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Votes: 42
Handybot HD - help a funny robot get through the lower levels of a space station. Use a stretching arm of a robot to move him across every level.

Game features:

  • Funny character
  • Over 100 interesting levels
  • Eye-pleasing graphics
  • Simple system of controls
Views: 11 989
Popularity: 1 913
Votes: 28
Pudding Monsters is an excellent puzzle from creators of Cut the Rope. In the game you will help the small puddings unite and become one huge pudding. All the characters are on a kitchen table and you will have to move them and not let any of them fall down. At the beginning the levels are quite simple and it will be possible to unite puddings with one simple move. But with the progress the task will become really complicated and you will have to bring puddings closer to obstacles on the table and then direct them towards each other. In addition to the basic task, you will need to collect stars, scattered in different parts of the kitchen table; and you can only pick up a star that is under a monster created after the puddings merging. Besides, you will meet multicoloured puddings with their own features in the game; use them for making a pudding monster. The number of moves is not limited. "Pudding Monsters" has a colourful and interesting design. The game has 75 absorbing levels.
Views: 77 944
Popularity: 20 960
Votes: 16
Hungry fish eat HD - help a small predatory fish survive in a dangerous ocean. Control the fish and find the pray.

Game features:

  • Funny fish
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 2 game modes
  • Various bonuses
  • Many absorbing levels
Views: 26 067
Popularity: 5 465
Votes: 19
Massive constructions will be constructed of multi-colored blocks, your task is to destroy all this, shooting from the weapon given to you. It’s very interestingly that different blocks possess different features and it should be taken into in the game course, or you will suffer damages. The game includes 120 levels broken into 4 episodes, amazing physics and smoothed graphics also will give many pleasant feelings, HD support, 2 types of management and 13 types of weapon.
Views: 36 128
Popularity: 7 265
Votes: 22
Bubble dragon shooter HD - shoot colorful bubbles at the top of the screen from a special cannon. Match 3 and more same bubbles.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • Many levels
  • Different bonuses
  • Absorbing gameplay
Views: 45 202
Popularity: 9 563
Votes: 25
Zombie Run HD - hunting for zombie, witches and other evil spirits began, but they are good after all. Try to escape from hunting on you in this beautiful runner.
Views: 59 531
Popularity: 12 684
Votes: 26
You will play as a gunner of a Flying Fortress bomber. Your main task will be to destroy enemy planes and return the fire to the rivals attacking your plane. 20 levels during which you will destroy a great number of enemies flying various air vehicles are waiting for you. You will have to twist the turret of your bomber around. The system of weapon upgrades and rank system are realized in the game. The control in the game is quite simple and is realized with the help of touch screen. The game has perfect graphics and dynamic gameplay.
Views: 207 003
Popularity: 30 309
Votes: 20
Zen Pinball THD - - improbably beautiful and the most fascinating pinball! Tremendous graphics, game tables worked to a trifle, real physics of a ball - all this won’t leave you indifferent! Also there is dynamics in the game course, for example different monsters appearing on the shelf and spiders who will prevent your sphere to ride and beat out points in every possible way. The game for phones with Tegra, if you want to play on tegra device - use ChainFire 3D. Integration with social networks will give you a chance to trace successes of your friends or to publish your records. Also a multiplayer game on bluetooth is supported.

Zen Pinball THD only for NVIDIA Tegra under control of Android 2.3 or higher!
Views: 88 003
Popularity: 16 978
Votes: 13
Ultimate Mission 2 HD - tightening and dynamic scroll shooter with bright gameplay and excellent traced graphics. You should assume a role of a superhero and enter the fight against aliens, who conceived to enslave our planet and its inhabitants. Put on a jet satchel, arm with various weapon - and go forward to bring justice of a planetary scale.
Views: 37 356
Popularity: 4 880
Votes: 33
Fishdom Spooky HD - a colourful puzzle in "3 in a row" genre. Create your unique underwater world and decorate it in Halloween style.

  • Mystical continuation of the game Fishdom
  • Festive match-3 with the infinite game duration
  • A lot of nice small fishes and unique accessories for decoration of an aquarium
  • Create and decorate unlimited number of aquariums
  • Don’t be afraid to create an aquarium of your dream

Views: 55 716
Popularity: 11 532
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