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A popular shooter Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies came for android. Not soldiers, but zombie will be your enemies now. Your task - to clear the warehouses overflowed with zombie to get over one level above, to reach a certain point in the city and so on. For 50 missions you will unlock so many things that you will gather a full unit of fire ammunition of a pumped-over soldier and one hundred corpses everywhere. Destroy hordes of zombie in a single mode, or in a multiplayer mode with your friends. Also in the game there is a support of Game Center leaderboard in which you can see the results on destruction of zombie. In the game you are waited for by many other things, for example a lot of weapon, beautiful graphics, an interesting gameplay and more

Views: 5 354 979
Popularity: 1 224 863
Votes: 4 984
The plot of DEAD TRIGGER tells about the crash of a human civilization. By the beginning of 2012 the mankind tired themselves in the grave. The world economy is destroyed, and money as a currency, completely lost its value. Inhabitants of the cities rose against the heads, capable only for using simple people in their purposes. Those who were in a financial apocalypse were ready to it and reliably took cover underground in reliable bunkers, like they didn't exist at all. Suddenly some million people perish, and the others are infected with an unknown virus transforming them into blood-thirsty monsters, capable for the only action: to kill! Only some tens people survived on the planet, not turned into ruthless monsters. And they will battle for the life, while they have weapon! But if there is a way to stop this nightmare?
Views: 1 919 508
Popularity: 366 739
Votes: 4 399
Dead Trigger 2 - continuation of a magnificent zombie shooter. Find shelter and fight for your life.

  • Control system - on a choice touch or virtual joystick. And it is possible to play and via gamepad
  • Cool graphics - the highest marks, everything is dynamic and moves. Physics is simply tremendous
  • Locations - in Dead Trigger 2 you battle to zombies in the desert, in mines, in streets of the burning cities
  • Interactivity - enter resistance. Actions of other players influence your success. Many subject turns
  • Shelter - here you can buy weapon, recover, learn about innovations, buy useful objects and many other things
  • Many types of zombie - one is more dangerous than another
  • Surprises! Chicken with a grenade –do you like it?!
Views: 3 085 946
Popularity: 297 265
Votes: 1 324
What can be worse than unexpected crash of a helicopter? The main hero of the new game Into The Dead knows the answer to this question. Because, having endured the crash, he appeared directly in epicenter of zombie apocalypse. He has no time to complain of destiny — it is necessary to run. Into The Dead is a new representative of an arcade genre, where the essence of the game is to run with different obstacles. Fortunately, this game is distinguished by some characteristics, which make it not only original, but also extremely interesting.
Views: 337 049
Popularity: 98 650
CONTRACT KILLER ZOMBIES 2 continued the story of a rather good zombie shooter. The new part of the game is a third person shooter with gorgeous graphics and good gameplay. You will play as Evelin, a young girl, who fights with zombies and eventually finds out the truth about what happened in the secret research center and turned people into zombies. The thousands of enemies have unique appearances, unique design and unique abilities. The game also has a lot of frightening pictures like severed limbs, blood, heads flying to bits and other things. Graphics, animation, detailed design of models and special effects are beautifully and qualitatively made. You will have to perform a variety of missions, such as people rescue, area clean-up, supplies gathering and so on. The game also has a Survival mode, in which you will have to fight with countless zombies. There are also fights with bosses in the game; you will have to use you tactics to defeat them. To fight effectively during the game you will have many weapons, such as bats, knives, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and grenade launchers. Your heroine can carry several kinds of weapons and ammunition simultaneously. During the gameplay you will detect what kind of weapon is the most effective against a certain kind of zombie. Unfortunately, you can get the most of weapons only for real money.
Views: 755 891
Popularity: 83 166
Votes: 256
Blood zombies - an excellent shooter game, where you should meet an army of zombie face to face.

  • Huge choice of weapon
  • Some modes of game
  • Battle with bosses
  • Game keeps in constant suspense
Views: 249 852
Popularity: 62 465
Dead target: Zombie 2 - head a party of heroes and guide them through locations full of horrific zombies.

Game features:

  • Many heroes
  • Absorbing missions
  • Great selection of equipment
  • Fight other players
Views: 330 099
Popularity: 61 967
Votes: 463
Dead Effect - a dynamic action by a spaceship where you will fight with crowds of zombie. Having woken up on a space vessel, you understand that all its space is filled with dead persons. And now your mission - to exterminate them, to find out why it happened and to survive.

  • Excellent graphics
  • Various monsters
  • A lot of weapon
  • Fascinating plot
Views: 663 042
Popularity: 61 840
Zombie roadkill 3D - get behind the wheel of your car, step on the accelerator and destroy hordes of bloodthirsty zombies flooding the city streets.

Game features:

  • Great 3D graphics
  • 2 game modes
  • 5 types of cars
  • 10 types of weapon
  • Absorbing gameplay
Views: 175 248
Popularity: 44 392
Votes: 1 172
Dead target - destroy hordes of horrible monsters. Use different weapon and save the remnants of humankind, survivors of the global war.

Game features:

  • High-quality 3D graphics and special effects
  • Variety of weapons and equipment
  • Plenty of achievements
  • Diverse missions and levels
Views: 245 831
Popularity: 44 136
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