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Egyptian Pyramids - a carrying-away puzzle, in which it is necessary to open as many pyramids as possible, all pyramids consist of eight words. When you begin the game you have hundred moves, you can guess one letter or at once the whole word, if you answer incorrectly one move is taken away from you, if you guess the word you will have three additional moves. Egyptian pyramids is an intellectual game in which it is possible to develop mental abilities and memory perfectly. Open as many pyramids consisting of eight words as possible.
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Well who doesn't know the game "Hangman"? The rules of the game are very simple - it is necessary to guess the thought word for limited number of attempts, knowing the quantity of letters. So choose a letter and you will see - whether there is this letter in this word, if not - look for the next one. The difficulty is that each incorrectly guessed letter approaches the drawn little man to the gallows. In the game there’re about 5000 words and 14 categories.
Views: 91 148
Popularity: 31 650
King Square - an excellent realization of the game "Noodle". The game purpose - to form a new word, having added only one letter. You can play against phone or play with your friend on one device. Use the timer for restriction of time on making a course. It is also possible to choose the size of the game field - from 4х4 to 7х7

Views: 75 769
Popularity: 28 573
Hangman. Who Will Be Hanged? - A popular game now is available for Android. The rules remained the same: one player chooses a category of the word (geography, food, sports, cinema, music), and other player tries to guess the word, thought by the first player. With each incorrect guessing, the player becomes closer to a hanging. There are 2 types of game - 1 player and 2 players. Don’t let hang up yourself!
Views: 108 256
Popularity: 43 143
Votes: 27
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Scrabble is an excellent entertainment for intellectuals of all age. In the game "Scrabble", according to traditions of Russian linguistic games, you can use only nominal nouns in singular in Nominative case (or multiple, is a singular form is absent). Any sequence of letters across and vertical has to be the word. So, in the game emergence in the field of casual combinations of letters, not representing words corresponding to the above-stated criteria isn't allowed.
Views: 119 537
Popularity: 31 458
Votes: 16
Crosswords — the most widespread in the world game with words. Crossword puzzles help to spend time pleasantly in the way and not to miss. This game was developed not to take in a road a big pile of newspapers. You will be able to find 50 crossword puzzles in this app on various themes.
Views: 106 894
Popularity: 43 928
You will surely like ЮABC Mysteriez: Hidden Letters, if you are one of admirers of a genre "search of objects". You need all your attention to find hidden letters and to make words from them. In the game there’s very beautiful and qualitative graphics, 40 colourful levels, pleasant music, fascinating game process. Try to cope with a task as soon as possible, thus you will gain bonus points for the time and you will be able to compete to other players in a world rating. Remember that it is impossible to touch simply the screen, for each mistake you will lose 10 precious seconds.
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