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Votes: 8
Potshot Pirates 3D - infinite riches were buried by imperceptible pirate Joe somewhere on Yokka-Pukka far islands. This island is occupied by beings with covered temper and emerald skin. But it’s ill luck, he doesn't remember where he buried jewelry. You should prove that you are a perspective pirate, for this you need to find to take away the hidden treasures from at impudent Yokka. The game is executed in full 3D, it will allow you to explore the island from all directions to find an ideal place for attack. In the game the physics of a sea wave and rolling is perfectly realized, therefore the excellent eye estimation is necessary for you. Shoot a case-shot or kernels on the grinning and impudent green purposes, destroy glass, wooden, stone and iron strengthenings to return piracy gold. The better you will shoot back, the more gold you will be able to return. Using gold it is possible to win over even a huge octopus Karen, who is able to displace the whole settlement, using deadly "embraces".
Views: 31 929
Popularity: 4 490
Votes: 7
Pirates! Showdown. Weigh anchor and start for a long journey, lead your fleet and conquer new territories. Prove everybody that you are the one who will rule seas. You have to cover uneasy way for that. Watch your fleet, increase its power. In sea skirmishes look for enemy weaknesses and develop a plan of actions. If your strategy is correct, you will be able to win even leading a small fleet.
Views: 86 790
Popularity: 11 498
Votes: 8
The second part of a perfect quest of Pirateville series. Even more adventures and mysteries to be solved are waiting for you in this part of the game. A cursed island full of dangers, treasures and precious thing lies in wait for a brave Jack. In the game you will find 18 exciting chapters, new characters, new features and a completely updated story.
Views: 60 365
Popularity: 9 800
BattleShip - sea battle with RPG elements. In the 17th century the best-known and even legendary pirates gathered on the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy beautiful sea landscapes, graceful battle ships, gun volleys and shine of treasures. Receive more gold in this fight, on which you will get weapon and ammunition. Fight is constructed on the basis of the well-known board game and executed in 3D. The fleet of pirates is hidden behind a war fog and therefore ability to analyze positions is a key link to a victory.

Views: 110 353
Popularity: 11 712
The Golden Age of Piracy — a fantastic game about old piracy times. Become the most famous captain of a fighting ship. You will plunge into the world of a robbery and impudent sea raids on fortresses and trade caravans of rich European countries. Your ship is armed with guns with3 types of shells. All types of shells have features, for example a case-shot you should use against crew, and bombs are good against guns. Weather conditions and obstacles also influence a gameplay that considerably complicates your task. In the game there’re 7 types of ships, 12 difficult levels and a mass of adventures and interesting moments, the fascinating gameplay of this game has a lot of them. Graphics and sound effects are very good! Weigh anchors!
Views: 36 198
Popularity: 5 045
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