
Popularity: 101 646
Chess Chess - fine chess. There’re modes both for one, and for two players. In the game well thought over, simply controlled interface, it is possible to choose color of figures, time for the party and for your moves, and also it is possible to set the difficulty of the level.

Views: 303 078
Popularity: 98 765
Battleship 2- a game loved by all since the childhood now with new opportunities!

  • Wide choice of military equipment
  • Amusing graphics
  • Play with friends
  • Online mode

Views: 160 202
Popularity: 60 399
A remarkable simulator of billiards with beautiful 3D graphics and realistic physics.
You will have 3 types of billiards, 4 characters and 3 levels of difficulty. There is an opportunity to play together on one device
Views: 207 523
Popularity: 59 618
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