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Votes: 13 451
Clash of Clans – this game already managed to get a set of clones, but at last users of android have an opportunity to play the original one. Erect your own kingdom, create your clan, protect your territories or attack other clans. Expand and improve your settlement and competently distribute resources for improvements.

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Improbably fascinating game process
  • Evident training interface
Views: 3 126 571
Popularity: 670 864
Mafia 3: Rivals - gather your own gang of dangerous criminals and take control over a huge city. Fight against your competitors.

Game features:

  • Criminal city
  • Over 40 characters
  • Wide range of weapons and munitions
  • Fight against other players
Views: 1 357 376
Popularity: 302 943
Votes: 136
Tanks - online game for phones! Unique fights, thousands tanks in one fight!
Tanks - tank fights in real time!

the app allows for players of tanks online:
  • to play from a mobile phone and a computer
  • to do search of a position in a global rating
  • to get information from a hangar
  • to see current state of game resources
  • to share the link with friends by means of E-mail, SMS, social networks Odnoklassniki, VKontakte
  • to be aware of the latest news of the project
Enter the battle and conduct your armies to glory! An explosive tank action of the times of WW!
Views: 1 352 359
Popularity: 163 167
Votes: 2 968
Dragon City - plunge into a fantastic world of dragons. Make everything to make the city of dragons prosper. Increase number of inhabitants, create new breeds of dragons, develop and train them and compete with your friends.

  • More than 100 various dragons on sale!
  • Every week new dragons
  • A lot of various buildings
  • Online battles
  • Hundreds of missions
  • Game with friends
Views: 554 242
Popularity: 114 353
Votes: 897
Real-time strategy with absorbing historic plot released under license of UbiSoft by Gameloft. The new lands searchers were wrecked on a lost island. They decided to settle down there. Build a medieval town and develop it. Create your economy, use resources effectively and develop trades. But remember that you are not alone on this island! The settlers will have to repel attacks of Ragnok, the tyrant and his army of Vikings.
Views: 544 487
Popularity: 95 131
Votes: 1 112
Castle Clash - erect your castle, create your army and call other players to the arena for battle. Develop your strategy and achieve the objectives.

  • Creation and updating of fortress
  • Creation of army
  • Quickly developing battles
  • Battle on the arena
  • Powerful spells
Views: 417 719
Popularity: 76 716
Votes: 1 558
In the game Boom beach you have to develop a state on your own island, protecting it from enemies and attacking islands of the opponent.

Game features:

  • Huge archipelago of islands
  • Strong bosses
  • Mysterious magic of crystals and ancient statues
Views: 384 334
Popularity: 76 239
Age of empires: World domination - go to the are of fearless warriors and brave knights to create a better army of great civilizations.

Game features:

  • Over 100 legendary heroes
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Several game modes
  • Great graphics
Views: 374 494
Popularity: 71 002
Total conquest - you should found your state from scratch, create and train your army and subdue the Roman Empire.

  • Amazing graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Interaction with other players in a multiplayer
Views: 342 827
Popularity: 59 197
Colonies vs empire - an opposition of colonial America with British Empire.

  • Choose the battle side
  • Build settlements
  • Create army
  • Participate in fights
Views: 270 698
Popularity: 56 523
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