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Votes: 6 530
Ravensword: Shadowlands - a game combining genres of an unprecedented visual role-playing game and an adventure. Explore the extensive and rich detailed 3D world, collect powerful weapon, hundreds things, increase skills, and also watch the deep subject line to solve secrets of the Tyreas Kingdom. You play from the 3rd person with an excellent soundtrack from the composer Sean Bison. In the game flying transport, a horse, breaking, improvements, tons of loots a lot of armor updatings, mounted combat and many other things are available.
Views: 2 983 481
Popularity: 391 398
Votes: 12 297
A long-awaited continuation of the game Samurai: Way of the Warrior for android! Magnificent action with RPG elements and puzzles with a bloody and defiant gameplay, intuitive control system and delightful three-dimensional graphics in manga style! The main character goes in search of revenge to the war-torn lands. From a seafaring village to a flying fortress to the legendary Island of Dead, the Samurai won't stop, until he tracks down his sworn enemy - Oroch. Whether will he satisfy his feeling of revenge? In the game there’s dynamic camera, which so is so needed to many games on mobile phones, and convenient control of the joystick, which was processed after the first version of the game. Also, the artificial intelligence was improved, in comparison with the first part and there’re new modes of game, for example a survival mode, where you will be able to train in battles. This application demands, at least, a dual-core tegra processor.
Views: 1 709 613
Popularity: 385 767
Votes: 2 545
Aralon: Sword and Shadow – a delightful three-dimensional RPG game. In the game there’s full freedom of action, and interaction with surrounding objects, opportunity to choose one of three races, each race has its quantity of classes (paladin, soldier, thief, ranger, magician, murderer), and each class possesses its unique abilities. In the game it is possible to establish the sex and the appearance of the hero. You are waited for by more than 30 hours of a gameplay, a fascinating plot, and also good graphics and visual effects.
Views: 1 413 219
Popularity: 197 862
Votes: 1 993
Dungeon Hunter 4 - open a new chapter of the most fascinating and intense RGP of saga, which many players love! You should pass epic campaign with amazing visual registration, destroy hordes of enemies, battle to huge bosses, collect trophies received in fight. In the game you are waited for by four classes of characters, each of them possesses unique fighting skills, which can be improved in the course of the game, captivate, create and improve equipment, and open secrets of your hero! The game contains online mode, where you will be able to throw down a challenge together you’re your friends to monsters, PvP mode and a mode of a command duel. Demons are a race considered to die many centuries ago, which unexpectedly comes back to the earth. Having woken up from a seeming nightmare you find a kingdom embraced with fire and war. Thanks to your improbable power you manage to leave fight whole and safe, and now you become the last hope of oppressed people! It is necessary to go to epic adventures, cutting out the way through hordes of enemies in online and single fights.
Views: 2 485 386
Popularity: 152 644
Votes: 1 250
Dragon nest: Labyrinth - create a unique character and go searching for legendary treasure hidden in the gloomy dragon's dungeons.

Game features:

  • Great graphics
  • Good controls
  • Different characters
  • Play with friends
  • Absorbing gameplay
Views: 898 436
Popularity: 134 658
Votes: 484
Eternity Warriors 2 is a continuation of one of the best games from Glu mobile company. You will be transferred to the next hundred years after the events of the first part. The devils that were sent back to the Hell by knights came back and began to revenge themselves upon people for their deeds, and together with it were erecting high towers to concentrate their power in them. Now, the modern soldier has to repeat the feat of his ancestors and bring devils to where they belong. The new game not only looks graphically different, but its gameplay part is also different and got new features. Characters and enemies have more qualitative animation, the gameplay became more diversified; now you are to deal with a greater number of enemies at the same time, kill the majority of mighty monsters. The energy in the game plays now a greater role than in the previous one, now it will be a great help to you in clashes with large crowds of enemies and bosses.
Views: 676 086
Popularity: 125 526
Votes: 385
The darkness wakened and the evil came to Gothicus lands. Disperse darkness over your kingdom, tell the truth about those awful events and win against the dark queen who keeps the whole kingdom in horror... the queen whom you loved. Throughout the whole game you will investigate Gothicus huge and mysterious world and carry out various tasks and quests. Choose a hero: a robber operating silently, a knight with a sward as his favorite weapon or a magician wizard using secret spells! Develop and improve your hero. The game possesses magnificent graphics, a set of effects, convenient control system and a fascinating plot.

Views: 513 194
Popularity: 105 116
Votes: 428
The second part of the game – continuation of a large-scale epic adventure in dark fantasy style from the Gameloft company.
Make a travel to a Gothic era, 25 years later than the events of the first part, as the son of an immortal king. Reveal the secret of plot against your kingdom, breaking through big vaults and even more furious monsters. The game takes with its amazing graphics, physics and a gameplay. Rivals became more, they became cleverer, and the world increased almost in 5 times. In the game there is a multiplayer. Three players, one representative of each class (a soldier, a thief and a magician) will be cut through and burn the way on the distressful game world.
Views: 505 291
Popularity: 102 952
Votes: 301
Legendary Heroes - is an excellent strategy in real time with intensive management of team of heroes. Heroes and nice fighters were from all over the world called to the greatest fight of all times! In each war there are gallant heroes. But it isn't enough to be a hero, it is necessary to become a legend, and not many are worth this honor. Heroes from the whole Universe will show here the abilities and work bases in team. You are waited for by heroes with unique abilities, each class has skills in number of four units. You will operate one of teams of participants, in each battle - three heroes at the same time! Pass more than 30 levels, prove power of your tactical and fighting abilities and become a real Legend! The graphics in the game pleases very much, you will be able to see perfectly traced heroes, a huge number of animation, faultless effects and quite good locations.

There’s donat in the game. The offer of purchase will appear in the case when you want to unlock a hero or to get any artifacts, but you don't have enough crystals. Meanwhile, it is possible to play quite comfortably without injection of money, but in this case you hardly will be able to try all heroes.

Views: 535 595
Popularity: 92 487
Votes: 1 156
Beast quest - help 2 brave heroes free the magical creatures under the spell of an evil wizard. Fight hordes of dangerous enemies.

Game features:

  • Great graphics
  • Good controls
  • Interesting story
  • Many tasks
  • Absorbing gameplay
Views: 354 738
Popularity: 88 122
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