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Votes: 4 692
Angry birds go! - the most cheerful races with favourite heroes.

  • Play for birds or for pigs
  • Set of dizzy routes
  • Unique features of characters
  • 5 game modes
  • Improve your car

Views: 2 208 127
Popularity: 364 361
Votes: 3 727
Angry birds 2 - another game in a series of arcade games by Rovio about an endless fight between pigs and birds.

Game features:

  • Absorbing gameplay
  • Favorite heroes
  • High scores
  • Spells for maximum destruction
  • Simple and god controls
  • Colorful graphics
Views: 838 212
Popularity: 191 941
Votes: 1 820
World Of Goo very unusual logical arcade both in respect of design, and in respect of a gameplay. You will meet amazing beings, you will get to the wonderful worlds and the main thing - learn to build designs from very simple construction materials. In the game there’s a set of the levels, difficult and interesting puzzles which will make you think seriously. The soundtrack is remarkable.
Views: 628 550
Popularity: 185 392
Votes: 1 776
Angry Birds Star Wars II - the continuation of a magnificent game based on the background of Star Wars. Choose your side and enjoy fascinating game process.

  • Possibility of a side choice
  • More than 30 characters
  • New Teleport function
  • Colorful graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay
Views: 587 603
Popularity: 174 926
Votes: 1 067
Crossy road - guide a funny character along numerous roads full of moving traffic, rivers with floating logs, and so on.

Game features:

  • Distinctive graphics
  • Many different characters
  • Simple controls
  • High scores
Views: 368 756
Popularity: 92 694
The Simpsons™: Tapped Out is a merry destructive game in which Homer accidentally exploded reactor that destroyed Springfield! You have a task of restoring the town now. Plunge into town building and build your own breathing lively Springfield! Complete tasks to earn donuts, find your friends, grow and collect Tomacco on Cletus’s Farm, party down with Duffman at Duff Brewery, enjoy exclusive animation and game in general.
Views: 350 116
Popularity: 82 869
This is a new season of the arcade game, which has made a noise few years ago - Angry Birds Seasons - Abra-Ca-Bacon! Yes, it seems that Rovio isn't going to give up, and, looking at this game, we only are glad to such combination of circumstances. This time color birds together with green pigs reached circus. Pigs as if scoffing over feathery, showed focus with disappearance of eggs, and birds are even angrier. Birds didn't begin to deviate the program of representation and found excellent application for the focuses in war under a circus dome.
Views: 204 896
Popularity: 75 824
Votes: 338
In this game you will be given an opportunity to operate a huge worm who destroys everything on the way. He isn’t afraid of cars, tanks, air equipment, soldiers and even aliens. You are waited for by 45 fascinating levels + 2 bonus, 30 various enemies, and also the table of records and a survival mode.
Views: 279 331
Popularity: 74 794
Duet: Premium edition - guide interconnected balls through various levels full of dangerous obstacles.

Game features:

  • Many levels
Views: 183 127
Popularity: 61 378
Votes: 231
Dumb ways to die - incredibly fascinating game based on a popular video. Lives of these amusing beings are in your hands, try to save them!

  • 15 mini-games
  • Fast reaction
  • 3 worlds
  • Bright amusing graphics
  • Video hit at the end of the game

Views: 158 258
Popularity: 41 254
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