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Smeshariki – a remarkable arcade in which you will try to become a superhero, operating heroes from the series of the same name. Their life is full of adventures, but their vital credo is that they shouldn't offend someone, they have to live in peace and goodness. Unfortunately, the evil came to their Universe. On a game course you will play for various heroes: some time you will play for a rabbit, some other time – for a hedgehog, and when you need heavy artillery- a bear will come to help you. Each of heroes has superabilities, which you should combine to overcome difficult game places. Adventures consist of 3 parts. Each part — is a unique story.
Views: 2 436 183
Popularity: 634 135
Votes: 8 386
The Sims™ FreePlay - loved by all Sims on android. You are waited for by absolute freedom! Your opportunities are boundless! Create your characters, build the house of your dream and equip it to your taste, or buy already ready house. Get a job and improve the welfare. Bring pets, look after a garden, bake pies. Build relations with other inhabitants, give slaps in the face, handshakes or embraces. The game is synchronized with real life - you have day/night and in the game there’s day/night.

Game requires connection to the Internet.
Views: 1 825 024
Popularity: 454 611
Votes: 1 698
Talking Tom & Ben News - Favorite heroes come back! Tom and Ben are TV hosts now. They continue to joke and pin up each other over and over again. By means of the built-in camera on your device, you can shoot short video or load ready from the memory card. Cat and Dog - leaders of news will help to comment it. There is a possibility of record of video with the subsequent posting on YouTube, Facebook or sendings by e-mail.

Views: 574 113
Popularity: 210 973
Votes: 1 652
You — Perry Duck-bill, the most unusual domestic pet around the world! A domestic pet — is only for cover, because actually the main character — a natatorium spy who is better known under the name Agent P. And his mission, as well as all confidential agents’, is fight against the evil and World rescue! All essence of the game consists in helping water to pass through a heap of dirt, through deposits of stones or ice. A numerous number of levels teem with various devices of doctor Fufelshmerts, which will transform water into ice, steam and, respectively, prevent to pass level! And only having thought well, it will be possible to pass to the next level.
Views: 681 206
Popularity: 193 042
Votes: 4 845
Toca: Hair salon 2 - a simulator of a hairdressing salon, where you will be able to cut, to paint, to dry, to pin-curl and many other things.

  • 6 bright characters
  • Set of tools for hair
  • Various accessories
  • Huge variety of a hair-dye
  • Opportunity to make photos

Views: 676 015
Popularity: 191 761
Votes: 8 277
Toca life: City - explore a fun city with its people. Choose on of the heroes and go through various locations and do interesting tasks.

Game features:

  • 4 unique locations
  • 28 funny heroes
  • 47 haircuts to choose from
  • 7 menu options in restaurant
Views: 514 438
Popularity: 126 396
Are you ready to absolutely new missions and trials? Try yourself at new levels, included in "The History of Cranky." If you do not know Cranky yet – it is an old and angry crocodile making his best not to let Swampy swim. In addition, he is pretty hungry. He eats everything that gets under his claw, except for fruits and vegetables. But the problem is that his food is covered with poisonous slime and you need water to remove it.
And are you familiar with a little crocodile named Swampy? His story is quite simple. He is not like others and lives in suburbs. He is very friendly and curious, and especially likes to swim after a hard day. But other crocodiles do not approve his passion for swimming and doing their best to stop him. And only you can help Swampy to guide water to his shower.
Views: 347 337
Popularity: 121 305
Participate in kart races. As drivers - heroes from the animated film Shrek: Shrek, Donkey, Games-Triplets, Puss in Boots, Fiona, Gingerbread Man, Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf and the Ghost Farkuada. Cheerfully, fervently, funny, brightly. There’re 4 modes of single game: tournament, challange, single time race, and also arena. It is also possible to chase with friends. There’s a multiuser mode which allows to play through wi-fi or bluetooth for this purpose. The game is full of various ridiculous and cheerful moments, 15 various racing tracks, and also 10 unique karts for the character. Control system of the game can be organized how it will be convenient for the player. It is possible to press on joystick arrows, it is possible to twist a wheel, it is possible to twist a device.
Views: 378 535
Popularity: 100 200
Votes: 1 622

Virtual Families 2 - choose a man from one thousand small people who live in your computer. Help him to choose a couple and to make a family. Encourage them to work on the profession chosen by them, to earn money for necessities and luxury goods. Expand and update the house. Build the house of your dream and shop of one thousand goods. Equip the nursery, the musical room or even the game room. Help the small person to pass through all vital tests and to create his personality...
Views: 412 168
Popularity: 93 460
Votes: 3 239
Toca town - control the whole town. Go to restaurants and shops, organize picnics and parties. And, of course, keep order in your town.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • 6 different locations
  • 22 characters
  • Simple controls
Views: 420 333
Popularity: 88 372
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