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Votes: 8 580
It is magnificent a fascinating game on its simplicity and boldness which causes desire to play it again and again. Feel like a real ninja. You will train your skills on various tropical fruit, cutting them in half by a sharp, ground as a razor, sword. However, be careful - don't run into bombs. In the game there’s bright juicy graphics and some modes of game.
Views: 3 172 369
Popularity: 1 061 903
Votes: 4 242
Beyblade HD - a game based on a popular Japanese manga, where you will try to push out a top of your rival out of the field limits.

  • 3 game modes
  • More than 10 stadiums
  • Different types of blades
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Realistic game physics

Views: 721 211
Popularity: 119 351
Votes: 277
PAC-MAN by Namco - perhaps doesn't need representation, it is classics familiar to many people since the childhood. And it is not a remake, it is practically original. The principle of the game remained the same. You need to wander about a labyrinth and to collect points, swallowing white points in the field and escaping from several small ghosts whose aim is to kill you. But once you eat a special fat point, ghosts become vulnerable, and you can swallow them. But at this time they try to avoid you but when you after all eat them, they double. It is possible to operate the game with the help of the accelerometer or by means of touch control. In the game there is a large number of levels therefore you will be able to take pleasure in the whole gameplay. Besides, you will be accompanied by an original soundtrack and music.
Views: 173 756
Popularity: 44 981
Votes: 80
Fruit Slasher 3D - this fascinating fruit slasher won't allow you to start missing anywhere and anytime. To cut fruit on your tablet? Easily! An amusing game will help you to warm up fingers cheerfully. It is necessary only to manage to crush flying-up apples, pineapples, bananas, mango, coconuts and other yum-yum in time and not to allow them to fall. But be careful and don't touch a hamster!
Views: 118 965
Popularity: 39 187
Votes: 9
Slice HD – will you be able to press the red button, without cutting at sharp edges?

  • Fascinating gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Many levels

Views: 89 656
Popularity: 28 069
Votes: 16
An excellent rope-walker simulator! In the game you will have to walk the rope and balance so that not to fall down. You will have to overcome many obstacles on your way!
Views: 95 784
Popularity: 26 289
Votes: 72
Music Hero - in this game you should strike on a disk, moving on a disk tape to a rhythm of musical composition. Carefully! Don't break the screen of Android device! 3 musical tracks, and also opportunity to choose any musical track from mp3 album are built in the app. The game has two levels of difficulty and perfectly visualized user interface.
Views: 84 882
Popularity: 25 438
Votes: 122
Mad Dex - help a funny hero called Dex beat a variety of intricate and dangerous levels full of traps and obstacles.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • Simple controls
  • 23 absorbing levels
  • Addictive gameplay
Views: 96 718
Popularity: 21 218
Pac-Man: Championship edition DX - control a round yellow hero through the maze eating pallets on the way.

Game features:

  • Well-known character
  • 132 absorbing levels
  • 10 different zones
  • 3 game modes
  • Insidious ghosts
Views: 86 449
Popularity: 20 223
Votes: 4
Slice Ice! - your task is to cut is as many ice cubes as possible to give a drink to the king of penguins. Collect penguins on one side of an ice floe and be careful of sea leopards.

  • 165 levels in 11 various worlds
  • Cut pieces of ice of any form and size
  • Cheerful functions which throw down a challenge to your abilities
  • Various improvements and bonuses
Views: 53 125
Popularity: 19 589
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