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Votes: 49
Logos Quiz — is a fascinating game representing a quiz in which it is necessary to guess logos of various companies. Logos of various companies take part in the game: brands of cars, snackbars, gas stations, brands of clothes and many other things. All names need to be written in English and if in the name there is a sign "&", it is necessary to replace it with "and". If you make insignificant mistakes when writing the name of the company, the program will note that you are close to the answer, but you need to correct errors. Be careful, the game strongly tightens, don't think using Internet you you will guess all logos in 5 minutes, everything isn't so simple as it seems
Views: 131 369
Popularity: 30 650
Votes: 171
Tipping point answer different questions from different areas of knowledge and win money. Benevolence of your luck and a sum you win is decided by a machine with moving tokens.

Game features:

  • Good graphics
  • Many questions
  • Up to 4 players on one device
  • Highscores
  • Different achievements
Views: 74 680
Popularity: 17 658
Votes: 18
A cool logic game with the tasks that seems to be simple for the first sight; but which you can easily fail because of casuistry or a time limit. It will suit taste of dynamic puzzles lovers. The main quality the player has to possess is an ability to closely monitor everything that is written or drawn, and respond to any changes on the game screen as quickly as you can. There are funny characters, wonderful effects and music, five parts and hundreds of merry tasks in the game.
Views: 79 050
Popularity: 17 018
Votes: 23
The Moron Test 2 - improbable game for android. It is a kind of test for idiocy. It will be necessary for you using your mind and logic to pass all levels and to prove that you are a genius, but not an idiot. The whole game is broken into 5 interesting and not dull episodes. In each episode there are levels - from easy to difficult. Certainly, you begin with a rank of an idiot. Then on the game passing you prove that you are a genius. To execute everything correctly, you have to read attentively a task, to apply mind and sharpness, only then you will do it. Graphics in the game is interesting and unusual. Background and objects are very beautiful.
Views: 60 809
Popularity: 13 905
Votes: 9
Have you ever though about how your brain works? Did you try to develop it? Some researchers think that the brain is also a kind of muscle; it means that it can be trained! With Brain Age Test you can quickly and easily learn the condition your gray material is in. Which way? Everything is very easy, you just have to pass a little test and you will immediately learn whether you have brains of a 20-year-old youngster, or a 70-year-old man. The test is quite simple, but interesting: mixed up figures appear on your screen for several seconds, then they disappear, and the user has to click them and arrange them in order of magnitude. After several iterations you will see the result. By the way, the developers affirm that the test doesn't simply show you the result, but stimulates cerebration. It is enough to spare it five minutes a day, and you results will noticeably improve.
Views: 53 722
Popularity: 11 970
Votes: 19
Name That Car - this stylish and high-quality game will to be pleasant not only to motorists, but also to those whom are simply interested in playing a good game, with original design and graphics. On your choice there will be 400 cars which brands you should guess, gradually opening cages. Having guessed the car you receive a certain quantity of points, also points depend on the quantity of cages you opened. In the game there’re two levels of difficulty and 14 tasks - achievements which you will need to overcome.
Views: 68 919
Popularity: 11 048
Votes: 12
Probably everybody knows the rules of this wonderful game. You need to guess what or who is drawn in the picture, and the image in real time is drawn by other users. A huge number of online players participates in Crocodile for Android, and the one who will guess the thought word the first, intercepts relay of the artist expressing thought by means of drawing. Drawings can be bright and beautiful, but unfortunately not all users draw well. In most cases you will guess words but if you draw well, you will have a good rating of the artist, and you will be able to draw more often, instead of guessing words. In the game there are 3500 words in three languages (English, Russian, German). Besides, the game has system of achievements and awards, a global rating of all players, and also opportunity to tie your profile to e-mail to keep the progress. Before the beginning of the game it is necessary to pass simple registration, which will take literally some seconds, and soon you will be welcomed by the charming Crocodile whose images accompany each section of the game. For the full game and possibility of display of drawing in due time it is necessary to have stable and high-speed (3G/Wi-Fi) Internet connection. Otherwise your opponents won't give you a chance to be in a role of "artist".

Views: 57 459
Popularity: 9 057
Votes: 13
Do you feel like an expert on video games? Check your knowledge in a new quiz Games quiz!

  • Don't make mistakes in the title
  • Use helps
  • 75 favourite games
Views: 34 740
Popularity: 7 925
Votes: 2
Check your knowledge and open for yourself a lot of new and useful information about any holiday in New Year quiz .

  • 10 questions about New Year
  • At restart questions can change
  • Many interesting facts about this holiday
  • Festive useful widget

Views: 24 544
Popularity: 7 665
Votes: 10
Geography Quiz Game 3D - a fascinating geographical quiz. Choose the correct answer from four offered options and make fascinating travel from New York to London, in passing improving your knowledge of Geography

  • Bright graphics
  • Races worldwide with other players
  • Many achievements
  • Game perfectly suitable for children
Views: 48 965
Popularity: 7 013
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