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The amazing Spider-man 2 - an official game on the second part of the popular movie, in which Peter Parker fights crime in Manhattan.

  • Gripping story
  • New characters
  • 6 famous supervillains
  • New combat options
  • Stunning graphics
  • Battles with other players

Views: 20 246 453
Popularity: 3 286 959
Votes: 69 982
The Amazing Spider-Man - prepare for fascinating adventures together with Spiderman! Help him to overcome Pangolin and his bandits, having destroyed their artful plans. Use improbable abilities to save New York from trouble. All subject line passes throughout 25 game levels, each of which abounds with various multi-stage tasks. In the game you will be pleased with smart graphics on a new graphic engine with bright and colorful special effects, the open world with a freedom of action, excellent fights in full 3D in which your hero will use a set of various blows, combining them for the maximum effect. The view in game is from the third person that allows to take pleasure in city views during flights of the superhero by means of his well-known web.
Views: 17 721 728
Popularity: 1 889 818
Votes: 26 534
LEGO Jurassic world - face dinosaurs on the island. Escape from them or play with them.

Game features:

  • 4 unique adventures
  • 16 types of dinosaurs
  • Great sound
  • Absorbing tasks
  • Addictive gameplay
Views: 1 644 992
Popularity: 355 397
Ted becomes the main character and a tablet of good mood. Ted — is a teddy bear from the comedy "Third wheel" by Seth MacFarlane. The hero of the comedy never misses and lives on the full! He has always fun, has in every possible way a good time, and simply kills bad mood. It seems that teddy bear Ted bothered to be a lovely and kind toy, that everybody wants to fray for an ear. Therefore in the game “Talking Ted Uncensored” he reveals on the full: it appears that in the absence of the owners the teddy bear is ready to drink, to dance on a sofa, to smoke, and also to tell everything that it is better not to hear to children under sixteen.
Views: 875 622
Popularity: 293 533
Votes: 6 918
Pacific Rim - an action based on the movie Pacific Rim. You will get to an environment with fighting robots and terrible monsters from the ocean depths. Improbably intense battles in the magnificent three-dimensional world of the Pacific Universe wait for you!

  • Tremendous effects
  • More than 30 levels
  • Survival mode
  • Individual equipment and technologies
  • Upgrade of weapon, armor, power and speed
Views: 1 741 996
Popularity: 283 649
Finnish studio Rovio, as it have promised, today let out a new game — Angry Birds Star Wars. It combines a classical "angry birds" gameplay with surroundings of the space saga "Star Wars". Now birdies not simply explode, but use lasers, light swords and, certainly, Power. Admirers of movies of George Lukas can easily associate birds with heroes like Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker, cunning pigs masked under Stormtroopers and Darth Vader.
Views: 828 818
Popularity: 240 288
Votes: 2 543
RoboCop - an official game based on the movie with the same name, where you will battle to crime of Detroit.

  • Rescue hostages and battle to robots
  • Scan the target and find a weak spot
  • Use experimental weapon
  • Magnificent graphics
Views: 1 078 509
Popularity: 160 562
Mission impossible: Rogue nation - fight members of an international criminal syndicate in different parts of the world. Use ultra modern weapons and equipment.

Game features:

  • Dangerous missions
  • Absorbing story
  • Great weapon selection
  • Play with friends
Views: 752 315
Popularity: 150 353
The walking dead: Michonne - DLC to the second season of the famous video games series based on a comic book.

Game features:

  • Characters you know and love
  • Absorbing story
  • Various locations
  • Great graphics
Views: 711 034
Popularity: 136 290
300: Rise of an Empire. Seize your glory - an epic game, where you will protect united Greece from Persian aggressors.

  • Tremendous graphics
  • Improbable realness of environment
  • Fascinating gameplay

Views: 700 811
Popularity: 132 569
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