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Votes: 13 165
Metal Slug 3 is one of the most popular actions. A tightening game in which you will have an opportunity to save the world from blood-thirsty slugs, for this purpose you will have a wide choice of weapon. You have to stand on a dangerous battlefield and clear your way from terrible monsters. Now you can separately be trained in a stage, which is pleasant for you most of all or in a heavy place to pass. Many new adventures wait for you. There’re even more missions and weapon. You also will be able to play in this game together with your friend, using Bluetooth connection.

Views: 2 576 105
Popularity: 722 253
The king of fighters 97 will remind you old games for sega and dendy.

  • Retro-graphics
  • 2 modes of fight
  • 27 fighters
  • Bluetooth Multiplayer
Views: 5 587 150
Popularity: 575 196
Pewdiepie: Legend of the Brofist - funny arcade game about the adventures of a well-known videoblogger and letsplayer Felix Chelberg.

Game features:

  • Many levels
  • Different enemies
  • Simple and good controls
  • Pixel graphics
Views: 1 797 666
Popularity: 560 248
Votes: 13 387
An excellent game, in which you will have to build your own world by yourself! Explore various locations, create instruments and items, hunt, build your own dwelling and compose many other things from the blocks of various composition.
Views: 2 486 523
Popularity: 550 637
Votes: 5 667
Metal Slug X - is a new, next continuation of one of the best-known 2D shooter. Gameplay is in the same classical style with impressive effects. New number of the weapon with new unique opportunities. Bright and sympathetic management which you can adjust. Multiplayer in Bluetooth is available.
Views: 1 379 619
Popularity: 345 286
Votes: 7 432
Tube tycoon - improve and promote your videoblog. Film interesting videos that will be interesting for many viewers. Get money and become a star. Game features:
  • Different tasks
  • Simple controls
  • Many bonuses
  • Unique gameplay
Views: 775 954
Popularity: 247 628
Votes: 4 338
Metal Slug II - is a dynamic arcade action, which will please you with a huge number of firefights, a quite good set of various types of weapon and a large number of missions. It should be noted at once that the game was postponed for an Android-platform by means of the emulator and therefore you will see original graphics which looks already outdated. According to the plot you will play as an infantryman, who was not in one dangerous battle. During the whole game it is necessary to face a great lot of opponents: both infantry, and equipment. You will meet not only terrorists, but also mummies and even aliens. You can include help function in the form of two soldiers security guards, after all the game process becomes much easier with them.

Views: 770 995
Popularity: 230 021
Votes: 12 305
Survivalcraft 2 - try to survive on a huge deserted island. Find useful resources, build a cozy house, fight against wild animals.

Game features:

  • Block graphics
  • Craft various objects
  • Different types of blocks
  • Over 40 pieces of clothes
  • Change of weather
Views: 676 859
Popularity: 174 408
Votes: 6 172
The escapists - survive in prison and find the way to escape. Explore the territory, steal, craft useful objects, commit an escape from prison.

Game features:

  • Big prison
  • Watchful guards
  • Dangerous prisoners
  • Interesting tasks
  • Object crafting
Views: 428 690
Popularity: 155 103
Block City wars: Mine mini shooter - the world where in Block City streets real war reigns. To participate in it or just to run around the city, to hijack cars and to shoot at passersby – you will decide!

  • Set of missions
  • Fight online with friends
  • Hidden objects
  • Graphics in Minecraft style
Views: 493 946
Popularity: 134 857
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