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Votes: 5 196
Half-life 2 - a legendary game, where a scientist Gordon Freeman resists to unknown monsters.

Game features:

  • Improbable responsiveness on actions of the player
  • Tremendous realness of game
  • Magnificent graphics
Views: 1 586 101
Popularity: 177 246
Votes: 1 007
Syberia - one of the best adventure quests about a young lawyer Kate Walker, who tries to find Hans, who was gone somewhere between the Alps and Siberia.

  • Unique puzzles
  • Excellently thought over plot
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Immersing atmosphere

Views: 1 282 708
Popularity: 86 919
Votes: 5 032
Assassin's creed: Pirates - a game, where you will participate in sea fights in the Caribbean Sea.

  • Huge choice of weapon
  • Make your team and equip your ship
  • Explore open spaces of the Caribbean Sea
  • Find treasures
  • Magnificent graphics
Views: 4 634 246
Popularity: 285 824
Votes: 1 968
Alien shooter - a well-known game, where you will destroy newcomers on a thrown military base.

  • 10 subject missions
  • Buy new weapon and equipment
  • Remains of strangers don't disappear
  • Fascinating atmosphere
Views: 559 233
Popularity: 107 126
Votes: 11 137
Plants vs. Zombies 2 - the second part of the well-known fight between zombies and plants came on Android device. In this part all looks much more colorfully and more juicy. Plus there are new opportunities. Now you are waited for by an adventure among three worlds, each of which will give you certain improvements. In each world, besides subject fights, there are branches of bonus levels with definite purposes. And, certainly, you are waited for by new types of zombies and plants.
Views: 4 487 241
Popularity: 943 671
Votes: 1 685
Final Fantasy IV – help a dark knight Cecil to save the world from inevitable death which is born by angry sorcerer Golbez. You will meet a great number of enemies, before you will be able to reach Golbez. And also friends who will help you on the way to your purpose.

  • Opportunity to listen to musical tracks during the game passing
  • Updated parameters of the image
  • Extraordinary emotions of characters
  • Successful scoring of practically all events in the game
Views: 1 730 747
Popularity: 175 971
Worms 2: Armageddon - take your grenades and prepare for the fight, because worms come back, more and better, than ever in Worms™ 2: Armageddon! Popular step-by-step strategy is available now on Android, with new weapon, new opportunities and settings, and, of course, big explosions! The game has a gameplay in animated style, ridiculous audio and a sophisticated control system with use of innovative touch management! You are waited for by 30 single-user missions and 5 new themes, including Manhattan, Middle Ages, Sports, Construction and Cheese. The game also has a multiplayer in which you will be able to battle to players worldwide, there’re very few of them now, because the game is available officially only in one country of the world!
Views: 1 621 526
Popularity: 431 150
Fasten belts, press gas and keep stronger- it is the most important race in your life. Deceive police officers, cheat rivals and leave friends in the most dangerous Need For Speed for all history of this series. Will you have enough courage to become Most Wanted?
Leave from annoying cops, competing with crackheaded street racers and criminals. Take the wheel of the most improbable cars: SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha and many others. Feel the drive of underground street races with realistic system of damage of cars - for the first time on a mobile platform.
Views: 30 917 550
Popularity: 6 651 754
Votes: 4 154
Legendary PC races -Need For Speed Shift now on your android device. It is a fascinating simulator of races on a sports track. This game will please you with high quality of graphics, and also possibility of selection of the camera view and management with use of the accelerometer. You can choose a career mode or play simple competition. You receive a certain quantity of stars for level passing, after gathering them all other round unlocks, there’re only 4 rounds with 7 levels. In the game there are many various effects: reflection of wet asphalt on a windshield, sparks and a smoke at drift.
Views: 2 260 206
Popularity: 477 394
Votes: 24 202
Max Payne - a cult action from the third person, from legendary studio 3D Realms.
A police officer working under cover, is accused of murder. Now he needs only to run alone from his former colleagues and furious bandits. Max is driven into a corner, and there is no hope of a happy outcome of this fight. It is an extremely topical game about a person running on an edge of the razor. About a person who wants to clear his name and to solve a cruel murder of his family.
Views: 5 254 085
Popularity: 747 985
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