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Dream league: Soccer 2016 - create a dream football team, build your own stadium, and defeat main championships around the world!

Game features:

  • Full freedom in adjusting your team
  • Achievements and leaderboards
  • Exclusive soundtrack
  • Great graphics
Views: 6 355 848
Popularity: 1 539 170
Votes: 41 299
Gangstar Vegas - you should act as a boxer who didn’t count his power and has won the fight which he had to merge. Thereby having cheated the local mafioso. Now it is necessary to get out of current situation somehow.

  • Excellent plot
  • 80 missions
  • Various characters everyone with his history and mood
  • Huge game world
  • Big arsenal of weapon
  • Large number of cars and other equipment
  • Many other things
Views: 15 660 496
Popularity: 1 514 953
True judges of soccer for certain will appreciate this magnificent game. The graphics in the game is quite realistic, stadiums traced in details and platforms which provide fine visual environment. To resist the strongest teams of the planet which are operated by very qualitative artificial intelligence, it is necessary to concentrate on tactics and the game process. The game includes the best teams of the Champions League of UEFA and League of Europe of UEFA, and thought-over control system of players won't allow you to start missing.
Views: 6 779 005
Popularity: 1 493 257
Votes: 21 545
FIFA 2012 – the last version of the best game simulator of soccer. Graphics in the game is very realistic. Ball selection, high-speed fight and collisions of football players became so accurate that you hardly distinguish game from reality. In this new game fans will meet improved gameplay, extremely realistic comments, updated line-ups, and also new system of repeated reproduction and reliable architecture of stadiums. All this together guarantees the deepest immersion to the game world. Founders from Electronic Arts tried their best. In the game there are 30 leagues in which 570 best world teams and 12620 players play! Take your favorite team and win all 20 tournaments and cups.
Views: 14 397 851
Popularity: 1 464 211
Votes: 40 979
Five nights at Freddy's 2 - spend 5 nights as a night guard in a sinister pizzeria. Don't let the mechanical toys get to the character and kill him.

Game features:

  • Great graphics
  • 11 monsters
  • Good controls
  • Absorbing gameplay
Views: 5 343 789
Popularity: 1 394 218
Votes: 8 360
Talking Tom Cat - a very cheerful interactive game. He will answer your touches, you can flick on his nose, it is possible to pull his tail. But the most important - this cat can imitate you. Sing him a song. And he will repeat it after you, only in his amusing manner. Tell a fairy tale - and he will tell you his version. It is possible to write down video with this cat and to show to your friends.
Views: 4 758 973
Popularity: 1 382 189
Votes: 2 313
Talking Ginger is a funny application for devices on the base of Android. It is late and high time for the small Ginger to go to bed. It is necessary to take a shower, get dry, and also brush your teeth and go potty. You are to help him! When you help him with all the above mentioned manipulations the new dreams of the cat will be unlocked. It is necessary to unlock 50 dreams on the whole. Funny cat will repeat everything you say in his own voice and also react on your touches and stroking. You may record a merry video with the red cat and share it with your friends via Facebook or send MMS or e-mail with it. The application is very interesting for adults, as well as for children. The game may be used not only as a merry entertainment, but also as a reminder for a little child to go to bed.
Views: 3 426 857
Popularity: 1 305 303
Votes: 30 292
Terraria - your purpose - to survive. Dig resources, create new types of tools, develop your character, build your house and battle to bosses.

  • More than 200 recipes of crafting for creation of weapon, an armor of a potion and other objects
  • More than 25 types of blocks for creation of various constructions
  • More than 75 different monsters
  • 5 bosses
  • More than dozen of various types of environment
  • Dynamic change of day time: lighting and objects in the sky
  • Dynamic water and lava
  • More than 10 characters whom you can get acquainted with and enlist in your team
  • Exclusive pet for Android
  • Support of Google Play Game Services
  • Control system completely adapted for touchscreen

Views: 4 571 254
Popularity: 1 254 644
A popular shooter Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies came for android. Not soldiers, but zombie will be your enemies now. Your task - to clear the warehouses overflowed with zombie to get over one level above, to reach a certain point in the city and so on. For 50 missions you will unlock so many things that you will gather a full unit of fire ammunition of a pumped-over soldier and one hundred corpses everywhere. Destroy hordes of zombie in a single mode, or in a multiplayer mode with your friends. Also in the game there is a support of Game Center leaderboard in which you can see the results on destruction of zombie. In the game you are waited for by many other things, for example a lot of weapon, beautiful graphics, an interesting gameplay and more

Views: 5 354 973
Popularity: 1 224 863
Grand theft auto: Liberty City stories - feel like a real mafiosi on the land with no laws and where your life has no worth.

Game features:

  • Over 70 missions
  • Many types of weapons
  • Several game modes
  • Ability to use in-game radio to listen to music on your device
  • Good controls
  • Improved graphics
Views: 8 449 089
Popularity: 1 211 129
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