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Votes: 3
Snake hex - control a snake moving on the playing field made up of hexagons. Collect colorful tiles in different parts of the screen.

Game features:

  • Nice minimalistic graphics
  • Simple controls
  • 3 color schemes
  • Leaderboards
Views: 15 975
Popularity: 2 604
Votes: 6
Timbo snake 2 - control a cute snake called Timbo. Help it eat different tasty things that appear in different parts of the screen.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Many different levels
  • Dynamic gameplay
Views: 11 689
Popularity: 2 863
Votes: 1
Snake defender - classic snake game in new format. Now you control snake in space and your goal is to protect a planet from enemies and various dangers like asteroids.

Game features:

  • Great graphics
  • 3 game modes
  • 10 missions in campaign mode
  • High scores
Views: 13 863
Popularity: 1 772
Votes: 3
Snake: New target - control a snake and gather squares that appear in different parts of the screen. With each square you eat the length of the snake increases.

Game features:

  • Great graphics
  • Easy controls
  • 20 difficult levels
  • Endless game mode
  • High scores
Views: 11 953
Popularity: 2 169
Votes: 5
Let’s introduce a classic Snake distinguished by an extremely colourful graphics. Just swipe the screen to control the Snake. The game has a built-in support. The more blocks the Snake takes up, the higher speed it gains. The Snake grows in length with every portion of the “food”. Enjoy your favourite game!

Views: 29 224
Popularity: 4 640
Votes: 12
Doodle Grub is the most exciting version of the classic game "Snake"! Players of all ages will find a lot of interesting things in the game. Just tilt the phone and worm begins to eat apples. A soon as all the fruits at the level are eaten you will pass to the next, not less absorbing level. But better be careful! Try not to face the enemies! Any such collision may cause the end of the game.
Views: 37 653
Popularity: 6 672
There hardly will be a person, who doesn't know such game as Snake. Unlike other similar games in this you will operate not simply a snake, and you will be in her skin. The game has 3D - graphics, and all actions in it are developed from the first person. You are waited for by 5 beautiful 3D locations, more than 20 levels of fascinating adventures, convenient management, a set of bonuses, and the most important - a wide choice of food: insects, small fishes, etc.

Views: 43 749
Popularity: 6 304
Votes: 23
Crazy Snake — an unusual variation of a snake! You operate one snake. Other snakes have artificial intelligence. You need to eat fruits and to kill enemy snakes. All snakes move smoothly and can turn in any directions. In the free version there are only two levels. Each level has three subtotals with the purposes. In the game there’s a set of various bonuses.

Views: 44 161
Popularity: 7 631
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