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Votes: 18 172
Leo's fortune - mysterious thief stole all Leo's money but the bag he used has a hole in it and the coins are scattered over different locations. Leo must go through all the levels and collect all his coins.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • Different levels
  • Simple controls
  • Absorbing gameplay
Views: 3 620 176
Popularity: 674 158
Votes: 2 889
Angry Birds — a super-popular arcade for Android-smartphones. In this game you have to help birds with their war against pigs, who stole egg from the bird’s nests nest. Use unique opportunities of each kind of bird to destroy fortresses of pigs. In the game there’s simply tremendous graphics and excellent soundtrack. Especially we liked war-calls of different kinds of birds.

Views: 1 045 746
Popularity: 274 629
Votes: 2 432
Bad Piggies -is a new game from creators of Angry Birds. This time you will find yourself "on the other side", because the main characters are little green pigs. Create a unique vehicle and safely deliver the pigs to the eggs! The game has 60 levels; at each level you will have to construct some apparatus, driving which you will have to get to the aim; sometimes you will have to drive, sometimes slide, crawl and even fly! Besides the existing levels, the game includes 30 additional puzzles to keep you busy with more complex tasks, and even 4 platforms for the sandbox; here you will be able to show your creative nature and have a good fun.
Views: 686 294
Popularity: 226 134
Votes: 2 944
Bridge Constructor – a game in a "bridge building" genre which from the let out moment not only became the leader in many game tops, but also takes this position nowadays. You are offered to become a builder of bridges and you have 4 various construction materials: tree, steel, cables, concrete columns. You should lay a way to automobile and cargo transport in 5 various game locations through abysses, canyons, rivers and a set of other obstacles. In the course of the game it will be necessary to watch not only indicators of loading and stability of your construction, but also your budget. It is very important not to spend it completely, and it is the best to keep within the minimum quantity of the spent means. For similar skill you will be awarded by additional bonuses which considerably will facilitate you life in further more difficult levels. Among minuses there’s a poor range of building materials and a small quantity of levels. Fascinating gameplay and realistic physics, with colorful graphics, block all shortcomings and make the game worthy ranks of one of the best in the genre.
Views: 625 189
Popularity: 218 738
Votes: 1 997
Cut the Rope – a puzzle game based on physics. A small young frog Om-Nom is hungry and the only thing that is between him and his full stomach is the ropes holding candies, which he loves so much. Run your finger over a rope to release desired candy. But don't forget that the more stars you will collect on the way, the higher estimation by a young frog you will get. You are expected by 175 fascinating levels, to feed gluttonous monster at last. Amusing animation, excellent music, original gameplay and wonderful animation graphics won't allow you to miss.

Views: 680 392
Popularity: 214 711
Votes: 1 505
Cut the Rope – a game puzzle based on physics from ZeptoLab (the publisher of Chillingo). The purpose of each of the numerous Cut the Rope levels – to feed an animation monster named Om Nom with a candy and to collect three stars, touching them with the candy.
Views: 592 141
Popularity: 209 859
Votes: 3 786
Angry birds 2 - another game in a series of arcade games by Rovio about an endless fight between pigs and birds.

Game features:

  • Absorbing gameplay
  • Favorite heroes
  • High scores
  • Spells for maximum destruction
  • Simple and god controls
  • Colorful graphics
Views: 848 748
Popularity: 193 594
Votes: 1 697
You — Perry Duck-bill, the most unusual domestic pet around the world! A domestic pet — is only for cover, because actually the main character — a natatorium spy who is better known under the name Agent P. And his mission, as well as all confidential agents’, is fight against the evil and World rescue! All essence of the game consists in helping water to pass through a heap of dirt, through deposits of stones or ice. A numerous number of levels teem with various devices of doctor Fufelshmerts, which will transform water into ice, steam and, respectively, prevent to pass level! And only having thought well, it will be possible to pass to the next level.
Views: 687 770
Popularity: 193 442
Votes: 1 827
World Of Goo very unusual logical arcade both in respect of design, and in respect of a gameplay. You will meet amazing beings, you will get to the wonderful worlds and the main thing - learn to build designs from very simple construction materials. In the game there’s a set of the levels, difficult and interesting puzzles which will make you think seriously. The soundtrack is remarkable.
Views: 630 860
Popularity: 185 500
Votes: 1 782
Angry Birds Star Wars II - the continuation of a magnificent game based on the background of Star Wars. Choose your side and enjoy fascinating game process.

  • Possibility of a side choice
  • More than 30 characters
  • New Teleport function
  • Colorful graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay
Views: 593 287
Popularity: 174 958
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