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Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe is an absorbing strategy game with completely new characters, various technologies, equipment and campaigns. Colourful views and astounding battles are shown on a small display of a mobile device in great detail. The plot of Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe for Android is based on the ruthless confrontation of the three kingdoms in the days of Might and Magic. The main character, a famous and skillful ruler and military leader, has to rally the warring factions and unite the country, ending the ancient feud. Except for the battles and fights, the main hero has to form a personal city, technologies, buildings and units. The enemies will head for a showdown: you move your troops, attack and defend yourself on a separate map. Except for the usual detachments there will be available heroes more powerful than usual units.
Views: 42 309
Popularity: 3 908
Votes: 16
Tiny Castle. This wonderful Kingdom is inhabited with mysterious creatures. For many centuries they have lived in joy and were unaware of sorrow. But everything changed after the evil Queen came. The inhabitants were persecuted and their lives did not belong to them any more. Only a family living in an ancient castle decided to give battle to the evil and drive it off the limits of the Kingdom. You are to strengthen your dwelling, get new labour forces involved and begin breeding hybrid creatures that will help the player destroy the henchmen of the evil Queen.
Views: 42 199
Popularity: 8 053
Votes: 25
Legendary wars - a game in tower defense genre, where you, by means of your army, will battle to evil spirits army.

  • Some game modes
  • More than 70 levels
  • 8 locations
  • Amusing mini-games
  • Excellent graphics and soundtrack

Views: 59 295
Popularity: 7 276
The game Humans vs zombies reminds favourite Plants vs. zombies, but instead of plants the zombie are at war against people.

  • Ancient weapon
  • Unique features of people
  • Different types of zombie
  • Special heroes
  • Colourful graphics

Views: 27 905
Popularity: 14 961
Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium is a Tower Defense in which you oppose orks, dark knights and elves, the betrayers, attacking your Kingdom. Sharpen axes, buff armor, and prepare your guns! It’s time for new fights for honor, glory and gold! The game is another landmark in series of Guns'n'Glory popular games. You will control three powerful characters, who are to have a hard battle. Your every hero has 12 upgradable battle features. You have to pass 5 fascinating chapters which contain 50 interesting levels, travel through swamps, forests and snow-covered mountains. Master the heroic Heroic Difficulty mode and harness the power of light and show your tactical abilities! Use the magic of ice and fire to defeat the enemy and become a champion of the Hill Lands!
Views: 64 269
Popularity: 10 773
Archimedes: Eureka! - great scientist Archimedes carried out another experiment and discovered a city by chance. Help him recover various buildings.

Game features:

  • 7 episodes
  • 100 exciting levels
  • Popular characters
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Original plot
Views: 8 376
Popularity: 1 040
Pocket starships: Star trek borg invasion - take command of a combat starship. Make a crew of astronauts, upgrade ship systems and take part in the battles.

Game features:

  • Many different starships
  • Endfless space
  • Different game modes
  • Fight against other players
Views: 6 578
Popularity: 612
My kingdom for the princess - the brave knight Arthur needs to escort the princess on her way through the kingdom. Moreover, he needs to rebuild what's been damaged by a hurricane.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • 50 levels
  • 4 locations
  • Different mini-games
  • Interesting story
Views: 36 678
Popularity: 8 494
Votes: 22
Elf Defense is a perfect TD with unique design of the characters. Once people have decided that they were better than the elves and began to harass them. When the patience of the peace-loving
elves was at the end the war broke out.

Views: 32 942
Popularity: 4 666
Age of Darkness - a quite good strategy combined RTS and TD genres. Collect resources, build barracks and shooting ranges, train soldiers, modernize infrastructure and don't forget to beat off from aggressively adjusted neighbors.

  • three modes of game
  • multiplayer mode through wi-fi
  • pleasant bright graphics
  • interesting gameplay
Views: 80 157
Popularity: 14 345
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