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Votes: 17
Money or Death - a fascinating game for fans to tickle nerves. In this game there’s excellent graphics, realistic animation and remarkable sound effects. The game purpose – to try to grab a note by a hand, but so that a snake didn't bite you. In total in the game there’re about ten interesting levels. Compete in speed of reaction with the most dangerous venomous snakes in the world! You can compete with your friends by means of OpenFeint

Views: 42 706
Popularity: 9 628
Votes: 113
In this game you will ride a skateboard on off road terrain and on the impassable jungle and during driving collect meteorite fragments to use them for acceleration. Your speed will depend on your tricks, for bigger speed you have to do more tricks, everything is very simple. It will be unforgettable adventure, where you will be able to test a lot of adrenaline! In the game there’re 78 levels which will tighten you for a long time. Thanks to that the main character is tied, or perhaps glued to a board, you will be able to carry out various tricks and to slide on rails headfirst. On a game course you will be able to unblock other athletes and boards. The game is excellently issued, game levels are colorful and are traced and detailed, the main character is perfectly animated, his movements look smoothly and quite natural.
Views: 86 705
Popularity: 17 675
Votes: 338
In this game you will be given an opportunity to operate a huge worm who destroys everything on the way. He isn’t afraid of cars, tanks, air equipment, soldiers and even aliens. You are waited for by 45 fascinating levels + 2 bonus, 30 various enemies, and also the table of records and a survival mode.
Views: 279 432
Popularity: 74 796
Votes: 11
A very interesting and colorful arcade and logical game for your android device. You have to scatter pollen to make motes start sneezing and allocate pollen, it will help them to open a parachute. You are waited for by a cheerful soundtrack, calming backgrounds, 45 levels and 4 modes of game.
Views: 23 588
Popularity: 3 980
Votes: 21
In this game you will operate a huge dinosaur smashing human constructions, against a night landscape with the full moon. Bring dread and horror, arrange mass destructions, operating a green monster vomiting ardent shells. The greatest number of points will be brought by aim blows, capable to destroy a structure or groups of structures with the smallest quantity of shells. Besides various inhabited objects, you will be able to blow up planes, capacities with radioactive elements and many other things. At first it can seem that levels are too simple and boring, but don't hurry to delete the game — it will be more cheerful further. At present, in the game there’re 70 levels with three different types of fiery balls by means of which destruction of the cities becomes even more pleasant. Though the game is deprived of a plot and any excitement, it pleases with graphic explosive effects which are done in dark tones and lack of importunate music: buildings explosions are only sounded.
Views: 39 337
Popularity: 8 721
Votes: 1 820
World Of Goo very unusual logical arcade both in respect of design, and in respect of a gameplay. You will meet amazing beings, you will get to the wonderful worlds and the main thing - learn to build designs from very simple construction materials. In the game there’s a set of the levels, difficult and interesting puzzles which will make you think seriously. The soundtrack is remarkable.
Views: 628 644
Popularity: 185 394
Popular races now on motorcycles. Fascinating competitions with amazing graphics and realistic physics. Compete in various cities of the world, on the well-known routes with rivals different in professional level.
You will receive a reward which you will be able to spend for internal or external tuning of your bike for your victory. But you will be able to get in the shop only after the lost arrival. In the game there’re 3 modes of passing: simple mode, training and career. Control in the game is simple and clear. Also the game will please with good graphics and an excellent soundtrack. Compete with players worldwide.
Views: 196 212
Popularity: 37 927
Votes: 0
NumberLink - Sudoku Style Game - is quite simple puzzle. You need to connect couples of numbers with lines and to fill all boards. You are waited for by many levels with various difficulty.
Views: 18 099
Popularity: 3 483
Votes: 14
Japanese puzzles appeared in Japan at the end of the XX century. In each crossword puzzle there’s an image which you should solve, painting certain cages of a game field. You can begin with simpler crossword puzzles and gradually pass to more difficult. In the game there’re more than 100 levels and with each updating there will be more.
Views: 85 116
Popularity: 28 437
Votes: 33
Cogs - a logical game, where you have to create operating mechanisms, moving blocks with details (reminds Tag).

3 game mode:
  • a mode of an inventor, where you receive general an idea about various details from which mechanisms are assembled, and the principle of their work;
  • time game: for allowed time it is necessary to assemble the mechanism;
  • course game: you will be limited in number of courses, which you should use to collect a puzzle.
Views: 91 402
Popularity: 16 649
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