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Votes: 12 335
Release your creative potential. Become a real artist and create unique pottery. Throw a piece of clay on a potter's wheel and start creating. You can use tens available materials for creation of your own design. Work with clay possesses amazing properties even if it is virtual clay. It will help to remove your stress, to have a good time or diversify pastime with your family or friends.
Views: 1 732 970
Popularity: 479 477
An excellent game in style of classical board games in which your task to define quantity of moves which you will do for one stage of your life by drum rotation. Passing on cells will bring you certain events, and the stop in the field will specify your vital situation! Take-off and falling, wealth bankruptcy, you will test all this and many other things, playing this remarkable game! The game reminds a very popular game - monopoly!
Views: 601 108
Popularity: 176 404
Votes: 1 792
A famous genie comes back to the smartphones to start reading your thoughts again and guess the characters you think of. To guess everything you want, the genie will need just to ask a few questions. Will you be able to defeat this genius genie? For children to play the game you have to activate a special child filter that will limit the range of topics and issues. To impress friends, you can configure the program and input pictures and names of your friends and relatives into it.
Views: 476 272
Popularity: 135 913
Votes: 3 161
Athletics 2: Summer sports - take part in summer Olympics. Play different sports and become a multiple champion.

Game features:

  • Great graphics
  • 30 single player battles
  • 5 group competitions
  • Compete with friends
Views: 420 391
Popularity: 126 962
Never alone: Kisima ingitchuna - help a girl called Nuna and her loyal friend, the white fox save the native village from destruction. Game features:
  • Stunning graphics
  • Touching story
  • Unusual characters
  • To play the game you need Nvidia Shield Controller
Views: 587 371
Popularity: 97 231
Votes: 1 125
The game Summer Games 3D for Android - a remarkable set of summer sports with magnificent graphics and dynamics. In the game there’re 20 types of Olympic summer sports. You can compete for the right to be the best athlete in such sports as: run, cycle races, swimming, rowing, track and field athletics. Also you will be able to play in a mode for two players. Win against rivals, take Olympic gold and become the champion! You will be pleased also by sound possibilities of the game. Roaring tribunes, breath of participants, whistle of the referee and, certainly, victorious signals, here you will hear everything. All these opportunities will give you thoughts of full realness and will ship you in a quite interesting game.

Views: 272 062
Popularity: 73 096
Hurry up to receive a portion of adrenaline in the game 3D Rollercoaster Rush New York. You will take part in a fascinating driving on "roller coaster" through New York. You are waited for by 40 three-dimensional tracks full of cool peaks, prompt take-off, unexpected descents. Carry out mad tricks, overcome difficult obstacles and all this at a mad speed. But be careful, even a small push will be enough to make your cart fall down on city streets. In the game there’s very qualitative three-dimensional graphics, thought-over realistic physics and tremendous sound!
Views: 204 279
Popularity: 50 162
Votes: 126
Gun Disassembly 2 - this tremendous game with very good three-dimensional graphics becomes an excellent gift for fans of a cold weapon. It is a unique game, which will acquaint you with different types of weapon. You will be able to sort and assemble any weapon independently and to study their components. High specification and realness practically will allow you to feel the weapon in your hands. At a weapon choice there’re some game modes: demonstration - where you see how to dismantle and to assemble the weapon; weapon dismantle - where you will be trained in weapon dismantle; weapon assemble - where you need to dismantle and to assemble the weapon in the correct sequence for a certain period. In the game there are also some additional "moves", for example, a mode of x-ray radiation in which you will be able to see all elements of the weapon in x-ray gleam that will allow you to understand more simply how to dismantle and to assemble the weapon. And still you can include "inscriptions" that will allow you to learn how is called each element which is a part of the weapon. Control system in the game is very simple and convenient.
Views: 240 652
Popularity: 46 447
Votes: 1 315
Plug and play - do different tasks in the world of living plugs and sockets. Control the heroes, use switches, and other objects.

Game features:

  • Original graphics
  • Great sound
  • Good controls
  • Many interesting tasks
Views: 172 541
Popularity: 45 275
Votes: 347
SimpleRockets – construct your rocket and carry out various missions investigating space.

  • More than 300 elements to combine
  • Many various planets for research
  • Various missions
Views: 148 823
Popularity: 40 042
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