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Votes: 22 944
In the game Subway Surfers you will have to help Jake and his friends escape from their prosecutor – inspector, who caught you in painting the coaches of the train. Run as quickly as possible avoiding obstacles and dodging oncoming trains.
Views: 7 450 641
Popularity: 1 829 424
Subway surfers: World tour London - a festive release of a favourite game, where our heroes will go to the snow-covered capital of Great Britain.

  • Enjoy a view of Christmas London
  • Unblock confidential festive gifts
  • Earn keys for viewing of daily festive video
Views: 580 361
Popularity: 142 542
Votes: 3 071
In this game you will operate a unicorn who runs on heavenly jungle, and you have to jump and accelerate in time to run as far as possible. If the unicorn hits about an obstacle or falls in an abyss, you will lose, but you have three lives. All this against beautiful landscapes, accompanied by a melody, audio-effects, colorful graphics and special effects.
Views: 523 100
Popularity: 116 083
Votes: 3 215
Spider-man unlimited - help Spider-man save our world from Sinister Six, the legendary villains who want to destroy our universe.

Game features:

  • Colorful comic book graphics
  • 5 boss battles
  • Endless mode
  • Many different heroes
  • Different activities
Views: 735 997
Popularity: 123 655
Subway surfers: World tour Mumbai - continuation of adventures of favourite heroes in exotic India.

  • Picturesque streets of Mumbai
  • New dresses for characters
  • Fascinating gameplay
Views: 428 968
Popularity: 97 518
Votes: 4 332
Temple Run 2 is a continuation of Temple Run, the game that has become a hit on mobile platforms in a short time. In this part you will also have to escape from a mysterious temple, with a huge monkey chasing you. New characters, bonuses and obstacles, such as as a trolley, hanging rope, etc. were added to the game. The graphics has also been changed; everything has become even more beautiful and colourful. You can change the graphics quality in the settings. Collect coins, improve bonuses and try to run as far as possible.
Views: 1 976 309
Popularity: 387 903
Subway surfers: World tour Sydney - travel of our heroes continues in the capital of Australia.

  • Enjoy views of modern Sydney
  • New character - a surfer girl Kim
  • New boards in Australian style

Views: 226 123
Popularity: 84 770
Batman vs Superman: Who will win - choose one of 2 famous superheroes. Guide him through city streets collecting bonuses and overcoming obstacles.

Game features:

  • Great graphics
  • Great music and sound
  • 2 famous heroes
  • Many bonuses
Views: 243 049
Popularity: 38 527
Disney. The jungle book: Mowgli's run - guide Mowgli through dangerous jungle. Control the boy, collect honey drops, and unlock bonuses.

Game features:

  • Famous heroes
  • beautiful locations
  • Many bonuses
  • High quality graphics
Views: 157 986
Popularity: 26 767
Votes: 3 279
Sonic dash - a well-known Sonic infinite run from SEGA.

  • Improbable abilities of Sonic
  • Fine graphics
  • Various characters
  • Battle with bosses
  • Lists of leaders

Views: 1 061 792
Popularity: 272 207
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